News: Cool-B March 2012 Issue (3 February 2012)

H-scenes first revealed! Special feature on Nitro+Chiral’s DRAMAtical Murder!

Feeling pretty excited about this issue. I’ve ordered it and should reach me in 2 weeks time! :D

Title: Cool-B March 2012 Issue
Available: 3 February 2012

1) Cover feature:
DRAMAtical Murder by Nitro+CHiRAL (Honyarara ほにゃらら+Fuchii Kabura 淵井鏑)
Releasing soon! Unveiling kick ass H-scenes of the game for the first time!
Fuchii Kabura 淵井鏑先生 comments and explains the highlights of each route.
Cover illustration features cute Aoba 蒼葉!

Illustration different from the cover feature.
Fourth installment of illustration and mini short story.
This time, we see “violent man” 暴力男 Mink ミンク strangling Aoba 蒼葉! Tension to the max!

2) Exclusive scoop!
Syokusyu Densetsu (alias) 触手伝説(仮) by Madalabo マーダー工房
Hadaka Shitsuji creator Togomito’s next planned BL works will feature 6 types of delusional BL game settings, including 「触手伝説(仮)」、oo Detective 「○○探偵(仮)」, Train Molester Revenge 「復讐痴漢電車(仮)」 etc.

Tokyo Onmyoji ~ 東京陰陽師 ~天現寺橋 怜の場合~ by TYRANT
New 18+ brand by LoveDelivery. TYRANT!
The first work is Onmyoji (Japanese exorist) setting
Creator comments on the protagonist + main characters.

3) Games information and features
Gian no tame nara seikai wo kowasu! ジャンのためなら世界を壊す Tennenouji
Lucky Dog 1’s Puzzle game new information
DVD includes the Windows demo game.
Also revealed, the freebies that come with purchasing the game: illustrations of Angel Easter Egg can badge and mini hugging pillow.
This issue’s illustration column features Cool Beauty Gulio (クールビューティーなジュリオ)!

Lucky Dog 1ラッキードッグ1 by Yura 由良+菅沼恭司
Includes mini conversation specially written by 菅沼先生.
Valentine Moe love situation of Gulio x Gian (ジュリオ×ジャン)
Valentine falls on the day before Gulio’s ジュリオ birthday.

Shingakkou 神学校 -Noli me tangere- by 草香祭
Short story set after Leonid’s レオニード route.
Years later, Leonid レオニード and Michael マイケル’s life together…
Touching story. A must-read.

Shingakkou 神学校 The Gift by PIL/SLASH
Just before release, various introduction of the content as well as first CGs revealed!
Exclusive game-play video included in the DVD.
Super cute animation of the desktop mascots デスクトップマスコット.
New Natsumi Kai-sensei’s なつみ開先生 illustration column starts: “What if Cecil セシル is a waiter?”

NO,THANK YOU!!! by parade (三兵志麻+雨宮充)
a) Idiotic, ero protagonist all-seme 18+ BL game information (あほエロ主人公の総攻め18禁BL).
This issue features information about the rooms and underwear.

b) 「Valentine trap!」
New brand, parade’s first BL work NO,THANK YOU!!! ‘s 2nd short story and illustration!
This time, protagonist Haru and Tsundora megane 琉’s valentine story.
Tsun tsun 琉 and playful Haru is cute!
Comical short story.

Hadaka Shitsuji 裸執事 Togomito 倒神神倒
a) Hello from all the characters!
Special illustration of still smoking hot Hadaka Shitsuji

b) Illustrations and short story: Thank You 「ありがとう」
The butlers reminisence about their real master, story about the butlers and their current master.
Ero-ero illustration and serious story written by Togomito 倒神先生

c) Side story comic published during Winter Comic Market

Si-Nis-Kanto by Ands (Yamada Sakurako ヤマダサクラコ+加納高子+都志見文太)
a) Character and pairing information

b) First short story serialisation of 18+ BL game Si-Nis-Kanto begins with 「Carlo」
Protagonist Maki マキと, Mafia boss Karuro’s (Carlo?) story.
While punishment is being met out to a traitor, Maki jumps into the picture all of a sudden. Enraged, Carlo takes Maki out. Although it seems savage and aloof, its is surprisingly flirty?
Includes special illustration by Yamada Sakurako-sensei.

Toshokan no Nevuajisuta (?) 図書室のネヴァジスタ かずまこを+都志見文太
a) Third feature on the doujin BL game.
Digest summary of Kaya 茅 route and 白峰route.

b) Short story and illustration 「Prunus verecunda」
Completely different from the short story in previous issue, this story is the story of youth!
Kaya 茅 meets an eccentric man on the day of the School Entrance Ceremony.
His name is 御影清史郎.
Story is about 茅 and 清史郎’s first meeting. Illustration of the couple is cute!
Sentimental episode in the generally dark story.

Taisho Mebiusline 大正メビウスライン by LoveDelivery
Introduction about Imperial army commander Tatehayashi 館林

Omerta Chinmoku no Okite オメルタ~沈黙の掟~ by 花梨シャノアールΩ
Fan page Zion Intelligence Agency 「シオン情報局」 begins, featuring information about Omerta. This issue will report about the Campus Omerta 「学園オメルタ」 event held last year.
Also revealed, Campus version of the characters, illustrated by Tateishi Ryo 立石涼先生.

Second in the Battle and Violence BL Cage series.
CG and scenario first revealed.
What is the difference from the previous game OPEN? What characters will appear in OPEN?

Bara game 体育教師 極 by エフジー (Doujin Game)
Capture guide for true love route.
Q&A of the creator.

Yandere Heaven BLack ヤンデレ天国BLack by 穂波
Episode set on the day before the drama in Yandere Heaven BL 「ヤンデレ天国BLack」
Perspectives of yanderes (Protagonist’s child hood friend) 渓 and Dorm Admin, Masato 雅人 prior to the main story. Both are filled with heavy, yandere love.

Seiyuu Interview features Sakurai Takahiro 櫻井孝宏 and Hatano Wataru 羽多野渉 conversation about drama CD Yandere Heaven BL ヤンデレ天国 as well as one-on-one interview.

Free DVD with wallpapers, promotional videos and demos.
Gian no tame nara seikai wo kowasu! ジャンのためなら世界を壊す
神学校 The Gift
DRAMAtical Murder
Bara game 体育教師 極 by エフジー

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28 thoughts on “News: Cool-B March 2012 Issue (3 February 2012)”

  1. Yeah I think so, it was lost after it was confirmed it had arrived =S
    ne are you going to upload the diabolik lovers and black wolves saga wallpapers ^^???

    1. @Rukia: That’s terrible *_* You should inform the post office and try to get a refund or something!
      I’ll check them out in the disk when the magazine arrives ^^

  2. Ohhh, Aoba looks so cute cuddling with Ren!! (well, the pic is gone now, but I saved it earlier XD;; )
    Honyarara has such a lovely art style; I really adore it.
    But eeeee first full H-scene pic reveal? Excited~

    1. @lemur: I managed to put the pic back orz;;; accidentally deleted it. Yes! CDJapan has shipped my copy of the mag… hopefully it gets to me real quick XD

  3. Holy!!! Aoba and Ren make such one sweet pair!!!
    GAWD… Aoba’s too cuteee and now I want him for myself *cough*

    maybe I’ll get myself a copy for this month Cool-B too /// Aobaaaaaa
    can’t wait for scans *nose-bleed*

    I can’t get enough of DMMd arts

  4. this looks awesome =O the cover is awesome and waa the DVD has black wolves saga wallps?! omg ;O; I want those BWS and Diabolik lovers wallps. I would order this but ever since my dengeki girl’s style got Im scared

    awwwwww~ i’m so touched see the first H-SCENE!!! OMG! AFTER ALL!!! LET ME SEE IT WHEN YOU’RE GOING TO UPLOAD IT~

  6. Mafias in school uniforms? HELL YES.
    Maybe I’m being too hopeful but it’d be awesome if they would make a fandisc with a school setting for the Omerta guys! *w*

    Finally more H-CGs for DMMD! <3
    I'm interested in Clear and Noiz's. :3

    1. @Liru: it’s highly possible. Hetalia had a Gakuen game version lol what’s to say that omertà not have one too? If not then maybe a drama cd like Lamento Gakuen :3

  7. DMMD H-scene yessssssss. This issue is filled with so many treats! (And omg that DVD extra, I NEEEEEED Diabolik Lovers)
    And I’ve been wondering about LoveDelivery’s new game. They’ll be opening the teaser site in a few days so I’m curious of how the visuals will be compared to Taishou Mebiusline. But! I’m mostly excited for Si-Nis-Kanto because they barely update anything on it omg. Yamada Sakurako ♥

    1. @Nii: I have updates of Si-Nis-Kanto in the previous magazines but I didn’t have time to put them up. I’ll try to when I can :)

      Lots of goodies and content esp cos it’s close to Valentine’s day :D

    2. That would be lovely and leave me extremely grateful! Aha, especially as I’m not able to get the magazine regularly and that’s the only way to get Si-Nis-Kanto updates. But I’m extremely tempted to get this issue just for the goodies! Thank you Valentines day lol~

  8. Thank you for the news!I love this illustration of Aoba&Ren!<3<3<3 I can't wait for the H-scènes pictures!!!(NoizxAoba pleaaaaaase!!)

  9. Alskfhdj Aoba why so cute? I swear the games not even out yet and he’s my fav main. I mean youji was bland to me, akira could be a douche and I don’t know much about konoe.

    Im excited for the h scenes though since hon. Is good at them I thought all we were going to get was that teaser with aoba and mr. Aggressive XD

    1. @Anonin: very different styles and storyline so it can’t be helped xD have u played the previous games?

      Honyarara’s style is definitely refreshing! :D

    2. True sweet pool was very melancholy and togainu was dark. And honestly no, for a while I was interested in playing togainu but I haven’t taken japanese yet so id probably just get myself killed. The only bl I’ve played is enzai and im waiting to play hakuouki when its released for the story and dating.

      Hopefully I can find a way to play dmmd when it comes out it looks amazing

    3. @Anonin: I enjoyed Sweet Pool a lot… probably the 1st BL game that made me cry (;o;) The story was heartbreaking… My Japanese ability isn’t that great but when I played it, I got the gist of what is going on. I highly recommend it. Togainu is good too… but kinda repetitive at the beginning cos there are more characters you can capture. I’m sure DMMd will be awesome too! Hope you can play them!

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