Manga: DRAMAtical Murder (Nitro+Chiral, Asada Torao)

Manga serialisation has begun!

I received a query from Ka about this and yes, it’s true :) DRAMAtical Murder’s first chapter has debut on B’s-Log Kyun magazine vol. 18 on 11 August 2012. The manga is illustrated by Asada Torao 浅田寅ヲ, an award-winning (1996) mangaka who calls herself an “artist of violence” バイオレンス作家. The name she uses for her douin works is Asada Miyoko 浅田ミヨコ.

This issue contains Amnesia booklet.

According to the description, Asada Torao’s version of “Brain Crash Story”, DRAMAtical Murder shall bring with it refreshing new elements from the mangaka while keeping the atmosphere of the original game intact. Aoba, Kojaku and other characters will make their appearances. The power packed Lime scenes are also not to be missed!

浅田寅ヲ版『DRAMAtical Murder』脳内クラッシュストーリーの開幕──。Nitro+CHiRALの話題の新作ゲームが浅田寅ヲの手によりコミカライズスタート! 原作ゲームの雰囲気そのままに、漫画版としての新たな設定も加えた浅田寅ヲ版『DRAMAtical Murder』の世界が展開!! 蒼葉や紅雀といった登場キャラクターはもちろん、迫力あるライムシーンは必見です!

Colour illustration

I’ve not read manga from this mangaka before but a quick search on Amazon Japan shows up some interesting works. Sci-fi inspired, surreal, post-edgy title like Pied Piper パイドパイパー (2002) and Ultra Baroque Deprogrammer ウルトラバロック・デプログラマ (2009).

Ultra Baroque Deprogrammer ウルトラバロック・デプログラマ (2009)

Ultra Baroque Deprogrammer ウルトラバロック・デプログラマ (2009)

From these sci-fi works, its not difficult to understand why Nitro+Chiral approached Asada Torao for DRAMAtical Murder’s manga version but her style does lean a lot more towards Onizuka Seiji’s dark, looming Sweet Pool than the bright, bubblegum pop style of Honyarara. Have you read these before? What do you think?

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23 thoughts on “Manga: DRAMAtical Murder (Nitro+Chiral, Asada Torao)”

    1. @pony: Did you manage to grab those DMMD themed ball point pens?? I swear I saw them for one day and then the next all of them were sold out, pre-orders alone. Before I even had time to react LOL

      i will legit cry if I miss out on the beautiful Max Factory Aoba figure

    2. @Beckiiii: Yeah I did… got them from CDJapan. I wished they were mechanical pencils tho… ink of pens can’t be refilled orz; I’m sure they’ll be restocked again. I’ll try to post more news of BL goods next time. I’ve been really busy with work D:

      I hope Aoba figure isn’t exclusive too.

  1. Judging from the first pictures I`m really sceptical if she can manage to create the games atmosphere. No problem with this a bit darker, serious plot but I would have liked to see the characters in a bit more gamelike style. I don`t like Aoba`s look, her drawn eyes look so cold/without life. I don`t feel his usual liveliness, he has a whole different aura..
    It`s difficult to find the right english words.. TT_TT

    1. My exact thoughts when I saw this, she has a great but really distinctive style…the vibe is completely different. I don’t like being a judging pig but yo this is kinda flagrant to ignore );

      eh, we’ll see what happens

    2. @Becki: Agree with ya :) maybe they want to give a fresh perspective to readers in case people who played the game found it repetitive. Who knows :D

  2. Wow!!! *o* I want this manga! But since there’s only one chapter, I think I should buy the magazine to check it first, but the art looks amazing!

    I’m not sure if I can get the magazine in my city japanese district, btw they usually order what I ask!
    I’m making a try this weekend! If I fail, well, I can always try ebay…

    1. I’ll share for sure!
      I just need to concentrate and remember what I’m looking for -__-” ( I went to japanese district to order the magazine, but I spent all the day in my favorite cosmaker shop playing with the figures and all the funny stuff.)

  3. Oooooh the art style of Asada Tarao is special but very great after allO__O i’m surprised! I love the illustration with the white hair boy*o* Thank you for these illustrations!! (and sorry for the double post of the other news DMMd-__-“)

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