Peace, Love & Joy! Blessed Christmas 2009! (Togainu no Chi)

Chiral Forest Xmas 2009

Merry Christmas, everybody (^_^)/

Here’s to an awesome new year, filled with peace, love and joy (and BL!)

See you around!

Cheers! Ponytale

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16 thoughts on “Peace, Love & Joy! Blessed Christmas 2009! (Togainu no Chi)”

  1. omg do you predict lamento ones coming soon?*_*

    lol! yes i know what you mean! I see things i want but i know i don’t need so its a battle between rational an emotional. XD
    I wish that person who had two sets for sale were back on ebay. i would have ordered them but i had brought some expensive doujinshi this month. I am so glad i don’t collect doujinshi i think that is a seriously expensive hobby.

    1. Like…. OMG. The nekomimi plushies would be so cute! My wallet will definitely DIE if they do Lamento next and my resolution for this year is to save more. And I have set a target to achieve. *_*

      Yeah… and cos we have to pay for shipping, it makes collecting even more expensive :( Mmm I think the seller comes back occasionally, have to try our luck.

  2. Oh! Tama as in what Gunji calls Inu. XD
    I meant the company has no love for kau sense they didn’t make a plushy of him.

    Omg you brought them!! I can’t wait to see! I hope evil keisuke makes it on ebay someday….;o;
    Let me know how big they turn out~

    1. Ah~ I forgot already XD Let’s hope. I thought they would know Inu is popular (T_T)

      My rational mind says I really shouldn’t buy everybody. (Of cos the emotional mind says I WANT I WANT I WANT *sweatdrop* oh why are they so expensive…) So since the rest don’t have any first-press specials (I’m a sucker D: ) I’ll wait. Hopefully I can do some updates over the weekend ^^

  3. what was that i just looked at! I don’t know what to think about that figure it sure is beefy with small head lol! Not a figure for me thank god. XD

    OMG yandere Keiseki!! He even comes with his screwdriver!
    Poor kau no love for the ‘Tama’…

    aww when i went back to play the game it wasn’t there anymore. I hope you get something it’d be neat.^v^

    Oh Hanakage is on Arinn. now *_* i just started it. it is eyecandy (now if i could just get away from the title screen;;; *music is love*)

    1. no love for the Tama? :O

      Lol~ yeah… the plushies are so cute ^^ I went ahead and bought Shiki and Akira already *_* As for the remaining boys, I’ll wait till the rest are released before getting them altogether.

      I have Hanakage installed too XP haven’t started playing yet. The CGs are very very pretty!

    1. Erm… yeah… this guy:

      Yeah I was stalking nitro’s site for updates but disappointed too XP Anyway, as for the plushies…
      check this out
      They’re releasing evil Keisuke too! XO And Gunji looks great! But where’s Kau?? They sure look cute as a complete set… (T_T)

      That’s cute! Thanks for the heads up. I popped by Yura’s website. Ah~ That’s a rock/scissors/paper’s game, if you win, you can enter your email for a Lucky Draw. Choose to play against Gian for a Lucky Dog 1 lucky bag or Norton for the Miracle Noton bag ^^ I joined for fun but I think it is unlikely I’ll get it lol~

  4. Hopfully we get to see big pvc figure of nakid Akira in future lol!XD
    Happy 2010!! (whoa i almost wrote 2009;;; its going to take some getting used to again)

    1. XD HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2010! Indeed… have to get used to it too. I’m glad the new year’s here!

      Yes that’s be so cute! XD And my BIGGEST wishlist item would be for a figma boy with (at least) a naked torso… such as in swimming trunk keke (so that we can use the body for figma anime guy releases like Lelouch and Kyon) So far their only “naked” release was a beefy guy x_x;;;

  5. Aww~! I love the angle they were shot at, its so cute an lovely dovey! XD

    Merry Christmas to you too! Hope you got everything you wanted!

    1. @sigma: hehe yeah, I have to say, Akira’s cute naked figure is a major highlight of 2009! XD Simply awesome! Looking forward to the new year! I wish the same for you too!

      @sheryen: XD Akira is seriously cute. Did you see the comi comi tutorial I posted? Hope it helps! ^^

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