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    1. Lol~ yeah, its been that long ago ^^;;;

      He has so many amazing videos :O Some of my favs include Thriller, Rock with you, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Remember the Time, Black or White… gaaa~ a lot! Scream video is cool ^^ I especially liked the scene where Janet and Michael were playing the video game. Keke… playing cheat just like what siblings do XD

  1. oh yes, Michael created hysteria. the girls cried, cried, scream and *faints*
    Not just singer, he’s also an entertainer.

    Is he going to be buried in Neverland?

    1. Yea :) watching his TV special now… my dad actually called me to remind me about it lol~ *whispers* and I forgot that I lied to him that the MJ concert ticket I paid for was $20~$25 at that time XD And my dad was like asking so what was the actual price you paid for it huh? Well… eh heh heh… $75 ^^;;; seriously I wouldn’t dare tell the truth right… being a poor student then.

      Mmm there are rumour abound about his funeral and they’re saying on this prog. now that it might span a few days so all his fans (millions of them) from over the world can come in to pay their tribute.

      They’re also saying that he recorded new songs which will most probably be released. I’m looking forward to it.

  2. i find it sad there selling all his stuff for so high on ebay. All the music stores are sold out of his albums an everything.

    My sister was a big fan. We still have her stuff in closet most are records from years ago there are alot of michel jacksons first originals. she even owns a jacket like his an a Micheal jackson doll/(figure?) 0_o
    (she has one of KISS too……its scray looking XnX)

    Have they given a reason to his death yet? I heard it was from his medication.

  3. My mom’s sad.

    Told me she bought Jackson Five’ records back then and she sorta look upon him as an idol. Both born on the same year anyway…

    I’m going to buy his live performance DVD. One day gonna show my daughter the “King of Pop”, one and only in this world.

    1. @akiyama: Mmm… my aunt is also the same age. My uncle bought a commemorative book of MJ yesterday and my cousins were like asking me to buy it too :P They also grew up listening to MJ and he was their first idol too. I remember watching his concerts on TV and thinking how silly those girls are, paying so much $ for the tickets just to faint and be carried out of the place lol~ XD MJ is awesome on stage.

      @Sigma: There’s a buying frenzy here too. Many shops were reportedly sold out of MJ items. I was a MEGA Jackson fan when I was a kid. First idol when I was like… 8 years old? XD I bought cheapo white gloves (desperate) and also a hat to copy his Billie Jean get up. Come to thnk of it… before I even knew what cosplay was, I was already doing it lol~. I’ve since given away most of the MJ things I collected like photobook, his biography, etc to the Salvation Army after moving house ^^;;; but I still have some of his photos, cassettes (GAA~ that’s ancient!) that was all I could afford when I was a student and a few of his albums on CD now. Oo~ which doll was it? From his Thriller days right? I think that’s really rare now. Hmm… I guess we would know in a couple of weeks but drugs do seem like the main culprit that led to his death.

  4. At first i thought my friend was making a joke on her YM! status.
    I browse the net immediately and POW!

    It’s very unreal for the first 24 hour until i (again and again) watch FOX News coverage.
    So sad especially knowing he was planning for some sorta comeback.

    As for Farrah, she’s been hospitalized for cancer, izzit?

    1. I first heard it on morning radio cos the DJs were saying “We’re paying tribute to Michael Jackson who WAS… blar blar…” and I was like… huh… what do you mean “was”? Then I went to a news portal and saw the news :(

      Yeah Farrah has been fighting cancer for the past year/months?

  5. I heard about it at work….very depressing. I really love his music. (while at work i was actually humming his song called “beat it” a few hours before i heard about his death from a coworker…TT_TT)

    I heard two other big celebs died too….

    1. @fullbodytransplant: -nods-

      @Sigma: Yeah… I grew up listening to him too and I was a BIG fan of his for many many years… when I heard the news on the radio, I was like… no, it can’t be real!!! I was looking forward to his comeback this year :(

      The other celebrity who died was Farrah Fawcett, the original Charlie’s Angels actress.

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