Manga: Haru wo Daite Ita Alive (Nitta Youka)

Haru wo Daite Ita new chapter starts :)

Title: Haru wo Daite Ita Alive 春を抱いていた ALIVE
Author: Nitta Youka 新田祐克
Date available: 10 March 2014
After being suspended for plagerism issues, the series is finally back.

Summary: 大河ドラマで岩城演じる信長が大ブレイク! それに便乗するかの如く香藤にも「信長」役のオファーが舞い込んだ。

Last update: 17 July 2008

    Quick update: it is clarified that Nitta-sensei is not going to quit for good but will be taking leave from work to make things right again. Let’s hope for the best.

  1. Nitta Youka to Quit Manga Work, Back Catalog Pulled (From ANN)
  2. Post on the apology posted on her site
  3. Ouch! Youka Nitta’s Inquisitors
    Thanks to Gabrielle for providing the link to her article


  1. 55DSL (a positive one… there’s still hope)
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14 thoughts on “Manga: Haru wo Daite Ita Alive (Nitta Youka)”

  1. ^^ no worries… I believe real fans will continue to support Nitta-sensei and I just wish she bounces back really soon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best :)

  2. It kinda also reminded me of this Picasso quote “Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal” (I had to google some keywords to get the exact quote cos I forgot :P)

    Yeah~ that was an amazing pic… full of passionate raw energy… truly inspiring.

    I find it actually quite interesting to see what has inspired Nitta-sensei… and looking at the ad now, I think the 55DSL’s ad concept was really amazing too :)

  3. Gabrielle–>Merci. My question is answered.

    ponytale–>55DSL response is kewl arr, “only the greatest are copied.” tht’s good because tht pic is one of my fave.

  4. Yea but dunno…

    Im just curious, i mean a person who could spotted all tht and made such investigations must be quite a person.
    Im not a reader of fashion magazine so….cannot do tht lah.

  5. Oh yeah i want to ask where’s this issue originally came from? fan or…?

    cette pauvre femme but response from 55DSL can be a small consolation for her. (dunno others)
    I told my mom about this and she told me tht she can’t understand becoz a mangaka usually deals with copyright issue (especially Youka Nitta has her characters Katou/Iwaki merchandised too)
    but she neglected copyright matter when it comes to her illustration.

    even if there’s no lawsuit involving, it’s gonna take time to build up her reputation once again.

    il suffit d’une seule erreur pour tout garcher.

  6. No, it’s just a misinterpretation I think. I’ve also commented it on my blog and I just think it’s a temporary withdrawal.

    She apologized as was expected, recognized her fault and withdrew for an indefinate time to think about her mistakes. That’s standard procedure.

    If there’s no suit filed, maybe in 1 or 2 years, depending, she would be able to come back but with a low profil.

  7. She needs her own personal space rite now.

    Let’s just giver some time to regain her confidence, i believe she’ll bounce back.

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