Misc: Saiyuki Musical (hmm)

Saiyuki Musical

*scratch head* Are such musicals popular?

Oh well hehe Just a quickie post for the benefit of Saiyuki fans (that’s you akiyama!) XD

Saiyuki Musical

Official Site: http://www.saiyukikagekiden.com/
Summary from Animate:
13 ~ 21 September 2008
Tix Price: range from 5800 ~ 6800 Yen.

The backstage pics from the official site are interesting… :P Doesn’t seem particularly fair… but no comments about the cast. ^^”

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23 thoughts on “Misc: Saiyuki Musical (hmm)”

  1. When my hubby try with his gmail address he can receive registration confirmation okay.
    (in English page.)

    Yea i think the website has some errors.

    it’s gotta be comfy, after all it’s expensive. XD
    bring flip flop for emergency LOL~ (becoz i will)

  2. I think their website has some errors. I can’t login to check my order status *_* It always logs me out. But I did receive the confirmation email when I first registered. I used my gmail account.

    Did you try to register using their English page? I registered using their Japanese page. Don’t know if that makes a difference or not. Give it a try again?

    I hope the sandals are comfy since I can’t try it online xD

    Ooo… will be interesting. I wonder what’ll be on show…

  3. I cannot register in tht website, i do not receive e-mail in my inbox therefore cannot confirm and change into full registration.

    I tried with several e-mail adds and checked junk mail folder but NONE.
    oredi contact them but no reply yet. do you have problem while registering?

    pretty upset because this sorta problem is stupid and really annoying.

    Heavy sandals/high heels giving pressure to our feet…not recommend to use it in expo.
    We should stick to something comfortable and reasonable…
    60% of EXPO participants will be from japan..nice~ hee hee

  4. XD I placed my order already!!!! so excited!!!

    Yah… I think we need that… hopefully my package comes with how to tie obi instructions. lol~

    I have big feet keke… I bought this one (2,090 Yen)
    It should fit… 24cm ^^” I’m not good at wearing something with tall heels so I bought this shorter one and I assume that it should be lighter. I don’t think I can walk very well on heavy sandals =_=

    Great idea about the fan :D if we’re wearing our afros I think it -WILL- get hot kekeke

  5. im gonna get the black one.

    i dunno but i think we can find ‘how to tie obi’ online, better find how to wear kimono, i’m sure it comes with instructions on obi.

    As for me, i’m using non-ready tied obi too, *scratches head*
    Gonna ask several Japanese friend i know.

    during browsing i saw geta is expensive.
    According to hubby, Japanese women wear smaller geta/zori than their feet size.
    As for me, i sure dun wanna do tht because it’s uncomfortable and maybe not good for feet (cramps etc)

    Please dun wurry abt accessories, i have couple of japanese hand fan we can use.
    I think we gonna need those hand fan because who knows it might get hot.

  6. kk :D keep me updated. Let me know which one you buy. I may get the red one cos I kinda like the flower print ^^

    I added the items I need to buy (red yukata, black obi, black geta) into the shopping cart… estimate with shipping is S$102.31 ^^ btw… do you now how to tie the obi? The “ready-tied” black ones are out of stock *sweatdrop*

  7. I think the same way when you text me..
    aiyah expensive hor~

    Im not cosplayer at heart so will not cash out tht much.
    Prefer to do it online because items+EMS shipping cost will not cost tht much.
    (shipping fee starting from 900Y)

    I will do my order before end of Sept.
    Gonna confer with hubby first XD

  8. I didn’t go berserk when I heard the price of the yukata set… but I was like… oh my =_= that’s expensive… Yukata + obi + geta = S$199 and up

    I think I might just get everything from the online store. Total with shipping probably doesn’t cost as much?

  9. yea me too…i dun wanna look ugly. im afraid the weather will be hot because there’ll be looot of people.
    let’s forget my idea.

    Does Tamama rank higher than Giroro? hahaha…
    okie will wait for your report Tamama. please dun go berserk at the yukata shop. XD

  10. Mmm… okie! I’ll report my findings by the end of the week! *Tamama salute* XD

    Interesting idea about the afro geisha kekeke but (T_T) will the weather be very hot? I perspire very easily loh… later I look like I have Joker’s white, runny and scary make-up…

    *dreamy* would be nice… K & I XD

  11. let’s find obi locally or by pressing our brain harder..im not sure if we should buy everything from there.
    they deliver by EMS but who knows the yukata itself might need to be altered a bit.
    (in my case i have make slight changes, because im not sure if M will be juz okay)
    also i cannot order anything more than Y6000, there will be *drop to whisper* custom hassle and one of those weird charges..

    As for geta i have a pair so no need to buy.
    and for accessories i think you can leave it safely to me (uchiwa or tiny drawstring bag)
    I have white powder make-up (as in kabuki style) incase we’re gonna be afro geisha brrr….
    Dang! the only thing we lack of is our escort K & I…LOL~

  12. Yesh.. yummy huh.. xD

    That’s true. I’ll go through the website in more detail. We probably have to place order soon right? cos to make sure the yukata arrive on time keke. What else do we need to buy? Should we get a set that includes obi and such?

  13. Tht’s him in early days? *drool*
    I’m with you, i think he looks better casts as Iwaki.
    But still i cannot say 100% on the guy…i mean Iwaki- san is a like very much Oooh. LOL~

    Oh yea regarding our cosplay plan (dun worry, there will be no Akiyama&Ponytale Musical)
    i think we should set up a deadline, last-minute preparation is ain’t nice
    I sent e-mail to you regarding another yukata from the same online shop…(must be last week)

  14. That’s always a risk but if they manage to pull it off… it’ll be cool. Like Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire… yummy xD~ But then that is for a novel…

    I think Takeshi Kaneshiro can be Iwaki :P
    Ooo… look at this pic. The hair is spot-on Iwaki!

    With the right styling, he can even be Katou xD but I’m more for him as Iwaki

    So far, I can’t think of anyone as the perfect Katou tho’

  15. Every fans have their own expectation and opinion…discussions can lead into quarrels and yea i agree usually there will be no conclusions.
    I’m just wandering why fans are always damn excited on the prospect of RL/Live action? i mean, sometimes it can ruin fantasy of your fave character(s).
    Is it the thrill of having your fave chara transformed into RL?

    I never watch gay video but after seeing several AVs i believe their acting probably suck.
    after all the business is all about them size, body, face, voice (the ooh aah)

    Ahaha interesting term..will memorized it. XD

  16. I’ve watched seiyuu events on youtube and they are rather enjoyable xD Not sure if I’ll enjoy the musical as much cos -the- voices are not there hehe… there were some discussions about which actors would be suitable to play K & I and as usual no conclusions hahaha but some people suggested using RL gay vid actors to play them… might be an interesting idea (well the sex-scenes has nose-bleed potential) tho’ personally I’m not for it cos these gay video actor’s acting ability kinda suck :P

    Yeah we were on this topic so I did a quick search… hahaha if we calculate the age difference like this of coz it is illegal loh lol XD There’s a term for it here… cradle-snatcher hahaha

    yep yep… the feelers win! XD

  17. aiyah, if non-BL anime becomes silly with musical i suppose BL anime/manga can also be silly. XD
    On second thought, forget it…Iwaki being musical?? I dun think so.

    Hmm..as a fan i dunno much about her. Especially stuffs from WIKI Jpn.
    I heard of her long hiatus, the rumor is her hand is injured…
    Married to her hi school sweetheart? tht’s sweet
    It doesn’t happen to me, it makes me laugh but i’m still in primary school when my hubby enters University.
    Some friends joked, “That’s against the law, isn’t it?”

    Well, it annoys me in seeing real life Sanzo. As for the Hakkai, i think the cast lack of gentleness tht Hakkai possessed.
    oh well..two thumbs up for the feelers kekekeke~

  18. Yeah, the fandom probably is huge enough for it to be a success. It has been a while since any new Saiyuki material was out right?

    Hmm… I looked up Wiki Japan and it seems that Minekura-sensei was very ill in 2007 and according to her blog she had her uterus removed :-| The wiki also stated that she married her high school sweetheart of 16 years in 2008.

    Granted they did try to get the cast to look as much as the original :P The actor playing Gojyo also has a long face hehe

    Much as it would be interesting to see… HaruDaki / Viewfinder musical is quite unlikely right? ^^

  19. Well, speaking in a term of local japan i think the Myu Myu thingy will be a success.
    TeniMyu is successful, other than that i cannot say much.

    The main thing of SaiMyu is not the cast but i just dont feel excited with the prospect of the musical thing itself.
    I strongly like Saiyuki in Kazuya Minekura own drawing and when her drawing put into real life (live action) it kinda disappoint me.

    Above all i take this as a good sign tht Saiyuki will gained more fame, in and outside Japan.

    Oh are we going to have HaruDaki or Viewfinder musical?? XD

  20. Was the Prince of Tennis musical a success? I have the impression that they had more follow-up musicals after the first run ended. Maybe we are not impressed cos we don’t know or recognise the actors :P Like TeniMyu, the guys in SaiMyu probably have fans back in Japan who like to see them on stage. *shrug*

    Yeah, after the musical, there’ll be DVD sales as well so I guess it is definitely a $ venture.

    Hahaha… I kinda like the look of the feelers too xD

  21. Owh…i’m shocked.
    So this will be SaiMyu? Such as TeniMyu?

    Ugh, When i look at the cast, i seriously thinking tht they dun compare with Saiyuki a la Kazuya Minekura drawings.
    Not because they’re ugly or anything but i just hate the fact tht Saiyuki got merchandised as musical.
    Saiyuki guys are about tough guys and not some bishie being musical.
    This is all about marketing and sales…i’m not falling for the trap.

    The good point is, Sha Gojyo seriously have feeler haa haa

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