Music: – fragment – sweet pool original soundtrack

Sweet Pool FragmentHaunting and edgy soundtrack to my favorite BL game, Sweet Pool.

According to nitro+ website, “– fragment – sweet pool original soundtrack” will be on sale on Friday, January 30, 2009.

The 2-CD album will contain all the vocal tunes, such as the opening and ending music by “ZIZZ Sound” and all background music used in the game. Also included CD Jacket illustrated by Onitsuka Seiji オニツカセージ, 16 page booklet packaged in a multi-P case.

How awesome is that? ^^ Going to feel all emo again when I listen to the ending songs, especially the various versions of Miracles may and theme song I’m in blue. *sniff* But since there isn’t any pre-order/ first press special included in the soundtrack, I guess I’ll hold the purchase for now. No budget *_*

If you’re interested, pre-order is available at Comi-comi, do a search for “sweet pool” cos direct linking to the page doesn’t work or order from Nitro Chiral’s online store using a proxy buyer.

Disk 1:
1. I’m in blue (singer:Pale Green)
2. scene01
3. scene02
4. chills01
5. chills02
6. strain01
7. strain02
8. calm01
9. fade
10. simple
11. sorrow
12. forever
13. scene [warp 01]
14. scene [warp 02]
15. instinct
16. lust

Disk 2:
1. VLG (singer:Watanabe Kazuhiro ワタナベカズヒロ)
2. The Hunger (singer:Ken1)
3. diving deep (singer:Pale Green)
4. the red road (singer:Pale Green)
5. Miracles may (singer:Itou Kanako いとうかなこ)
6. Miracles may (Violin Ver.)

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11 thoughts on “Music: – fragment – sweet pool original soundtrack”

    1. @hirochan: Fragment is the official OST of Sweet pool. It sounds awesome! Highly recommended :) especially if you enjoyed the in-game music.

      everblue is mainly drama CD. The I’m in blue cd you listened to is a theme song compilation if I’m not wrong. Transmigration is the remix version of the main theme songs. I didn’t buy Transmigration cos I didn’t enjoy the samples they put on the website.

  1. Hmmm, I’ve been curious of the OST. Is it worth listening to? So far I’ve only listened to vocal songs (ie i’m in blue and others), they’re really good.

    Though, I would really love to play the game.. u_u

  2. friend told me tht Sweet Pool have shorter gameplay unlike Togainu.
    The artwork is beautiful but the plot is not as complicated as Togainu.

    haha neck issue. well the chibis should bring chair to make eye contact with your friend on the same level. XD

    1. Yeah, it is shorter cos there’re fewer characters but I find it more emotionally engaging. We can really focus our attention on them. That said, Togainu is still a very fun ride tho ^^

      And like what I do with those tall friends, I just don’t stand too close to them, so that I don’t have to lift my neck more than 60 degrees all the time. lol~

  3. Yep, makes me wish had those boys in my classroom back then i high school.
    Your friend sure have tough times talking coz most of his friends are shorter.

    The two are very different but (in my personal taste) the song didn’t exactly register to my mind like LAMENTO did.

    Will probably buy when have some leftover cash kekeke~

    1. *fufufu* But I don’t think my incredibly tall friends have any problems talking to people. It is the chibi that has a neck issue trying to look up at the peak of a mountain *_*

      Ah~ icic… I think maybe I was quite emotionally involved when I played the sweet pool game. I mean I actually felt tears brimming at two of the endings… so sweet pool was quite special :)

  4. The Sweet Pool OST was -very- emo *_* while Lamento was surreal and full of wonderment. They evoke different feelings in me.

    Nitro+ released a Lamento remix recently. I previewed it at the official site… I think the original is better :P… maybe they’ll also do a special limited edition bundle in the future for Lamento. They’ve done one for Togainu ^^ so I hope they do that for Lamento and Sweet Pool too. So I’ll probably hold out for them.

    Yea, but it is still possible. I knew school mates who were like 190cm+ when they were 16. If I remember correctly, I told you that before? One of them was telling us that his legs always dangle outside of his bed when he lie flat on his bed cos they were too long XD Anyway, I loved watching those guys play basketball. Really smexy ^^

  5. They weren’t as good as LAMENTO’s.

    I guess i’ll buy when i got the urge of having it, otherwise this thing can really wait.

    Who knows there might be special limited edition box of sweet pool contains OST and visual book as well.

    and i’m stick to my opinion, “they look quite old for high school students”
    Ah who cares..they’re smexy anyway

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