Music: Junjou Romantica Sound Collection 1 & 2

Junjou Romantica Sound Collection Vol. 1

Lovely music and hilarious mini dramas :D

TV Anime Junjou Romantica Sound Collection 1 and 2
TVアニメ「純情ロマンチカ」サウンドコレクション1 and 2 (22/10/2008 & 2008/12/25)

Music by:
Vol. 1 ~ MOKA, pigstar, SCRIPT
Vol. 2 ~ MOKA, pigstar, JUNED

Mini Drama Seiyuu:
Takahashi Misaki 高橋美咲: Sakurai Takahiro 櫻井孝宏
Usami Akihiko 宇佐美秋彦: Hanada Hikaru 花田光
Takahashi Takahiro 高橋孝浩: Taniyama Kishou 谷山紀章
Misaki (Young): Ise Mariya 伊瀬茉莉也
Obasan おばさん: Nishizawa Hiroka 西沢広香

Junjou Romantica Sound Collection Vol. 2

Junjou Romantica Sound Collection 1 features all the music composed by MOKA for season one of the anime as well as the TV-sized versions of opening and ending songs. Junjou Romantica Sound Collection 2 has that of season two. As an omake of sorts, both collections also contain five super-cute mini dramas each. These ten mini dramas were adapted from the mini comics that were on the inner covers of the original Junjou Romantica manga.

One of the things I love about Junjou Romantica anime is the music. Refreshing, evocative yet quirky at times. The varied style, melody and instruments used in the compositions are never out-of-tune with the pace of the drama in the series. In fact, I just can’t imagine how Junjou anime would’ve turned out if the music wasn’t this good. Who wouldn’t have their hearts skipping a beat or ache whenever Usami and Misaki’s love theme 夢見ごこちBOY comes up? And the anxiousness we feel when we hear Nowaki and Hiroki’s ONE-SIDED theme drumming up the pace in the background at their impending break-up? And the sweetness of 幸せの予感… ah~ there are just too many perfect pieces in both collections for each scene to mention.

The piano and violin versions of the opening, ending songs as well as certain themes are also very beautiful. It is just amazing how changing musical instruments and arrangements can bring out a completely different atmosphere in the same composition. I’m glad they included the TV-sized versions of the opening and ending songs in the CDs. This is the only gripe I have with the lovely Antique Bakery anime soundtrack which did not do so… but that is for another review post.

The mini-dramas are little gems by themselves. The placing of the dramas within the track listings flows well with the other music pieces and are non-disruptive. The mini-drama in Sound Collection 1 is generally about a younger Takahiro gushing to Usami about how cute kiddy Misaki is and the things he does, but most of the time, they are silly enough to make Usami wonder if Misaki is an idiot lol~ As for Sound Collection 2, Takahiro keeps running to Usami for advice on how to deal with young Misaki’s rebellious behaviour amongst other growing up issues.

The dramas are very well-acted and funny. They also give us a deeper insight about the friendship and interaction between Takahiro and Usami. We get to know Takahiro as a person better and boy, he -is- cute! I really like young Misaki’s voice too.

Both CDs have beautifully illustrated covers which are in bright, happy colours. Even the discs and inner sleeves are printed with cute designs of duck, bear and panda mascots. They’re definitely something you’ll love to have and own.

Vol. 1 Track Listings:
1. 純情ロマンチカ
2. 純情テロリスト
3. 純情DAYS
4. 君=花 (piano ver.)(OPテーマ)
5. ミニドラマ1 (Mini Drama)
6. 純情エゴイスト
8. よろこびの瞬間
9. 変わりえぬ、ひと
10. ミニドラマ2 (Mini Drama)
11. 夢見ごこちBOY
12. 純情LOST
13. 純情行動派
14. ベイビーロマンチカ (piano ver.)(EDテーマ)
15. ミニドラマ3 (Mini Drama)
16. 抵抗中
17. 不安な夜
18. 幸せの予感
19. 誤解DAYS
20. ミニドラマ4 (Mini Drama)
21. …一緒
22. 青空ワルツ
23. キツいテンション
24. 木漏れ日
25. ミニドラマ5 (Mini Drama)
26. 純情ペシミスティック
27. 君とのテンション
28. やすらぎ
29. 純情ロマンチカ (strings ver.)
30. ヒミツの企み
31. 君=花 (TVサイズver.)(OPテーマ)
32. クマのぬいぐるみ
33. ベイビーロマンチカ (TVサイズver.)(EDテーマ)

Vol. 2 Track Listings:
1. 突然のロマンス
2. 純情エゴイスト デートver.
3. 純粋恋心
4. 2OP「衝動」piano ver.
5. ミニドラマ6 (Mini Drama)
6. 俺はあなたを
7. 僕らの旅
8. 星の部屋
9. 優しい抱擁
10. ミニドラマ7 (Mini Drama)
11. 誰にも言えない悩み
12. 抑えきれなくて
13. 幸せ、たくさん
14. 2ED「相生」piano ver.
15. ミニドラマ8 (Mini Drama)
16. 疑い惑う心
17. そよ風 ※気分屋の 削除
18. うつむく街角
19. 哀しみの理由
20. ミニドラマ9 (Mini Drama)
21. 散歩日和
22. 浮かないキモチ
23. 悪い予感
25. ミニドラマ10 (Mini Drama)
26. ひとりごと
27. 別れの始め
28. 純情テロリスト violin ver.
29. 好きと言えなくて・・
30. 純情ロマンチカ, forever
31. 一生の恋
32. 2OP「衝動」TV ver.
33. ひつじ雲
34. 2ED「相生-アイオイ-」TV ver.

Label: Frontier Works Inc. (PLC) (M)

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8 thoughts on “Music: Junjou Romantica Sound Collection 1 & 2”

  1. Yeah..get some serious cramps XD but of course it’s another way of being famous.
    Can make it to kekeke~

    I learned tht iPod is almost like a cellphone. I’s become a private gadget and exclusively used by tht person only.
    So gotta learn to respect tht privacy.

    Does BLCD goes into your top priority or you prefer to spend $ on figurines or RAHs?
    Does people selling their used-BLCD on websites such as Y!japan?

    1. HAHAHA… if I get featured on myspace while inside the Cactuar suit, I’ll be thankful my face won’t be visible *_* so embarrassing kekeke

      Well, unless I’m missing out a feature or what, ipod classic is definitely not private enough. It can’t be password locked. *peeved* Does the new generation ipods have that feature?

      Mmm… it depends… but generally figures will take priority cos most of the time I’ll hold out till a big CD sale if I can, unless when I must absolutely get the first press. Y!Japan is a good source for used BLCD but sometimes due to the shipping/handling + commission charged by auction deputy, it maybe just cheaper to buy a new CD if there’re no first-press or out-of-print issues.

  2. WHAT?! You want to be Ah Ber? LOL~
    I tot you wanna be Cactuar?

    Hahaha i’m so glad i didn’t try to peep into your iPod playlist :P

    Wow that is expensive. Are you plan to collect all? or at least putting it in your wishlist?
    You oredi have the first press DVDs. Now i know what to steal from your room Muahahaha…

    1. LOL~ XD Imagine having to pose like Cactuar the whole day during the event… that’ll be hilarious!

      There are other non-work-safe CDs inside my ipod so… I’m quite careful about showing it to people ^^;;; I have most of the items I have done reviews of which I also put inside my iPod. But there’re a few that I don’t have cos I’m still hunting the first press editions. So yeah, I have quite a number of BLCD items in my wishlist, not just Junjou. I don’t think I can afford all of them at one go, so have to spread them out.

  3. I understand ^^ would be nice huh~

    ehhhh~ do chibi Usami! XD I’ll be the bear XD

    Hahaha… but the mini dramas lift my spirits up, so they are good during work. There’s nothing BL about them so they are work-safe too. Can’t say the same for the other two Junjou drama cds in my iPod tho kekeke.

    Btw, the first press Junjou BLCDs, especially the later ones are seriously expensive. I only managed to buy Vol 1 and 2 at reasonable prices (abt 3000 Yen each). It is up to Vol. 7 now and you have to be prepared to shell out at least 4000 Yen and up (original prices approx 3000 Yen) if you want to own it. Crazy *_*

  4. Yea but i wish for moe moe OVA of Saiyuki, juz for fun lah.

    Maybe i should do cosplay as Usami XD

    Listening to the mini dramas in your iPod during work is not recommended kekeke~

    Besides moe the cover is also cheerful. surely nobody will suspect it’s a BL OST :D

  5. Ah~ you won’t regret it even if it is just for the covers cos the music is also very good ^^ The mini dramas are very funny. Short and sweet but very worth it.

    Saiyuki is not supposed to be a moe moe story like Junjou mah. Yep I remember that track. Hilarious XD

    Agrees! Those stickers are very cute *_* but so many things to buy… my wallet cannot take it already. I’ll wait.

  6. Yesh both CDs are have moe covers.
    Who knows i might buy it for the sake of the covers only XD

    Ten mini dramas adapted from mini comics? WOW truly the point of interest of the CD (besides the tracks of coz)

    I wish Saiyuki OSTs were this good. Well they oso have some sorta drama tracks, remember the one i sent you? But i i wish for moe covers of saiyuki characters.

    Cute junjyo stickers will be available in February in ANIMATE. Woooah cannot wait to grab it…
    Oh suzuki-san…..

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