Poll: Who do you like more? Shizuo or Izaya (DRRR!!, Durarara!!)

We love Shizaya!

But as an individual character, who do you like more in Durarara!! (DRRR!!) and why?

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34 thoughts on “Poll: Who do you like more? Shizuo or Izaya (DRRR!!, Durarara!!)”

  1. I love him because he is devil and angel at the same time, so adorable, yet pulls the strings behind the scenes x3

    1. I love his attitude in the manga and anime, though, no need to understand him what his deepest thoughts are or whatsoever :)

  2. @ponytale

    Yeah that and probably cos when they get crazy..they get crazy lol, well lelouch doesn’t go destroying phones..xDDD but Izaya makes the watchers laugh, more than Lelouch I think but I love them both =3

    1. @Rukia: Izaya is an ass we hate to love. He doesn’t get his hands “dirty” and manipulates others to do the job instead ^^;;

      Lelouch… sigh… <3

  3. @ponytale

    I havent read the novels either =S I wonder if they’re good?

    Ah yes Lelouch is like that, he’s great I also dont see evil in him since I supported him in everything him did when code geass was airing lol. But I dunno I cant help to think of Lelouch when I see Izaya o__O it’s pretty strange

  4. @ponytale lol well even if is Izaya is..well..IZAYA he is still awesome 8D reminds me of lelouch from code geass at times for some reason

    1. @Rukia: Hmm, I didn’t read the novel so I’m not sure what is really behind Izaya’s schemes.

      Lelouch however, is a sympathetic character. I don’t see evil in him at all… and yeah I love him too :)

  5. I voted for Izaya because he drives me crazy X3, seriously that guy is just awesome I like him sooo much. I like Shizu-chan as well but Izaya has stolen my heart<3

  6. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO——–!!! this choice is hard!!! no way i can choose between iza-chan and shizu-chan!!! >.< *click on -spoiler-* i can't choose really~ XDDD

    1. @Mayon: Its a difficult question for me too DX

      As a character in a story, I would vote for Izaya cos I was instantly attracted to him in the anime. He is so evil and I kept wanting to see more of what he mischief he can come up with.

      I like Shizuo for the outwardly-tough-but-sweet-inside person that he is. My love for Shizuo grew as the story progressed and that’s partly because of his reactions to Izaya too.

  7. hard choice…izaya…not because he’s a cuter bish or anything. I just like the depth and breadth of his character. Since durarara started out as a novel, the author really had something in mind for each of his character, each of them with a purpose so to say. Shizuo and Izaya represent a battle between good and evil. The generalization that good is stronger and good is unimpeachable manifests itself in Shizuo’s character. Right away upon meeting Izaya, Shizuo immediately wants to kill him. Good somehow is always acts upon its own justice to ensure “good” is always on top. Shizuo’s violence shows how vicious and easily twisted “good” is. At the same time Izaya isn’t that much better with his personality. My honest favorite character is Mikado though. I’m in to younger men anyway….they really should make dakimakura of him.

  8. I voted for Izaya, though I love both very much ♥
    It’s quite surprising to see Shizu-chan being so ahead of Izaya. I mean Izaya is, by far or rather by very far, the most popular one in Japan. Well official polls say so :p

  9. Gah, don’t make me choose! Buuuut if I had to, I guess it’d be Izaya. I just love how deliciously evil he is. So dericious, hehehe ;D

    On a side note, I finally finished watching Durarara. It was amazing. I understand the hype now. I UNDERSTAND.

    1. @waijuu: Difficult choice right? XD Izaya is refreshingly evil and he is fun to watch :D Of course I like Shizuo too and they make such a dynamic duo lol~ But I got curious so I just had to ask you guys.

      XDD Well, better late than never! Welcome to the our DRRR!! circle lol~

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