NEWS FLASH: Sexy Akira Cushion No. 1 reissued!


Grab it today from here while stocks last!

Please give your thanks to imacatlover + planck-chan <3

I… I… (T_T) I think I’ll get one too ~$$$~ (even though I don’t like Shiki’s side as much)

*&^%#$ my bank account DX

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18 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH: Sexy Akira Cushion No. 1 reissued!”

  1. Well, school did have a company for me, but it was two and a half to three hours traveling by bike, trains and busses =__=;; And since I didn’t fancy spending 5/6 hours of traveling, I took my chances at a lesser job only twenty mins from my house. Education be damned, the job closer to home paid more also! And since it was close by, I could stay in bed a little longer too <3 plus, everyone was super kind to me! ^__^ Best relaxed job EVER! It made me the laziest trainee in the world, lol xD

    1. wow that’s crazy~ I’ll take the 20 min one too… unless that faraway company is a dream company that I want to work at. Imagine waking up at 4~5am just to travel to work and taking 3 types of transport just to get there x_x;;;

      hehehe you’re a lucky girl! XD

  2. @imacatlover: Ah~ maybe the next time you can try applying for internship at a company you’re interested in instead of getting a boring job from a company assigned by the school ;) It’s one whole year, so would be nice to do something you like.

    Yeah, with a good company of friends, doing anything can be fun XD

    Definitely looking forward to your comic!!!

    @sigma: Don’t worry, I think Animaxis set a deadline for preorder that’s why they stopped taking orders now. I believe all of us should be able to get it!!!

  3. .__.;; Well… I did say ‘might’. I’m sure Animaxis lets you hear immediately if they can’t get your order. I dunno, this is just me making assumptions, I don’t really know if they’ve cut down the order. Maybe the sale of this pillow just really went quick the last few days… I don’t think you’d have to worry! ^w^

  4. Also, the first pillow seems to be sold out now :/ I think we may call ourselves lucky to get it. As far as I know, they still had like 26 the last time I checked (like friday), so I think Animaxis might have cut off the other orders…. hopefully, they wont have to break our hearts… :(

  5. Hee! me too <3 ^___^

    Yeah! Though I don't hate going to school. I have nice classmates, and some of the classes are fun. I always remember how much I'd look up to haveing to go on a 1 year trainee job to learn how company/worklife is like x( One year is waaayy to long and boring, though one job was so relaxed that I'd got paid for amost internetting whole day xD

    Lol, I geuss €60 is indeed thight, but I'm more a kind of friend who invites others to come over the evening/weekend and watch a movie, eat some chips and talk a little. I'm not that outgoing, so I'm fine with the money I have. My mother pays for my clothes anyways xD

    Hee, glad you like the comic xD I plan to mae another one if my second pillow arrives <3

  6. $500? D: That’s ridiculous! The poor person…that poor, probably rather rich, poor person. x.X

    @imacatlover YES that’s exactly the picture I saw :D Awesome! lol
    It’s comforting to see nice things posted about Animaxis too, cause I was a little worried they haven’t sent me a paypal invoice yet and I’m starting to think I should have just used my credit card >.<

    Don't wanna have my order messed up and get shafted D:

    1. @imacatlover: Hmm… I wonder where I’ll put the cushions… probably on my bed XD squee~

      wow~ but it’ll be worth it… you get 2 more years of your life to do whatever away from school :D €60 is tight *_* you’re doing really well for what you have! *hugz*

      Yeah, Animaxis is very helpful ^^ if you ask them about items that are not in the shop listing, they’ll also help check it up for you too and email when the stock comes in. Since the stock is usually limited, it really helps to be informed.

      Kekeke… I saw your cushion comic too! Very creative and cute <3 Love it to bits XD

      @littlemonster Yep… but that’s how auctions go. Unless you set a mental highest bid before going in, it’s very easy to get carried away.

      Don’t worry about Animaxis… they’ll only ask for your payment after the stock comes in. They usualy don’t take a deposit for pre-orders ^^

  7. Thanks for the heads up you two :D
    Placed an order, hopefully it gets fulfilled! I saw this on tsuki a while back and was horribly disappointed to find it’s like $160 on eBay, so this is great news!
    I prefer the images on this one over version 2’s style. Very smexy.

    1. @littlemonster: Glad to help! Spread the lurve~ ^^ imacatlover told me that she saw someone bid $500+ for the first cushion on Japan auction x_x he/she must be kicking themselves silly now.

      imacatlover’s <3 pics convinced me about this version too ^^ the product's sample 2D graphics of Shiki wasn't as attractive to me as the actual one that is on the cushion.

  8. @ponytale D’aaaw, thank you! ;3 I didn’t think about a place where I could put my plushies when I got them, so I placed them on the chair where my pillow lies xD They serve as some kindof censor for it, lol xDD It’s like a soft cudly foursome, haha xD

    Ah, I wish I had time for a job ;A; I have too much homework noadays… well, it’s my own fault for doing a four year study coarse in two years, but still, I can barely live on €60 allowence a month… luckily, I might still get some birthday money for the second first pillow… ;D

    Animaxis’ service is very nice and kind ^__^ I am not too worried, sice the pillows are getting popular, and must be easy to make. If Animaxis wasn’t so sure about the pillows now, I’d geuss they’d be sold out right now. Still have to be on the lookout though…!

    @littlemonster You’re welcome~! I hope you can get your pillow too, cause this deal is waaaayy better than any ebay deal can offer! Thank you not, bishielove (ebay store that sells the pillows at these horrible high prices!) xDD

    And do you mean Tsukiboard? It’s possible you saw my pillow, since as far as I know, only two people on TB have it xD; (but you and Planck-chan will have one soon too, oh yeah xD *highfives*) I once posted a silly pic about my TnC figures with it, lol xD

    And yeah, that auction was insane xD I’m glad I got mine at Animaxis, and hope the best for everyone too <3

  9. Hee, I knew you’d change your mind after that pic ^__^ You have to hold the real pillow in your hands to know the sexyness of Shiki <3 I really love the detail of his eyes and eyelashes, and Akira… Psshhht, did you know he also has an perspiration drop on his chest too? xD

    And of course, you can't forget the piercing~ Hee, I'm a horrible influece on your wallet, but hey, now we will have two sets of pillows we can squish together like the fangirls we are xDD

    It's a little bit sad about Animaxis, though. Last time I emailed with one of the workers, they'd said they were also a litte bit annoyed with the manufactuars. Sometimes, the manufactuars promise them they can order xx quantity, and only serve half. And sometimes, they even fully cancel an order, and Animaxis has to break the hearts of dozens of fangirls. They're not that reliable, so I guess Animaxis tries to be better safe than sure, and if they can't complete the full orders, I guess it's "First come, first get" to the lucky ones, while others get their pillow canceled… :/ So yeah, impulsive-ness for the win! Let's hope we all get our pillows!

    1. LOL~ such a cute pic you posted <3 especially plushie Akira and Shiki's expressions when looking at the piercing XDDD

      Yeah you are (a horrible but… sweet influence on my wallet)!!! Gotta work hard and earn more $$$

      I guess Animaxis has to make that disclaimer… I appreciate that they try their best at least ^^ hopefully nobody gets disappointed this time :) *fingers and toes crossed* I can't wait to see what other interesting goods they can come up with next… but no money. Aiii~ so conflicted lol~

  10. You’re both welcome ^__^

    And ponytale, the pillow is really a must *A* I mean, I figured out why Shiki is looking sideways! Shiki is looking sideways because they secretly want you to buy two! It’s a conspiracy, I tell you. If you have a Shiki side up and the Akira one two, they will be looking at eachother! I mean, just look at this:

    But yeah, I’m sure the pillow wont dissapoint you ^__^ You always have a sexy Akira to look at <3

    1. Thanks imacatlover! Wow that’s such a seductive pic. Shiki looks attractive from the photo you posted XD much nicer than the sample graphic, like… “Put me in that shopping cart! You know you want to…” *nosebleed* ooo and there’s a droplet of perspiration on Akira’s cheek.. the small product pic wasn’t as obvious. You can be a spokesperson for the cushion already. This Akira is a must-buy indeed *_*

      ok… I succumbed… and ordered 2 DX. Now let’s hope Animaxis can get all the stock they ordered so we’ll all be happy XD

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