New headphones to listen to BLCDs with?

mix style: STAR-BLACK / PINK: MIX260105

Update 10 Nov 2009: Please note that I -DON’T- recommend buying this pair of headphones… thought I better mention first in case you don’t have time to read the full review ^^;;; so with this out of the way… on to my review… XD

I saw this on a one-day-only sale at about 40% off the retail price of 3,675Yen! Did some research, it looks cute and the specs seem ok, so I bought it. Impulse buy!!! (again cos I already have a really fantastic pair of headphones that has great voice clarity essential for voice dramas)

Anyway, the new pair of headphones arrived today! Quickly took it out of its box (great space saving packaging btw) and tested it on one of my favourite BLCD H-scenes XD *what a perv!* lol~… Well, maybe I shouldn’t have expected so much…

Okie before I go on to rant… here are the specs:

New headphones
mix style: STAR-BLACK / PINK: MIX260105
Current headphones
Creative (HQ-1900)
Driver: 40mm
Frequency response: 500Hz ~ 20kHz
Sensitivity: 99dB/mW
Impedance: 32om
Mass: Approc 160g
Power handling capacity: 0.2W
Plug: 3/5mm stereo mini plug
Length of cord: 50cm
Length of extension cord: 150cm
Fold-able for compact storage
Driver unit: 30mm Neodymium magnet Transducer
Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Sensitivity (1kHz): 104dB/mW
Impedance: 35ohms
Cord length: 1.2m
Input Plugs: 3.5mm stereo gold-plated
Net Weight: 140g (without packaging)
Fold-able for compact storage
(My pair is white in colour)
Price: 3,675 Yen (approx US$40.72)Price: S$79 (approx US$56.44)

Comments/Amateur review:

Honestly I’m not a true sound buff (don’t really understand all the specs BUT my ears know the quality of sound piped into them) For the little bit of knowledge I have, I know that frequency response is important but I didn’t realise that the difference would be so great *_*

Okie mix style MIX260105 has the lowest frequency response at 500Hz vs Creative HQ-1900’s 20Hz. OMG. If you want to listen to dramas with your headphones, your frequency response range (probably) has to be low enough cos mix style MIX260105 voice comes out muted and muffled (slight echo-ey) while HQ-1900 is crisp and clear. Music also sounds waaaay better on HQ-1900 too.

Oh well, in case you start to think I’m like a noob trying to act smart… I’ll stop commenting on the technical specs ^^;;;

Conclusion (based on my ears/brain response):

If listening to BL dramas is one of the main reasons you’re investing in a pair of headphones, it is definitely more WORTH it to save a bit longer and spend on a Creative HQ-1900 for the sound quality. Since it is not too much difference from the non-sale price of mix style MIX260105. I’m glad I got it at a discount and not the full price otherwise I would’ve been even more disappointed.

But if you’re in it for the LOOKS, I guess then that’s a different story :) Cos mix style does look cuter. I think mix style headphones is worth the sale price for its specs and looks but not its usual price…

And as for comfort level, well… I have a big head (LOL~) so mix style headphones were much more comfortable to wear for longer periods than Creative headphones. It took me months to “stretch” my Creative headphones wide enough with my head(?) without it clamping my skull in hahaha XD BUT yeah it was worth the suffering for much better sound. So now it is stretched out just right, comfortably tight, loved and feels awesome when playing starts <3 (does that sound like H in BL dramas? XD)

Crazy huh. The things we go through for BL *shakes head*

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16 thoughts on “New headphones to listen to BLCDs with?”

  1. I have this baby almost 1 year now and its still as good as new even though I often fall asleep when using it (and I sleep like a beast in bed, moving around in circle and kicking everything ^^” actually its a wonder how it manages to stay on my head ’till morning) so its super fine to use in bed. Worth the diet XD

    *haggu* Yusa Kouji! ♥♥ he’s definitely number one on my list, both as uke and seme XD

    1. @Dai: icic, that’s good to know! I’ll have to save for it now! :D

      Yay~ You love Yucchi too! XD Yeah he is my no.1 BL seiyuu too cos he is reversible and versatile hehehe

    1. @Dai: woah looks awesome! I think I really have go on a diet if I were to get it lolz. Is it ok to wear it to sleep? Cos I usually listen to BLCDs in bed. At this price, I’ll cry if I break it orz;;

      Thanks for your lovely comments *hugs* I’m glad you enjoy my posts! <3 who are ur fav seiyuus? :D

  2. You might want to give Beats by Dr. Dre studio headphone a try < 33 Since most of my music are dance and electronic, a good headphone for me is a must xD The price is a killer (I spend 1 month eating just canned baked beans due to the damage), but I guess it's worth hearing every moan in BLCD like the scene is really happening in your room – q -. The first time I listen to BLCD with this headphone I blushed so hard hearing the whole track xD oh, the comfort is also top notch and fit my large head snuggly lol ^^

    1. @Dai: wow thanks for the recommendation. Sounds tantalising! Which model did you buy? There are quite a number of them on and I’m stumped orz;;

  3. I don’t know about frequency, but my MP4’s earphones are the bests I’ve ever used. The voices are pretty clear and the music sounds like it comes from inside your head, that’s why I care them so much xP.

  4. lol my ears are so weird when i am close to sound i can’t barely hear but when i am far away i can hear it so loud an perfect. Thats without the headphones though. With them on i need to have it high sometimes not all the time, when i listen to dramas an stuff like that of course i have it low! XD But when i have it high an take them off an then walk one are two rooms away from mine i can hear the loudness which is shocking to me.;

    lol effects~ *cough cough*XD

    My headphones are good? Oww thats good to know they took sometime to get used to.
    What kind of speakers do you have? I want to get some new ones to replace my broken ones, i’m think about buying the ones like i had that broke but if there a better brand you know of let me know.^^

    1. Hmm maybe it is too tight and pressing down too hard? :O If I need to leave the desk when listening to BL drama, I’ll always stop the track first lol~ jus in case XD oh yes~ effects *cough* XDD

      Yeah cos the sony’s frequency response range is wide so voice clarity is better. I don’t have external speakers cos I use a laptop now. I’m thinking of buying an ipod dock music player and probably hook it up with the laptop :P I’ve been eyeing this for quite some time now:

  5. i love the star headphones but i always prefer quality over appearances. The creative HQ-1900 sound like it’d be really great to try especially for me i go through headphones like i don’t know what.;; I think its because i always use them at full volume, my friend told me that if i always do that they end up breaking. The one i am using now is a Sony mdr-v150 there descent but not better than the other ones. They go great with the pc speakers i had labtec but they broke a few weeks ago…

    1. Yeah me too… this was an impulse buy cos of the sale price x_x I should’ve known better! ^^;;; tsk tsk. Wow… how can your ears take it? o_O I usually set the volume quite low~medium unless I can’t hear the sound effects *coughcough* XD And I checked out the specs for your Sony… they pack a serious punch for the price ^^ definitely worth it! You can buy 2 of those with the price of a pair of Creative headphones :)

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