Music: Genji Monogatari Sennenki OST

Genji Monogatari Sennenki Original SoundtrackTitle:
Genji Monogatari Sennenki Original Soundtrack
源氏物語千年紀 Genji オリジナル サウンドトラック (25/02/2009)

Music by:
S.E.N.S. Project

This CD arrived at my doorstep at the right time… I’m not sure why but I’ve been feeling down on the weather lately. It’s like… how do I put it? Everything is going on as usual, life in general and work (tho’ I have lots of support from my workmates but there’s just a plain lack of motivation *sigh*) and so on but somehow there’s something stirring and I’m not quite sure what. Stress? Probably… or even accelerated mid-life crisis? lol~ or maybe the economic downturn that is casting a gloom all over… Gaah~ I must snap out of the slump!

Anyway, the anime soundtrack of the classic adaptation has a calming effect on my nerves. I love the main theme which is presented in full-length in the CD. Aptly named “高雅”, meaning “Elegance”, the presence of an orchestra, wind instruments, strings, percussion… ah~ it is absolutely beautiful. The music is mainly performed with classical and traditional instruments, as well as some electronica mixes. I’m not knowledgeable enough in this area but I find that some of the tunes remind me a lot of traditional Chinese music.

I like it that there’s a good mix of contemporary and classical sounding compositions. Most of the pieces are dreamy, soothing and romantic. There were a couple of more dramatic pieces in the soundtrack but they flow very well with the other softer tracks. I felt rather emotional while watching the anime during certain points but the soundtrack by itself didn’t make me feel as upset. Instead, the music was quietly moving without losing its impact and transports me to the historical era that the story was set in. Even if you’ve not watched the anime, I think you’ll be able to find pieces that touch you too.

Best consumed when your heart and mind needs to be gently held in a loving embrace :)

As for the packaging, the cover is beautiful but there is only a folded two-page insert. I wouldn’t call that a booklet since there’s only one piece of paper ^^; Kinda disappointing as I was hoping to see more images of the anime. Fortunately the music more than made up for it.

Listen to the music samples from the composer’s official site :)

Track Listing:
1 高雅~メインテーマ (main theme)
2 憂愁
3 ひたむきな想い
4 春爛漫
5 霧雨
6 情念
7 朝明
8 懸想
9 馴染み
10 若葉
11 陽転
12 童子
13 優美
14 白日夢
15 少女
16 暗転
17 葛藤
18 孤影
19 恋慕
20 ときの移ろい
21 述懐
22 安閑
23 雅男
24 至幸
25 出逢い
26 愛執
27 冬景色

Catalog No.: KSCL1353
Label: Ki/oon Sony

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9 thoughts on “Music: Genji Monogatari Sennenki OST”

  1. Thank you very much. The piano song was all over the anime and when the track came out I was hoping to listen to it, but it wasn’t on the OST. Again thanks for helping.

  2. I think I heard it at the beginning of the anime episode when he was with another girl. If you listen carefully then you will here piano. Then later on in the anime there are sometimes when they play the piano version, but I can’t seem to remember which episode, the only one I can remember is the first episode. I don’t know if it is piano or not, but it sounded like piano to me. Again thanks of helping.

    1. Hmm… you’re right. That does sound like the piano version… *_* sorry for not helping much… I’ll definitely keep you updated if I spot the score!

  3. No worries! ^^ Glad to help.

    There are quite a few variations of the main theme in the OST:
    1) 高雅~メインテーマ (full orchestra)
    2) 懸想 (pipe/wind instrument on electronic keyboard?)
    3) 童子 (Xylophone?)
    4) 述懐 (Guitar/Harp?)
    5) 雅男 (Harp?)

    I don’t remember hearing the piano version of the main theme in the anime. Which episodes were they on?

  4. Thank you for telling me. I really like the main theme on piano, but I didn’t see why they didn’t put it as piano on the OST since in the anime they played it on piano a couple of time. Well again thank you telling me.

  5. What are the instruments being used in the songs? I really like to know, and does anyone know where to find the sheet music for the songs in the OST for the anime?

    1. Hmm… I’m not sure. So far when I search for the title in online stores, results of sheet music collection don’t turn up. Maybe in the future. Just keep a look out for it :)

  6. Yeah maybe ^^;;; anyway was out with boss and drank 2 glasses of beer lol~ Reached home at around 8pm and it was straight to ZzzZzz. I just woke up (3am) after a wierd dream/nightmare *sweatdrop* Now sipping hot milk tea and pigging on my fav cheese mochi crackers which I bought just now xD

    Did you listen to the samples? I was expecting to hear more Japanese traditional instruments but many of the tunes sounded very Chinese style. It is quite an enjoyable and refreshing OST ^^ something I don’t have in my usual collection. The songs sound very yashashii~ makes me wanna go fall in love with someone… like immediately~ *wistful sigh* Anyway, Ai no Kusabi’s main theme song just came up and it makes me feel kinda emo… lol~ It’s been a while since I listened to the AnK CDs since I bought them and Iason’s voice still makes my heart flutter *blushes*

    Along with my Genji order I also bought some OSTs of older series such as Samurai Champloo (Departure) and Seirei no Moribito (Ongaku Hen). They’re really good too!

    Wow~ I never knew that ninja originated in China xD

  7. mid-life crisis? LOL~

    It is possible that some of the tunes are reminding you over trad.Chinese music.
    Back then there is no so-called jpop XD, and yes their culture (including music) are related to the Chinese.
    Back then Japanese scholars are sent to China mainland to study. The scholars brought home lots of things and the imported culture mixed together within their daily life.
    e.g: origami, art of bonsai, the presence of cherry tree, confucious (yep, they study that too), and many more.
    Anyway, ninja is also come from China. Haha surprised? well, it said that ninja blacklisted in China because it’s just too cruel and later on the cult (ninja-ism?) sorta find their way to Japan.

    Genji Monogatari Senneki OST is an interesting CD but not on my wishlist.
    Hee hee

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