Seiyuu: Brokeback Mountain

Saw in wikipedia this list of dubbing roles done by Morikawa Toshiyuki…

He is Brad Pitt, Ewan Mcgregor, Keanu Reeves, Heath Ledger, Brendan Fraser, Colin Farell, Tom Cruise… etc ^^ almost all of them are actors I like kekeke…

From this list, I most want to listen to Morimori in:

* Brokeback Mountain (Ennis del Mar (Heath Ledger))
– so angst (-_-)
* The King and the Clown (Jang-Seng (Gam Woo Seong))
– a touching BL-ish Korean movie :)
* The Matrix trilogy (Fuji edition) (Thomas “Neo” Anderson (Keanu Reeves))
– The Matrix is one of my all time fav movies…

LOL~ need to save up $ to get the R2 versions I guess. Kind of silly but… oh well~ *shake head* I’m broke now so they’re not on the “high priority” shopping list ^^”

List of Morimori’s dubbing roles in Hollywood movies…

* 2 Fast 2 Furious (Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker))
* Alien vs. Predator (Sebastian De Rosa (Raoul Bova))
* American Outlaws (Jesse James (Colin Farrell))
* Bedazzled (Elliot Richards (Brendan Fraser))
* Big Fish (Young Edward Bloom (Ewan McGregor))
* Black Hawk Down (John Grimes (Ewan McGregor))
* Black Rain (Detective Charlie Vincent (Andy Garcia))
* Born on the Fourth of July (Ron Kovic (Tom Cruise))
* Bounce (Buddy Amaral (Ben Affleck))
* Brokeback Mountain (Ennis del Mar (Heath Ledger))
* The Brothers Grimm (Jakob Grimm (Heath Ledger))
* Chain Reaction (Morning TV) (Eddie Kasalivich (Keanu Reeves))
* Click (Michael Newman (Adam Sandler))
* Collateral (Vincent (Tom Cruise))
* Das Experiment (Prisoner #77 – Tarek Fahd (Moritz Bleibtreu))
* Deep Rising (TV edition) (Billy (Clint Curtis))
* Dharma & Greg (Gregory “Greg” Clifford Montgomery (Thomas Gibson))
* The Devil’s Own (Morning and daytime TV) (Francis Austin McGuire (Brad Pitt))
* Eyes Wide Shut (Doctor William “Bill” Harford (Tom Cruise))
* The Fast and the Furious (Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker))
* Final Destination 2 (Evan Lewis (David Paetkau))
* Flightplan (Gene Carson (Peter Sarsgaard))
* Godzilla (Nick Tatoupolis (Matthew Broderick))
* Herbie: Fully Loaded (“Trip” Murphy (Matt Dillon))
* Joy Ride (Lewis Thomas (Paul Walker))
* The King and the Clown (Jang-Seng (Gam Woo Seong))
* The Lake House (DVD edition) (Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves))
* The Last Samurai (Captain Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise))
* Legally Blonde (Emmett Richmond (Luke Wilson))
* The Magnificent Seven (Chris Adams (Yul Brynner))
* The Matrix trilogy (Fuji edition) (Thomas “Neo” Anderson (Keanu Reeves))
* The Mexican (Morning TV) (Jerry Welbach (Brad Pitt))
* Mission Impossible (TV Asahi edition) (Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise))
* Mission: Impossible II (TV Asahi edition) (Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise))
* Mission: Impossible III (Theater and DVD edition) (Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise))
* The Mists of Avalon (Lancelot (Michael Vartan))
* The Mummy (Richard “Rick” O’Connell (Brendan Fraser))
* The Mummy Returns (Richard “Rick” O’Connell (Brendan Fraser))
* Munich (Avner Kaufman (Eric Bana))
* The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (Bastian’s father (John Wesley Shipp))
* Night at the Museum (Jedediah Smith (Owen Wilson))
* The Replacements (DVD edition) (Shane Falco (Keanu Reeves))
* The Recruit (James Douglas Clayton (Colin Farrell))
* Se7en (Detective Seargent Mills (Morning TV) (Brad Pitt))
* Signs (Merrill Hess (Joaquin Phoenix))
* Spider-Man 3 (Edward “Venom” Allan Charles Brock (Topher Grace))
* Spy Game (Eastern TV) (Tom Bishop (Brad Pitt))
* Stand by Me (Ace Merrill (Kiefer Sutherland))
* Star Trek: Voyager (Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill))
* Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor))
* Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor))
* Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor))
* Stay (Doctor Sam Foster (Ewan McGregor))
* S.W.A.T. (Officer Jim Street (Colin Farrell))
* Sweet November (DVD edition) (Nelson Moss (Keanu Reeves))
* Taegukgi (Jin-tae (Jang Dong-gun))
* Team America: World Police (Gary Johnston (Trey Parker))
* Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero (Kenichi Kai/Ultraman (Kane Kosugi))
* The Village (Lucius Hunt (Joaquin Phoenix))
* War of the Worlds (Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise))
* Wild Wild West (Captain Jim West (Will Smith))
* The Watcher (DVD edition) (David Allen Griffin (Keanu Reeves))

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38 thoughts on “Seiyuu: Brokeback Mountain”

  1. Err yea.. but he sounded like a woman with a low voice which means he is successful haha~ and cos of her being too emotional, it lead to [spoiler] ^^” where did you stop reading the series? Don’t want to reveal too much if you do decide to revisit the manga/anime or live-action.

    I’ve not read Fruits Basket manga. I bought the dvds (not watched yet o_O) but I heard that the ending is very different :P

    Hehehe… I think I’m the only one at home who has an obsession with collecting and buying “useless” things.

  2. O_o her seiyuu is male? Yea, once or twice when i read DN scanlation i sensed than Rem is more emotional than Ryuk.

    Do you follow Fruits Basket series? I meant to ask somebody about the ending hahaha too lazy to wiki or search the net.

    I think my mom forgot that her husband (dad) is a shoeaholic senior. XD

  3. Yea… that can’t be helped ^^ well… she does but she also knows that sometimes clients send me work-related stuff via courier… so I’ll pretend that some of the boxes are for work purposes :3 But I think she’ll freak out and nag like your mum does if she knew how much $ I spend on my hobby o_O

    pfff* XD K & I as Captain Kirk in Star Trek? Maybe we can try doing some fan art for that *dies*

    Yeah, I don’t think anybody would’ve guessed. If I remember correctly the seiyuu for Rem’s character is male too. She’s definitely very much more emotional than Ryuk.

  4. Yea unless you have your own flat you won’t get much maximum privacy.

    Does she ever ask you, “why so many packages? etc etc”
    Until now my mom still complaining to me abt my shoea-aholic..thou i no longer ask her to pay it for me.

    Wha? K and I cosplaying as what? Monks or Star Trek sci-fi?

    I think Rem’s name doesn’t have a hint of being female species, let alone her physical shape.

  5. Hahaha… from Shinigami to Laughing Buddha… its the other end of the spectrum! But I think your neighbours and visitors will approve of it lol~

    The Rem statue is quite small…about 15 cm. Lemme find a pic from the net… too sleepy to take a photo now keke.

    I also thought Rem was a he… who wouldn’t *grin* but she mentioned quite early in the manga that she’s female and will stand by Misa partly cos of it ^^ (If I remember correctly)

    Of cos she objects loh ^^ she also objected to my manga hobby when I was a teen. So I don’t open my deliveries in her presence now. As if that helps… o_O but partly due to limited space, I only display my lamento and togainu chibis on the wall. Other figures are stored safely away, so she doesn’t really know how much I’ve spent on figures. Otherwise I think I may not be able to escape her nagging even tho’ I’ve grown up and spending my own money.

    *fufufu* unless Katou and Iwaki are cosplaying XD

  6. A display case is a good idea but i think i have another statue to replace him, which is a Laughing Buddha statue.
    Oooh you have Rem’s statue? It thought Rem is a ‘he’ instead of ‘she’ ^^

    Does your mum object to your figure-collecting hobby? Lots of parent don’t like’s because they think a figurine equals a toy and grown-ups are supposed to stop buying/playing toys.

    As long as Katou and Iwaki don’t make themselves a bald-headed BL pair.
    I’ll be screaming in rage^^aaaargggh!!!!!!!!!

  7. VERY. I’ll kick his ass. Seriously. I’ll take L for a bf any day and Ryuk would’ve been a fun side-kick.

    Hahaha I can imagine. I’m also quite adverse about displaying Ryuk anywhere in the house. I have Ryuk, Rem and Jealous small statues from my first-press Death Note DVDs. My mum will freak out if she sees them, so to save myself from headaches, they’re stored neatly in the closet. How about getting a display case? That’ll keep the dust out ^^

    Hmm… bald men… I don’t know. It really depends on how they carry and groom themselves. Some men can still look pretty hot without hair ^^ like Jet Li who played such a cute monk in Shaolin Temple XD

  8. Yea, i think somebody need to tipped off Light’s ego balance. Must be annoying to have boyfriend like Light.
    I think Ryuk is cute and feeding him is easy, it isn’t like having pets becoz Ryuk i’m sure need no grooming hahaha

    The Ryuk statue caused a stir back then among neighbors becoz i put in in the corner of living room (yep, to frighten common guests too) later on they understand i’m not the follower of devil-worship, just a silly fan of Ryuk.
    I plan to put the statue back to the box because i hate cleaning the dusts.^^

    Yea thin hair, which makes him look older than his real age.
    what’s your opinion of bald-headed guys? i’m not crazy about hair and i really dun mind if my hubby go bald one day or shaved off his hair.

  9. Okie, I’ll start hunting for them then lol~ I wasn’t so keen cos I read some reviews on Amazon Japan that they were disappointed by the xmas edition.

    Yea I kinda lost interest after the L arc ended. Probably also because I got busy. I couldn’t stand Misa. She is one of those personality types I hate :P I find L strange but rather endearing tho’ XD especially how it irritates Light. I don’t know why but I feel that Light’s ego-manic character begs to be bullied. Hahaha I like your “nice and healthy habit of eating apple” XD Yep Ryuk’s personality is cute. ^^ I just found the pic of the statue… it looks amazing.

    I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the movies. The pacing is tight and just right. There were also a few twists that were different from the manga and they were pretty well-done. I was quite impressed. I’m not a fan of Takeshi Obata either.

    Nick looks better in short hair, definitely… cos his hair is too thin and fine. Long hair makes him look baldy ^^”

  10. Yep, buy the xmas edition, i have to 2 sets for each.
    the Xmas ver. accs i think compatible with the previous issue.

    It’s a long story but i don’t like death note becoz didn’t find the characters appealing. Misa, for example is so annoying and L is too freaky with his habits. The only good thing for me is Ryuk (which i bought the PVC statue by Jun Planning) which have nice and healthy habit of eating apple.
    I heard tht the live action movie is not disapointing but after knowing how boring the manga i decided to drop it and leave.
    I’m also not a fan of Takeshi Obata, man behind the drawing of DN manga.

    I really forgot abt Con Air just remember Nick got this con-hairstyle hahaha…

  11. My colleague from a company I worked for previously had one Bear Brick displayed on his monitor ^^ I think they are also not cheap. Probably at least US15~20 bucks and above range. Special editions definitely cost much more. I wouldn’t spend that kind of money for Bear Brick or Kubricks tho’ :P

    I recently got my hands on the reissue nendroid Ryuk, L and Light. So cute :3 They didn’t reissue Misa, otherwise I would have bought her as well. They’re also very generous with the accessories, which is nice. Did you buy the Chrismas edition too? I’m not sure if I want to buy those yet.

    I watched the Death Note live-action movies 1 and 2. It is very well-adapted and very exciting to watch, concentrating on the L and Light arc. I think you’ll probably enjoy it more than the anime/manga. I find the manga too convoluted after a while especially during the Mello and Near arcs but I’m generally quite happy the anime adaptation. However, Death Note’s 3rd live-action movie is just a L fan-service vehicle not based on the original manga. I was so zzz by it. The villains were too dumb. I think only major L fans would like it.

    Hmm.. I’m not sure… if I remember correctly, he was a pedophile, and/or serial killer or something like that? I remember he did not prey on a little girl he chanced upon in the movie after they hijacked their own plan and landed somewhere.

  12. The good output from Daredevil is for the actor and actress not viewers. ^^

    Nope, dun collect Kubrick. Not interested and not find it fact it’s rather look like one of those LEGO toys and i never like playing LEGO.
    I collect nendoroid figures from Death Note. I hate the anime and the manga, (for me it’s seriously boring) but the Death Note nendoroid ver. is pretty cute.
    Is Kubrick expensive?

    Yeah. agree, the song is suitable and i remembered the li’l girl is cute but forgot the wife’s face (or maybe girlfriend?)
    There’s a gay guy on the plane or what?Oo..really forgot must too busy with pop corns.^^

  13. Yep, I’m looking forward to the new Batman Movie that’s coming out this year. I watched Daredevil on TV but it didn’t hold my interest very long and I switched channels. Elektra in this movie was also quite duh~ Nice costumes. That’s about all. The good thing that came out of it? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner found each other lol~

    Agree with you about Joanna-actress’s voice keke.

    I first noticed Medicom’s RAH because of their Death Note dolls. I didn’t get the first issues cos they were already sold-out when I first wandered into the dark path of figure collecting LOL… OMG I’ve gone to the dark side! XD I’ve since placed orders for the reissues that are coming out in July. Expensive indeed O_o And yeah, my ProjectBM! Medicom Lelouch also arrived… I think Willy Wonka RAH looks cool but I don’t find the face appealing but woah… have you seen their Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow? So good looking! Their Indiana Jones series is also very cool. RAH Indy and RAH Indy’s Dad

    I think the Kubricks are cute but I don’t collect them cos I prefer chibis. I don’t mind having the bears tho’ Do you collect Kubricks?

    The original Charlie and Choc Factory I watched was in colour. I can’t remember whether it is due to boredom or tiredness :P I watched it many many years ago haha

    *howl~* yes~ that’s the song! Very good for breathing exercise XD I find the song very suitable at the end of the movie cos Nick’s character went through so much and it is his girlfriend (or wife?) in the movie that gave him the will to carry on.

  14. Must admit, at first i was skeptical of Christian as Batman, but later i changed my mind. Have you ever watch Daredevil? (Ben Affleck) it’s one of the lamest superhero movie before Elektra (Jennifer Garner)

    Yup..for similar goth-style i prefer Sleep Hollow.

    I was thinking the same abt the Joanna-actress is rather cute dressing up as a boy instead of her female attire.
    Thou i cannot say i enjoy her singing, too pitchy for my ear.

    Waaaaa- Medicom’s RAH of Willy Wonka is cool but i’m no fan of Real action Heroes plus it’s expensive!!!
    Willy Wonka and his oompa loompa his also available in Kubrick ver. Saw that on HobbyJapan mags.
    I never watch the original movies, is it really boring? it’s not black and white, right?Hahaha

    Yea, not logical but not bad either. the movie OST is something that goes, “how do i live without you…” *starts howling* not a bad song but not exactly my cup of tea.

  15. I first watched Christian Bale in Batman Begins so I’m not familiar with his other works. AH~ icic… I’ve not noticed about the square chin until you mentioned it. It is typical US superhero feature. Superman also has square chin hehe. I agree about Katie Holmes. Her presence in the movie was almost non-existent. I feel bad for her ^^”

    The treatment of Sweeney Todd was kinda fun… minus the gory bits :P For similar gothic treatment, I prefer Sleepy Hollow which was also directed by Tim Burton. And yeah, I don’t really like the young man either, very weak lol~ I think the actress for Joanna looked rather cute dressed up as a boy ^^

    I enjoyed the book too. But I fell asleep watching the original Charlie and The Chocolate Factory on late night TV. Maybe I was too tired or the singing got to me. Lullaby effect? hehe I would like to catch the remake one day. There’s a Medicom Real Action Heroes doll of Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka. Looks pretty cool.

    I find Big Fish very engaging and I enjoyed every minute of it :) Hehe… in the Nick of time? I also like him in Conair. Not very logical plot but entertaining action movie hahaha… and lovely movie soundtrack.

  16. Christian Bale oso not bad actor, i watched him on The Prestige and he played well there together with Hugh Jackman.
    Oso tht err…3:15 or 3:10 to Yuma with Russel Crowe.
    He got the look of Batman, but usually Batman is potrayed with square chin, i guess Christian lack tht feature.
    The bad thing abt Batman Begins is the presence of Katie Holmes, i didn’t find her attractive, sexy or anything like Michelle.

    Sweeney Todd can be disgusting, especially the part when we all realize the the pie is made of human flesh.
    The annoying part of the movie is the useless young guy who sing ‘Joanna…Joanna’ up to the end of the movie. Frustrating!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot say i totally dislike the movie (after all it’s Tim Burton) but it’s less than what i expect or maybe i’m expecting too much.

    My fave will be Charlie and The Choc Factory, the book itself (written by Roald Dahl) amazing and well-written with unique characters. Tim Burton’s hands on the movie makes it very realistic and it’s like a dream come true of the biggest chocolate factory in the world.
    Second will be Big Fish, i think we both have the same impression and emotion with Big Fish. it’s lovely, touching and adventurous…

    I happen to watch Nick’s interview on E channel, the guy have sense of humor and modest..and yea i noticed his pretty eyes.

  17. Hahaha… that’s a good one! XD Or save the guy and have your way with him LOL~

    *nods* Christopher Reeve is an amazing guy :) he fought right till the end…

    I love Michelle ^^ I was really obsessed with her after I watched her Catwoman in Batman Returns keke. I didn’t mind Michael Keaton but he didn’t strike me as a superhero type. I like the look of the recent Batman Christian Bale ^^ he has an angsty/intense look.

    Yep, I was surprised when I saw their age difference. Nicolas Cage has very pretty eyes :3 I’ll give Wicker Man a pass then… not sure if I have the stomach for it lol~

    Sweeney Todd evoked really strange emotions… one minute you’re like singing a happy, uplifting musical tune (nevermind the dark lyrics) that makes you wanna go tralala dance around the place and the next you see necks split…eek. I don’t take gore very well. o_O

    If I have to choose a fav Tim Burton movie, it would be Batman Returns, followed by Edward Scissorhands and Big Fish. Ed Wood was also rather interesting. I liked Corpse Bride too. NIghtmare before Christmas is also cute. I missed Charlie and The Chocolate Factory … I was too busy to catch it ^^

  18. Oooh, now tht’s a qutatiton from ponytale “save the world and get the girl formula”
    What abt “save yourself and torture the guy” tht’s BL XDD

    I like Superman and for me the late Christopher Reeve was an actual Superman in real-life. He done many charity work and his spirit is something i admire.

    I like Batman Returns, Michelle is truly a lady and i think her acting is superb especially in I Am Sam (with Dakota Fanning and Sean Penn) but i prefer Val Kilmer as Batman instead of curly Michael Keaton.

    Ha? Nick is few younger than Brad Pitt? Whoa….he may looked older but he’s quite attractive too.

    Nope, dun watch Wicker Man unless you dun mind with bad ending and group of psychotic females in a secluded island. Watch only if you’re rilli curious..after all it’s a remake.

    I watched Sweeney Todd, but a bit dissapointed becoz the ending is somewhat predictable.
    My fave movie from Tim Burton is Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and The Corpse Bride. Tim Burton have wild fantasies but he able to placed them neatly on scenes of his movies.

  19. That’s true. Most superhero movies, especially Hollywood ones are relatively predictable, the save-the-world (and get-the-girl) formula. ^^ But I feel they can be very entertaining and thought-provoking. I enjoyed X-Men very much… And who can not love Superman? (the ones starring Christopher Reeve) I liked Batman too, especially Batman Returns cos it was really goth and had Michelle Pfeiffer in it. I feel that in general, movies are still better watched in theatres cos there are less distractions.

    Do you recommend watching The Wicker Man? Yea Face Off is good! Very entertaining! Nicholas Cage is actually a few years younger than Brad Pitt but looks 5~10 years older ^^”

    I liked Big Fish too! I find it very fascinating and touching :) I’m a little fan of Tim Burton’s films hehe…I’ve not watched all his films but I think they are often quite refreshing, like Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, the first two Batman movies were directed by him too. The most recent would be Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp x3), a strange and disturbing movie musical about a serial killer. ^^” I was quite disturbed by it.

    Pfff~ funny la hahaha… yeah I dun recommend watching zzz zzz Zandalee…xD

  20. I think my friend is implying tht most superhero movie has typical plot, what makes it different is just the effects the the super hero characters itself.
    maybe she was just tired and fell asleep HaHaHa…or ran out of pop corn.
    I’ll probably watch for the sake of drooling over Robert Downey Jr

    Yeah, a friend told me to clean it and if it works hurry back it up to empty DVD disc.

    The Wicker Man is more like err….i dunno the exact genre but it’s one of the movies where the main character have to find the truth and the whole goddamn village is not helping or acting weird.
    Speaking of Nicholas Cage his best movie is probably Face Off (together with John Travolta), he’s not exactly handsome but he’s quite an actor with good acting.

    Oh do you watch Ewan McGregor’ BIG FISH? i don’t usually fall with tht kinda movie but i think it’s very impressive with unique storyline and touching ending.

    Zandalee? XD sounds very tarzan-ish movie and the same time feels like one of the planet in start trek (I made tht up)

  21. Can’t remember where she got the video hehe… we were so excited about it since its our first time watching R-rated movie hahaha XD During that time, such things are hard to find :P The name of the movie is Zandalee… pretty obscure ^^” I can’t even recall if we finished watching it to the end. Too boring.

    No wonder he is The Wicker Man… cos he’s burnt up like a candle? :P I didn’t watch this movie. Is it horror? Hehehe… did the scene looked fake? Since we know its just a movie maybe it failed in getting you to be really immersed in it to feel his pain lol~

    If the scratches on the BHD CD is not deep, maybe you can still play it? ^^ Iron Man has raving reviews here hahaha xD maybe action hero movies are not her cup of tea.

  22. Tht could happen, i experienced tht too.
    when watching a movie and story become boring it’ll be better to fall asleep or doing something else rather than straining yourself to follow the story.
    Anyway, it’s a good thing you’re watching the movie at friend’s place instead buying your own movie ticket.

    I never heard of tht movie before…Nicolas Cage? what i remember from him is his last movie (which is a remake) called The Wicker Man, the ending of the movie is he got burned alive and before he got toasted he was screaming, “You bitches!!!” it suppose to be tragic but i cannot help to laugh when he screams.

    Oh yeah i found my BHDown R2 DVD and dang it’s broken..saw some scratches at the back side of the DVD. *hic hic*
    Ah well, when i have the money i’ll buy a new’s a great movie worth to collect.

    Couple of days ago my friend text me, she’s watching Iron Man and the story is damn boring (except the showy hi-tech effects) she literary fell asleep there.

  23. O~ I forgot about the limping guy ^^ yea, now that you mentioned it, I think he harboured desires for the prettier servant girl.

    As for the guys going zzz, they’ll probably only open their eyes or look up only at the H scenes LOL~

    My friends and I did exactly that.. There were about 5~6 of us girls and we watched our first uncensored R-rated Hollywood video together at her place. We were doing everything else while the video played cos the story was kind of boring. My friend complained that all of us only looked up whenever the H scenes were on. LOL~ some of us gave some half-hearted protests cos it was the truth. The story was about a woman who had an affair with a strange guy (Nicolas Cage) because her husband was impotent or something like that.

  24. yeah the lover was suppose to be better looking than the prince…(but poorer)

    you have a good memory, so far all i can remember the servant girl is prettier than the daughter of rich family, also there’s a limp guy or sort of…(nothing important) he’s the one who finds out tht the servant girl was having sex with the prince the night before the wedding.

    The prince is more than jerk, he’s an asshole..

    Most guys are pretty childish in their own way, they would probably sleep halfway thru the movie.

  25. Sent! XD

    HAHAHAHAHA I love that. Perth-vert! So brilliant! I visited Sydney and I preferred Brissy for the more relaxed and slower pace, although it can also be considered boring. Most shops close at 5pm during weekdays except the city central… o_o imagine our boredom… Ah~ so nice to have a house by the river / sea.

    I’ve not watched Monsoon but I’ve read good reviews about it. In the Karma Sutra story, I think one of them is a servant girl and the other the daughter of a rich family. They grew up together and were competitive with each other? There’s some kind of feud between them.The servant girl is the one who became skilled at Karma Sutra. I think right after the wedding ceremony, she purposely seduced the prince just to spite the young mistress. The prince was such a JERK during their wedding night. He raped his wife and when he climaxed, he actually called out that servant girl’s name O.o She looked so betrayed and shocked. I found that rather disturbing so maybe that’s why it is still clear in my mind.

    Can’t remember his face either but I think the lover was more handsome than the prince hehe.

    Hahaha… should be ok bah, watching this movie with a boyfriend but depends on the level of your relationship. If we just got together, I wouldn’t watch with him. So uncomfortable :P And I don’t think the guys would get the story, would they?

  26. Yea. i seriously envy you. Will you have the heart to share the mp3? hic hic

    Nope, never visit Bris. Some of my friends stayed in Perth, they call themself Perth-vert Ha-Ha becoz some of them are pretty hardcore fan of ViewFinder.
    Sydney is too crowded, in Melb i live in a house near a river…which is quiet, peaceful but can be boring too.

    I like Mira nair movie called Monsoon, its like she’s getting back to her roots…
    You’re right, maybe the expectation is too high. I expect a porn so the movie sounds pretty good to me Ha-ha
    I just remembered tht the prince is actually have sex with his future wife’s was the early part of the movie.
    The heroine’s lover is a struggling artist (sculpturist), cannot remember the face…

    Sex scenes combined with tragic ending…it’s a bad idea to watch this with a boyfriend.

  27. I checked my CD again.. yea, its called Ai No Kusabi Ambivalence hehe ^^ I think the originals are hard to track down now. Even if available, their prices are astronomical *_* since it was already a Yaoi cult classic before Shiozawa Kaneto-san passed away.

    Yah, now I just can’t live with myself if I bought something that is fake… but at that time, I would just grab anything I could find :)

    Hehehe… the spikes on the ball cactus look kinda harmless, no? *waves it in front of Lelouch* which he replies “DO that again and I’ll use my GEASS on YOU!” LOL~ Anyway, I hope they come out with figmas of other Code Geass characters too.

    xD you never know… but I didn’t visit Melbourne while I was in Aus. Did you visit Brissy? I heard that Melb is the best place to stay in terms of cosmo, standard of living and weather etc. Brissy is nice but can be quite boring while I think Sydney is too hectic.

    I still remember the Kamasutra plot quite clearly. Quite erotic and beautifully shot but not a great movie in my opinion. Maybe my expectations were too high. The director is Mira Nair an Indian woman btw ^^ She wanted to shoot a movie that shows sex just the way it is supposed to be, not two people dancing around trees, being splashed by water, cavorting with each other on the grass fully clothed LOL~ Anyway, the sex scenes weren’t explicit. Most of the scenes, if I remember correctly, only the ones the heroine had with her lover were rather sensual. The others were kinda… hmm.. there was even “Yuri” between the 2 heroines in the scene where the one skilled in Karmasutra taught the prince’s bride some tips on how to please the prince.

    *MEGA SPOILER WARNING FOR THOSE READING COMMENTS* (who else reads other people’s comments anyway? lol~ me :P Anyway…)

    The heroine’s lover was dragged across the street by an elephant who stepped on his head in the end as his execution o_o

  28. OMG!!! Ai no Kusabi OST, tht’s precious (thou it’s un-licensed)…

    I understand and i also have a confession tht i bought un-licensed Gravitation OST years tht time i’m credit card-less and pretty ignorant with originality.
    But back then i’m pretty satisfied~knowing tht i have no power to buy something original or online i didn’t complain much. very different with these days…

    yeap, tht cactus is cute but Lelouch will surely peeing his pants knowing tht you put a cactus near him.

    Tht’s too bad, i tot you was in Melb..hoping we have crossed path in previous years..LOL.

    the Kamasutra movie is not bad..quite artistic and yea the prince was a jerk.
    i remember it’s not a happy ending movie, the other guy (not the prince) was errr…tortured/ran over by an elephant. *shudder*
    funny thing is, i cannot remember any explicit/sex scene from tht movie..

  29. BL… BL… BL… BL… BL… *keroro chant* xD

    Yeah.. the follow-up to Zetsuai was Ai no Kusabi… I think we can count with three fingers or less how many pure Yaoi titles were available then. *mega-sweat drop* I bought the unlicensed Taiwan version Ai no Kusabi anime OST at that time too. One look at the cover and I had a hunch it was Yaoi LOL~ I haven’t even watched the anime before and I bought it. Partly it had a very handsome Iason on the cover and a angst-looking Riki at the corner. Had to have it!!! The BL fangirl in me was in its infant stage when I was 14 and it came and went, on and off till now… gaaaa~ *_* scary.

    I had no idea about original or not, but I did wonder why the packaging was so minimal, why the CDs looked cheapo, and why the printing on the CDs were not nice??? :P But beggars can’t be choosers. I was happy I could find anything. Nope, I didn’t have a credit card at that time, I found it at a shop in town selling anime videos and cds. The shop was gone a long time ago…

    I like the ball cactus! Looks very cute, right? Especially when there’s a big flower bloom on it. Yeah, Lelouch won’t be amused xD I can imagine him covering his vitals with his hands now hahaha

    I watched Kamasutra with a girlfriend too. We were below 21 and had to sneak into a not so popular cinema to catch it. They were famous for not being strict with ID checks. Anyway when we went inside the theatre, we saw mostly old men and a few couples who looked like they’re also in the same situation as we were LOL~. But it was a seriously gross feeling to watch it inside the same theatre with those DOM (T-T) I felt really uncomfortable and told myself, NEVER AGAIN. Well, at least not in THAT cinema. I thought the movie was ok (The prince was a JERK) hehe

    I stayed in Brissy, the sunny state! :D

  30. We’re definitely entitled to be the founders of BL veteran’s Club. hail!

    Zetsuai?kekeke..tht’s classic. What about Ai no Kusabi?

    Oh yes, i didn’t know anything bout licensed or not licensed back then. Besides you’re only 14 or 15, you don’t have your own credit card, do you? so you couldn’t possibly bought something original from Japan/overseas.

    Maybe you should consider to have mini cactus plant on your desk? Hmm..bad idea, your Lelouch figure wouldn’t like it Ha-ha

    Yeah it’s cheap. I admit, me and girlfriends borrowed Kamasutra (directed by Mira Nair), we were quite embarassed but curious…we tried to cover our nervous-ness by making stupid jokes, in the end we just understand tht movie is not porn and we didn’t get any worthy lesson from Kamasutra XD

    I stayed in Melb. What abt you?

  31. I was a -major- movie buff. XD I loved to do movie marathons too! Since its quite cheap to rent there and Blockbuster had a very good selection, right? We would gather a few friends then buy snacks and stuff and each of us choose a movie we want to watch and watch together at one of our friends’ place. Sometimes we made bad selections and end up sleeping through it then start blaming each other for choosing the boring movies LOL~ it was fun. All of us were quite good kiddies (yea right LOL~), so we didn’t try any of those kekeke, seriously. We didn’t see many hot boys while I was there tho.

    BL Veteran’s Club sounds like a great idea! :D Maybe we can set that up when the right time comes. *thumbs up* I like Seki Toshihiko too, thanks to Mirage of Blaze. He was awesome, especially in the drama CDs. My first seiyuu crush was Sho Hayami. I was probably around 14~15? I bought a Taiwan Zetsuai CD OST (unlicensed but who knew?) and heard his voice as Koji. I was captivated. I bought Zetsuai from a rental bookstore. It was like the only Yaoi I knew about then and the manga wasn’t even properly printed. It looked like very low-quality photocopied scanlations. Well, better than nothing xD Times has changed indeed…

    Hmm, what a coincidence. My mum likes to tend to her plants too (We stay in a flat so no garden ^^) But once she was overly enthusiastic about it and drowned the first plant I ever bought (-_-|||) It was a cute looking little thing that looks happy sitting by the work desk. Anyway, I can’t remember the name and I never kept one again. Traumatised LOL~

  32. I haven’t fetch BHD DVD from my mama’s house, maybe today becoz i have to go to my parent house to borrow their vacuum cleaner.

    You often watch movies?
    During my stay in aussie i sometimes watch marathon movies together with my cousin. Many fun things in aussie such as weed XD never tried it but couple of hot school boys from Argentina from next door selling it.

    Sexy seniors…BL veteran’s club haha…
    Other seiyuu i like is Seki Toshihiko, the guy sings well too.

    Your mom’s opinion in Hollywood movies is no different with my mom.
    Thou’ once or twice she watch anime with me such as Slam Dunk or Saiyuki.
    My mom likes gardening…which is an outdoor activity, maybe she just doesn’t like the feeling of being cooped up in a theathre.

  33. I was aware of the sequels so I was looking forward to them each year… hehe so imagine the disappointments I felt LOL~ yea man… I wonder how she breathe xD

    Mmm I’ll give BHD a look when I have the chance. I didn’t watch Pearl Harbour either. My dad watched with my mum and he came home disappointed. “It is a 3-side love story… not a war movie!” He said he was quite bored with the story but agreed that the special effects were good. ^^” Mum didn’t express her opinion. She doesn’t like Hollywood movies. “They all look the same to me.” *falls down*

    Hehehe… yea I hope the seiyuus take good care of themselves too ^^ yep warm water is better… but not too hot either. It’ll also hurt the vocal cords keke.

    XD yea~ that’ll be fun! sexy seniors~

  34. I never thought of sequel or sequels after i watched The Matrix, i was pretty much surprised when couple years later The Matrix have not only one but two sequels.
    ^^ I’m just thinking abt big boobs, we can always wear some extreme push-ups bra to produce a big boobs effect but tiny waist? Gah…must be a very hellish girdle.

    Oh yes, BHD is a very cool and artistic ar movie, i’m surprised becoz at first i really didn’t expect much from the movie, especially girls are normally not attracted to war movies.
    Do you think Ben Affleck’s Pearl Harbor count as a war movie? It’s part of history i know but it’s more like triangular love in the middle of WWII setting.
    And damn the scenario made Josh’ character die instead of Ben’s.

    Maybe there’s an insurance for their voice, i’ve heard tht Hollywood celebs insured their boobs or butts. Who knows same thing happens in Japan too.
    I don’t drink cold water, it runs in my family like tht..thou’ i really dunno why.

    You’re right…we’re gonna be grannies listening to grandpa’s hot voice in a senior ver. of BLCD XD

  35. Yeah I think most of us had such high expectations after the first, the sequels had a really hard time following up to. I was entertained by the sequels but they are just not the same as what I felt when watching the first. Trinity has very angular and strong features which is not typically “feminine” while Monica is like the Venus Goddess-type soft looking body, thick, fleshy, pouty lips, mega-hourglass figure (look at that tiny waist!!!) with big boobs and all…

    *fufufu* icic what other dialects do you know? Imagine Darth and Luke speaking those lines in your dialect and our accent. I think will have the same effect Lol~

    No idea about Deer Hunter :P I just read that just watching the first 10 minutes in Black Hawk Down is already worth the ticket price. I can’t remember the reason why tho’ Eye candy is always welcome xD I was touched by Saving Private Ryan. It is good… but I think I am an escapist o_O

    Mmm the voice is their livelihood. I wonder if they can buy insurance for that? I think speaking from the diaphram should be like breathing to them? So less stress on the vocal cords. And I learn that we should never drink cold water in the morning or our vocal cords will break by the time we’re 40. *scary*

    Maybe he’ll still do it for as long as he can cos he said he wants to be the King of BL xD Go Go Morimori! If he is grandpa age and still sounds good… I think by that time we’re grandma age, we probably wouldn’t mind right… LOL~

  36. Hey, i like your opinion on The Matrix and i’m glad you didn’t blame me for not liking the 2 sequels…
    You’re right abt Monica-thingy, Trinity is so skinny and Monica’s big boobs covers for the lack of female flesh on the movie.^^LOL

    I dunno Hokkien, thou’ i suspect tht my mother-in-law is fluent in hokkien. But i really cannot ask her la..she’s almost 80 years old.^^
    Without understanding Hokkien..the clip is is still absolutely hilarious.

    Actually Black Hawk Down (BHD) is a pretty neat war movie. Very much UNLIKE Deer Hunter (if you know tht ol’ war movie) or as blood thirsty as Rambo.
    Go ahead and watch If you have the time, Josh and Ewan are really worth to stare at during the movie haha.
    I never watch Saving Private Ryan but i read the novel (based on movie) and i think it’s good novel.

    Morikawa must be a very busy voice actor, i wonder what’s his recipe to keep his voice like tht. I’m sure he doesn’t eat something spicy too much or maybe he doesn’t eat meat *LOL*
    I’m curious of how long is career expectancy for a voice actor, i’m sure he’ll resigned when he become granpa. (couldn’t imagine him in a shaky voice still performing in BLCD.)

  37. *nods* Morimori works hard ne~ and that’s not the complete list cos I found more at his profile page on his company’s website.

    Erm, I think SInglish will make the movie sound like a not-very-funny comedy o_O *crow fly past. . . . …. * but then again, you never know LOL~ Have you heard the Singlish/Hokkien version of the confrontation between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in Star Wars? If you understand Hokkien, it’s super hilarious xD

    uwah~ go watch it!!! Its Morimori!!! *squeee* ;) Ewan Mcgregor is the lead Black Hawk Down, right? I’ve not watched it. I don’t really like war movies. I sometimes get upset at the violence and moral issues. The only one I remember watching was Saving Private Ryan but I think it was good movie tho’.

    I loved the first Martrix too. There was so much potential and everything was pretty amazing. Although the ideas and concepts were not new, the treatment was mind-blowing! I absolutely loved it. Hmm I wonder too, how Morimori would do Keanu ^^ I agree that the 2nd and 3rd in the trilogy did not really live up to expectations that were set by the 1st… As for Monica Bellucci, the producers probably wanted some super femme eye candy for the fan-boys. Trinity is a wonderful character but its not fan-service if you don’t have big boobs and exposed flesh right :P

  38. That’s quite a list^^

    LOL, what happen if japanese/Hollywood movies dubbed in Singlish?

    Which remind me I have Japanese DVD release of Black Hawk Down. Gah, going to fetch tht DVD tomorrow from Mama’s house.

    I wonder if Morikawa can make the same effect as Keanu Reeves ‘whoa’ on The Matrix.
    As far as i can remember, it’s a very “Keanu” word.

    I’m a fan of The Matrix but after that both sequels proven to be sucks for me.
    At least i’m don’t know why they had to drag Monica Belucci on both movies. She literary there just to show off her boobs with poor dialogues such as, “kiss me like you kiss her.”

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