News: Release Cancelled! Togainu no Chi DVD series

Preorder sales figures for the DVDs must have been very bad.

According to latest news published on Togainu no Chi 咎狗の血 anime website, release of the anime in 6 DVD volumes when they’re clearly not even ready for prime time will be cancelled.

The first DVD containing 2 episodes was supposed to be released in 23 March 2011.

Instead, the 12 episodes will be released together in just one DVD Box set.

Reason cited as production issues and the production team is “remastering” the anime before releasing the final box set within one year. (Aren’t sure if that means reworking the anime)

After that incredible disappointment and abomination of Togainu no chi anime that was broadcast in 2010, this sounds like awesome news for fans of the game. But still, I’m not going to get my hopes too high up.

Official site:

Other information about Togaino no Chi here.

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17 thoughts on “News: Release Cancelled! Togainu no Chi DVD series”

    1. @Shari: News just out that they’re going to release the complete DVD box in 23 November 2011. I wonder if they manage to make any notable fujoshi targeted improvements to the fiasco.

  1. they should have put more yaoi in it… *nodnod*
    i bet if they made it more like the manga it would have been sold better..

  2. @ponytale – there’re better ways, but for some reason I fell that I must have the anime XDDDDD, maybe it’s for the first 4 episodes, Arbitro/Kau fanservice and Akira/Rin’s moment with sexual tension XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

    I think it’s just a rumor, anyway: I’ve heard that of Yukihito too, and I think that A-1 had that planned, but let’s accept it, they run out of money (maybe using it in the EDs, I like them xD), and only were 12 episodes, they couldn’t affor a 13 one xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

    I know, “remasterize” doesn’t mean “re-doing”, but Nagara9 nine is right, one can dream. Hey, maybe in the future A-1, Madhouse or DEEN would want to fix this up; especially with the last two, if another animation studio sees that they can with the proyect and do something better (acomplishing what A-1 wanted to xDDDDDDDDDDDD).

    Anyway, we just have to wait…

  3. Unfortunately remastering does not mean redoing. I’m just hoping they pull a Negima, or a FMA, and realize that the whole thing sucked, and should be redone properly. It probably won’t happen, but hey one can dream, right?

    As far as Starry Sky goes I’m pretty excited, and totally fangasming over the pillow cases. I want to collect the whole set:D

  4. Well, I would like that that box set content a whole different Togainu anime xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. I admit it, I would buy it, just to have the damn collectible, and as a reminder of WHAT NOT TO DO IN A BL-GORE ANIME, or maybe to watch it again and laugh a bit when I’m bored xDDDDDDDDD.

    I’ve heard a rumor, and I think it’s just that, that there’s gonna be a second season of the anime. Maybe it’s just that, a rumor, some knows about it? (maybe they were talking about this).

    1. @Asamisa: Lol, it’ll become like those B-grade movies with a cult following :P sigh, but there are better ways to spend our money.

      I think the 1st season ended the way it did because the writers seem to have no idea what they wanted to do with it and no time to do it. =_=;; It gave me the feeling that the people working on it were biased against the BL genre. The second season if it ever materialised will be so different from the original story I don’t even know what to think of it. There was also an earlier rumour about PS2 character Yukihito appearing in episode 13 (which didn’t materialise in the end). Let’s see how it goes :P

  5. Weird, AmiAmi still is accepting preorders,
    Mustn’t they announce the cancellation too?
    Anyway, this is a so horrid anime, who would buy this for its contents? Only if it comes with a nendoroid, a figma, or other merchandise along. Even re-mastering, the plot is still bad, and that ugly animation, non-sense scenes… they must redo everything from sketch to fix it! XD

    1. @planck-chan: I think they probably only contacted their distributors when they published this announcement, so they haven’t updated the product pages yet. Amazon Japan and CDJapan also haven’t removed the product pages but Amazon Japan have already removed the DVDs’ release dates information.

      The 1st DVD was supposed to give us a gauge of the improved quality but unfortunately they’re cancelled. I wouldn’t mind getting the 1st few DVDs for the earlier fan service if they improved the animation. And like what mai said, the box set will be expensive… we’ll be looking at at least 30,000 Yen per box? Even if it came with a nendoroid/figma, I don’t think I’ll buy it either. But if it was one figure per DVD then maybe I’ll get them ^^;; (suckered)

  6. Is the anime really that bad? I’ve heard a lot of not very good rumors about it but never actually found the time to watch it. Now I really want to watch it just to see how “bad” it is. Not sure what they plan by doing this but if they had released individual dvds that bundle with different Togainu goodies (nendoroids for instant), I’m sure it’ll sell like hot cakes. I who hate bundles the most would not mind if they do this as I really want some more males nendos in my collection. ;) It would be much better than selling the whole box set imo if they’re not going to redo the anime (which I don’t think they would.) The box set is going to cost a lot.

    1. @mai: Well, Japanese fans of the game called it sacrilegious. That’s how bad it is. It definitely has to be seen to be believed/disbelieved lol~

      Well, if the DVDs came with figma/nendoroid of EVERY main character, hell I -will- buy them then curse myself for falling for such a marketing gimmick. lol~

      Anyway, let’s see how it goes and hopefully the box-set would get good reviews when it comes out. I need a very good reason to spend that amount of money.

  7. I’m a tiny bit disappointed in this. The anime was really awful, but I was going to buy it anyway. I really just wanted a Togainu anime in my collection. Here in the states everything gets butchered into little single case boxes, and as a collector it kinda bugs me, so I try to buy singles whenever I can. Togainu was originally going to be my first import dvds just because I wanted to collect them. If nothing else because the artwork is cool, and Japan usually has pretty cool covers….Oh well. My new first import dvd is going to be Starry Sky. Hopefully they keep the Special Editions of those coming. *sadness* Maybe the crappy sales will persuade them to redo the whole damn thing, and do it right!

    Sorry for the rambles….

    1. @Nagara9: I was hoping to see the promised reworked quality of the 1st DVD to decide if I want to buy the rest but now that they’re going to be released as a box set… I have little faith that they’ll improve much OTL. I would consider just getting the 1st two DVDs (4 episodes) cos they aren’t too bad with the Arubitro/Kau BL fan service but the anime quality and story sucked more and more + WTF as it moved on to later episodes.

      From the way the announcement was worded, they didn’t really promise they will redo the whole thing. “Remastering” doesn’t mean “redoing”, does it?

      I think you’ll have better enjoyment and satisfaction with Starry Sky anime as your first Japanese anime DVD import :)

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