News: Cool-B November 2011 Issue (4 October 2011)

Hot Cover feature: Taisho Mebiusline threesome!

I’m really excited about the upcoming issue of Cool-B… why? Cos Nitro+Chiral is going to reveal the cast for DRAMAtical Murder! LoveDelivery is also going to announce the main cast for Taisho Mebiusline! :D Can’t wait to find out who the seiyuus are!

Title: Cool-B November 2011 Issue
Available: 4 October 2011

The magazine will reach me 2 weeks later thanks to slower but cheaper shipping lol~ so watch out for post updates then.. also Shingakkou – Noli me tangere by (PIL/SLASH) will have a fan disk and the magazine will give us a sneak peak of it.

1) Cover feature:
Taisho Mebiusline 大正メビウスライン by LoveDelivery
First cover illustration by LoveDelivery! Featuring the main character 京一郎 and the semes 千家伊織 and 館林開’s amorous triangle. New CGs, scenarios and even ero-scene! EXCITE. Main cast will also be announced!!! OMG! 「ちっちゃいさん~大正編~」は今号も1Pゆるゆる拡大版!

2) Miracle Shock Scoop ミラクル衝撃スクープ!!
Announcement of Shingakkou – The Gift Fan disk 神学校 The Gift by PIL/SLASH. Featuring after-story collection and entertaining mini games. A sweet love disk!

3) Walkthrough special report feature 攻略SPECIAL!! ボリューム特集!!
Gian・carlo’S LUCKY HAPPY LIFE by Tennenouji.
All route walkthrough for ラッキードッグ1 的人生ゲーム, featuring important points to note, CG and scenarios revealed

4) Hadaka Shitsuji 裸執事 by Madalabo マーダー工房
Speed walkthrough for all love ending and kichiku ending with the butlers. 各キャラ愛情エンド、鬼畜エンドへの道 and well-wishes illustration featuring all the characters and short story to commemorate sale of Hadaka Shitsuji by maker 倒神神倒

5) DRAMAtical Murder by Honyarara and ほにゃらら and Fuchii Kabura 淵井鏑
Main cast announcement!!! And featuring Mini short story and illustration of Aoba 蒼葉 and Noise ノイズ in an extremely close encounter!

6) Short stories for Omerta Chinmoku no Okite オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ by 立石涼 and 菜摘かんな
Parallel world setting 「警鐘のイスカリオテ」, 「潮騒のポセイドーネ」, 豪華2本立てかつパラレル設定!
ドラゴンヘッドに入った梓を主人公した物語と、キングシーザーのファミリーにいるJJを主人公にした物語を描きます。はたしてこの後どうなるのか!? とヤキモキ必至!

7) Si-Nis-Kanto by Ands
New character introductions and relationship chart.

8) Gakuen Heaven 2 Double Scramble 学園ヘヴン2 ~DOUBLE SCRAMBLE!~ by Spray/プロトタイプ
More main character and world view information revealed. Includes Spray interview.

9) Free DVD: sample tracks, opening and background music of Shingakkou 神学校 サントラCD試聴曲 soundtrack that will be released in October,

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10 thoughts on “News: Cool-B November 2011 Issue (4 October 2011)”

  1. @ponytale oh! So the mag IS sold on cdjapan?How great is this? XD
    I really didnt know this mag!I guess there many things i still have to learn!
    This site is so great! ^^ Thank you!Really!

  2. The art style almost reminds me of Yamada Uirou~ <3
    Omg, so many goodies in just one issue!
    DMMD, GH2, LD1 fandisc… *Holds in excitement*
    Looking forward to the review!~ ^^

    1. @Lazuli: I usually order my copy from CDJapan :O but I think the preorder has sold out already. You can click on the picture to get to the page. But if you can read Japanese, you can also order it from Comi Comi Studio and other online Japanese stores that ship international :)

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