Nitro+Chiral 2010 Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

NitroChiral 2010 Valentine's Day Wallpaper

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21 thoughts on “Nitro+Chiral 2010 Valentine’s Day Wallpaper”

  1. omg don’t remind me lol i even attempted my best doing his route but skipping most of his lines because it was to much for me to listen too.;A;’
    I loved the yakuza character! He’s so sweet. i awwed a lot playing his route.XD
    The “It started with a kiss” anime is really good i enjoyed it a lot! It plays out like a drama.(Much better than live drama!)

    They have a drama with them!! omg i gotta download!

  2. lol I don’t know what was going on in the drama i was busying doing other things while listening but at times the Seme would imagine some funny things made me laugh he’s so perverted. XD

    XD i didn’t mean Kondo Takashi but yea i was disappointed too with him in hanakage.
    It’s like his voice/acting would… i don’t know change not fitting the character well at times are the scenes; hard to explain. (He played nyan nyan cat?!~ * healed!*)
    The seiyuu i was referring to was the one who played the American from the game. I search an i am shocked to find it is Hirakawa Daisuke he also played naoki from “It stared with a kiss” anime. (Definitely healed now.;A; He gave me headache in the game;;;;)
    I haven’t finished the game completely but i must say i love all the pairing but if i had to choose it’d be Tougo x Iori it’s just so cute. The game story wise i wasn’t happy with it.

    1. lol~ I haven’t got round to re-listening to it yet. I thought you were referring to the seme in the second story, who was Kondo Takashi (yea he was Fuji the cat who behaves like a dog! XD)

      I did read that Hirakawa Daisuke in the first story was playing a hentai seme in there XD Oh yes~ he is also THAT gaijin seme in Hanakage. When I head him, I was also like o_O;;; Yeah it was weird but it is quite entertaining when he and the Yakuza seme are together. I haven’t watched that anime ^^ heard it is good?

      I only listened to the BL dramas. Tougo x Iori is very sweet ^^

  3. I think eventually we’ll get our wish… but probably a more “washed down” version since BL is still kinda sensitive to bring onto screen ^^

    O~ travelling as in on the train and public transport lol~ XD I find it more and more common these days seeing other commuters giggling while watching video on their iphone/ipod/psp etc

    I listened to that BLCD, cos the cover looks familiar. The two stories didn’t leave a deep impression on me cos I can’t remember what happened ^^;;; I’ll have to go listen to it again.

    LOL yeah that’s Kondo Takashi as the main uke in Hanakage. I had really high expectations for his uke cos I heard his other uke roles before and he was pretty good. Unfortunately, he was a little disappointing to me in Hanakage. Not bad but not as good as I expected him to be. I only played the demo tho’. He is the nyan nyan cat seme in Sentimental Garden Lover too. That will heal your scar *grin*

    Love the wallpaper! Your predictions are correct XD I quickly posted up the link to the page now kekeke. All the boys who receive chocolate are up. A very thoughtful pic ^^

  4. I have yet to read the manga i don’t think i’ll plan on reading it anytime soon either. I’ve been hooked on shojo dramas currently. hotaru no hikari, kimi wa petto, yamato nadeshiko shichi henge, you’re beautiful X_X
    I really wish they start making bl live dramas it would be something to look forward too.

    You travel alot?
    I wish i could download bl cds to my psp but i lack the equipment.;
    Ive been listening to works with Okamoto Nobuhiko recently. I love his voice much even when he’s not acting it’s like he is still in character.; Inu mo Arukeba Koi wo Suru is what i got done listening to the other day you ever heard of it? There is a lot of guucha an screaming i’m not used to hearing it by someone ive yet to hear a bl cd from so it came as shock he’s to uke/high pitched to max!o-o;…….but i strangely love it~!*hides*
    Also the one actor who plays the top is by the same guy who is in the hanakage game i think. ( don’t know if you played it yet but the game left me a bad scar when i first heard his voice but after listening to this i kinda like his acting/accent now.^^)

    (btw The white day wallpaper its awesomeness~! Tell me what you think~^o^)

  5. I see thank you so much for clearing things up!^_^

    Ah here is a clip
    The guy actor (Oguri Shun) in maid dress is who i picture as youji you can see why. XD
    The guy actor (Ikuta Toma) in the nurse outfit is who i pictured makoto you’d have to regular picture of him out of it because he looks kinda weird with his hair like that.; but he definitly has makotos lucky-go personality. I adore the actor so much~^/o//^

    I don’t really know anyone who could portray tetsu in the drama, i guess the one pointing the finger (Shirota Yu) though he doesn’t look to much like him. XD
    I’m thinking about giving the Taiwan version of this drama a try ive heard good things about it.

    Nobuta wo Produce looks interesting.
    The drama i’m watching at the moment is “Your beautiful” It’s okay so far it was the drama image that caught my eye to watch it.(angel bishi’s;;)

    1. LOL~ at the 2nd clip. Yeah that guy sure reminds me of Makoto XD
      Mmm agrees, Oguri Shun in there does give a Youji feel ^^ Seems to be a good match with the guy pointing finger kekeke

      hahaha you really like the story huh XD watching different versions of it. You also read the manga?

      So many drama/anime so little time huh :) I’ve recently started importing videos into my ipod, used to be only for music x_x Trying make “better” use of travelling time ^^;;;

  6. ***********Spoilers!!

    hmmm i see. So the pure blood mesu would end up being different from youji i wonder in what way. Did they say whatever happened to the red eye’d cutie? i hope they didn’t kill him…. ;A;
    I feel bad for the father going through the same thing as youji i wonder how he did it all those years avoiding the opposite sex.

    Makoto is human…Tetsuo is not?O_O

    Poor Zenya his father is crazy why does he worship it? OTL;;

    This is random but while i was watching hanakimi japanese drama today the two actors on there reminded me of makoto (the actor who plays Nakatsu) an youji (the actor who plays Sano). It must be the way they look an act. Dunno but if i had it my way i would love a sweet pool drama with those two! Have you watch this drama before? It’s soo good! Lots of BL hints an fun~XD

    1. ************* Sweet pool spoiler warning! *************
      Yeah, so the red-eyed cutie will probably be hunted down by the cult worshippers cos he is a pure breed. They probably want his body to make more pure “babies”

      Hahaha XD Maybe Youji’s dad was an “osu” male and not a “mesu” female like Youji. And since a “mesu” is very rare occurance, he may not have met any “mesu” in his lifetime to go crazy over lol~

      Tetsuo is a human but an “osu” male host (with the organism inside him too), so technically, he is not pure human already XP so confusing huh. It’s just that we also don’t know how Tetsuo came to have it inside him. But Makoto is a normal human male who got messed up by Youji’s “mesu” phermones. That’s why he went crazy over Youji and it brought out the cannibal in him.

      Well… cult worshippers don’t need logic ^^;;;

      Do you have photos of the boys you mentioned? There are so many of them, XP The main is played by a girl right XD Same hairstyle as Youji! I recognise her as the actress who was in Nobuta wo Produce.

  7. chili infused chocolate wha yea i’ll give them a go some time soon. I like spicy things but this is kinda….unique. I do think i’ll try buying them from the store before making them homemade so i get the feel of what it tastes like. When i think about it it brings up a nasty taste.XD;
    You tried something like this before?


    That has explained a lot. I thought that might have been his father in the car with him. I didn’t know his father was the one with the alien organism that’s kinda weird an it brings up more questions. Mainly how did his father get it. Did youjis mother know? And why wasn’t it just inherited at birth to both siblings?

    Doesn’t zenya have the alien in him too are am i mistaken? o-o;

    Thanks a lot for clearing things up!♥

    1. Hehe I’ll try the chocolates if I see em! I didn’t actively seek them out XD My guess is maybe it has a tingling after-taste? *looks out for chilli chocos* :9

      ***** Sweet pool SPOILER Warning *****
      Not sure if Youji’s mum knew… As for not being passed on at birth, I think the organism is not a hereditary thing that is passed down by humans. Also, the organism is something like a parasite that can only live on human males because human females’ wombs prevent the organism from fusing with the body properly. Once inside the body, the organism will alter the human male body into a “male organism~osu” or “female organism~mesu” and start looking out for the other gender so that it can reproduce the “Pure Blood mesu” organism (yeah that red eye cutie ^^;; ). That’s why Youji’s pheromones are so attractive to Tetsuo and Zenya, including Makoto who spends time with Youji, although he is a normal human male.

      I think the interesting thing about Tetsuo and Youji is that although it seems that they were first drawn to each other because of the organism’s attraction for each other and that basic animalistic instinct to mate, we can also feel they are in love with each other towards the end… just that it is doomed from the start :( *sigh* so emo.

      As for Zenya, he was a normal boy at first but the organism was forcefully inserted inside him. I think no thanks to his dad who is the cult worshipper of that organism. Unfortunately for Zenya, the organism rejects his body and refuses to fuse properly with him, that’s why he suffers so much. You know those messy blood pieces that come out of his eye? I think he will eventually die from the rejection *_* poor guy…

  8. XD im starting to like the pairing.♥
    (I want to know more about them~)

    hmm yea the official pairings always win when it comes to this i’ll cross my fingers.XD
    lol omg your good! I didn’t even know that it sounds so interesting i got to look up what kind of chocolates. 0v0

    ****Bring on the spoilers*******

    I want to know more~ *w*
    I’ll save my questions for after~

    1. I actually feel quite sympathetic towards Zenya although he is an antagonistic character :-\ I rather like the idea of Kitani x Zenya as a side pairing in the game ^^

      Hehe I googled for chilli chocolate~ seems there are quite a number of recipes for that! XD You wanna give them a try?

      ****************** Sweet pool SPOILER Warning ******************
      ****************** Sweet pool SPOILERS from here after ******************
      Hopefully breaking the spoilers into pieces will prevent innocent passers-by from reading them in full lol~. Continued from beforeā€¦ Youji’s dad sacrificed himself by using his own body which was a host for the “alien” organism to restore Youji’s injured body. That’s why Youji survived but his dad died in the accident. Btw, his mum was killed instantly in the crash. They didn’t explain how or why Youji’s dad was a host in the first place tho’

  9. Kitani’s love for Zenya makes him young! <3

    Your analysis of the artwork sounds awesome! I'm really looking forward to their White Day wallpaper now!

    Well Akira isn't the type who has the patience for chocolates. He must be feeling quite exasperated over the fuss lol~ but he helped to peel the fruits! Hmm his official pairing is with Shiki, right? But you never know! Maybe both Keisuke and Shiki get chocolates! Yeah the catgirl seems to have a past with Asato but I like to have Konoe give him chocolates too, even though his official is with Rai XP Oh and from your idea, maybe Rin is their photographer! XD Cos he would probably want to make chocolates for Akira!

    Ah~ I've watched a food TV program and they introduced that Tabasco sauce/chilli peppers is one of the ingredients for some specialty chocolates! Apparently it gives it a special flavour. And since chocolate and chili peppers are said to have aphrodisiac properties, they make a lethal combination lol~

    Sweet pool spoilers below. Close your eyes if you don't want to know! XD
    Tetsuo is an adopted child, so he doesn't know much about his past. If I remember correctly, that scene was shown when he was talking to Youji about it?

    As for Youji's scar, when he was a child, he got into a serious car accident that should have killed him but… **** If you want to know more spoilers… then I'll continue XD ****

  10. Omg it is Kitani! Wow he looks so different! Younger looking.

    This wallpaper is so random, it has such a weird line up of characters like emma an the other lady from lamento, plus the little girl. i’m thinking maybe becasue its valintines day that they tried to put women characters/a character who had cute/family relationships from someone in the game they want to make chocolates for?XD
    Like the little girl for her brother. Kitani to Zenya. The cat girl to Asato.(She liked him in the game right?) I don’t know about emma i think she had relationships to N but ending up breaking it off?;
    An i think maybe Akira is there to try to make something for keisuke but gives up.(wishful thanking, i know he’s just there because they couldn’t make wallpaper without the lead character;;)
    I hope they make a white day one i’d love to see who receive the chocolates. XD

    Aside from that i can’t understand why there’s Tabasco sauce on the table…;;

    (I wonder if its okay to ask but ive had a question about sweet pool story. The one part were it switches to youjis an his sister pasts. It also shows a young tetsuo. I wondered about those scenes i never really understood. Also were youji got his scar from?)

  11. And the headphone boy is such a cutie too XD

    The guy seems like Motomi but his hair is too long and his cigarette is missing :O Do you think he looks like Kitani from Sweet Pool? The hair and scar on the face matches. He is also a cook too XD hehehe Akira is funny lol~ The little girl is also from Togainu no chi, right? The blue-hair eye patch guy’s sister? Yeah Youji’s sister has such a nice expression ^^

  12. omg your right!XD isn’t he the one who appears on the products as logos seals too?
    I have a question about the character in wallpaper. Is that motoki next to Akira? It doesn’t look like it so i’m lost at who it is. I know who the little girl is and i see youjis sister which is really cute. Akiras reaction in there is funny. XD

    1. I thought they were not doing anything special this year. Glad I checked XD

      Oh btw, remember you were asking me about the white/light blue-haired boy with a pair of headphones on the Nitro~Chiral Treasures artbook? My guess is that he is the male version of their pink-haired girl mascot. hxxps://

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