Nitro+Chiral 2010 White Day Wallpaper

NitroChiral 2010 White Day Wallpaper

Here are the limited period wallpapers for download
Visit the special page here:


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9 thoughts on “Nitro+Chiral 2010 White Day Wallpaper”

  1. lol i was wondering what it said i thought i’d be something like happy white day.;; Should of known id be something shikity related. heehee XD;;

  2. @ Imacatlover Thank you for heads up on pillow~! *glomps*

    @ponytale This wally is going to stay for a log time on my screen its to epic. I find it funny how shiki has the belly piercings out. He’s going to have fun piercing more places on akira!? He is sadistic. XD
    (totally recommend the manga you get to see another side of him in there. (vol 5)

    1. *fufufu* okie I’ll try to read that… XD btw, the kanji on Shiki’s boots means to (give back/return the favour) 3 times more, that’s why 3 piercings? XD poor Akira ^^;;;

  3. Ok, ok. Altough I have told many sites how much I just loved this picture (and the one with the ukes too! EEEH, Tokino is an uke too~! *__*) I came to post here something equally important….

    Sexy Togainu no Chi Pillow part two!!!!! *_______* OMG, it has Y-shirt Akira, (but sadly a fully clothed Shiki) and I just ordered two of them, just for the sake of having two!! *w*

    I’m sorry that I am fangirling on a random post, but I thought it might be relevant to your interests ;3 Plus, you’re the only one I know who might not be like “Yeah, so? I don’t care about a pillow” Might be fun for other fans too, cause as far as I know, this pillow is just hot and freshly put up for pre-order… *swoon* I have to keep myself from getting eight, haha xD

    1. OMG *KISSES YOU* X3 I love this pillow’s images a lot more than the first one! Both boys are looking at us XD -OMG orders 2 too- *almost died trying not to order more* Will make a quick post about it. Thanks so much!

      Yeah Tokino seems to be uke XD but I think Kitani (previous pic) should be seme to his bocchan, Zenya?

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