Loot: Lucky Dog 1 + DRRR!! Plushies (+PSP), Chayamachi + Kazuaki BL Artbooks, Doukyuusei + Starry Sky CD

I took some time off from work today to do some personal projects and oh joy~ These 3 packages came one after another :D

Main reason why my bank is in a perpetual coma OTL;;; and also why I have to work harder for more moolah ^^;;;

Loot list:

  1. Lucky Dog 1 Plushie: Gian Carlo (waaaay cuter than expected)
  2. Kazuaki ArtworksSee my review (GOSH Sigma… you’re right, it’s seriously huge and thick! *_* mega heavy too)
  3. Chayamachi Chiral WorksSee my review
  4. Starry☆Sky ~in sweet season~ Limited Box
  5. Newtype Magazine November 2010
  6. Doukyuusei Bromide + Clear Folder (by Nakamura Asumiko)
  7. PSP Durarara!! 3-way stand-off game Limited Edition
  8. Durarara!! Plushie mascots Shizuo x Izaya
  9. Arakawa under the Bridge Hoshi cord holder

Are they worth it? More detailed review of the items later. Busy :)

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7 thoughts on “Loot: Lucky Dog 1 + DRRR!! Plushies (+PSP), Chayamachi + Kazuaki BL Artbooks, Doukyuusei + Starry Sky CD”

  1. oh my god! ;;;;
    I went back an checked and i realize…..i’ve stupidly picked volumes two and three out of order!X_X no wonder i was so lost. The part i was puzzled at was “A moment when one is close to crying”. I was like eh? It can’t end like that can it?;;;
    It’s not in English so i can only look at pictures and assume from them. I got so hooked on volume one and picked up volume three right after without realizing.;;; no wonder i found it weird when they graduated and then in the next volume where back at school with the teacher too. I thought maybe they where at collage are flashbacking.;;

    Ah…epic fail~OTL///

    1. @sigma: lol~ XD no wonder you got confused! Yeah, it’s one of my favourite stories and couple X3 I like the BLCD of the first volume very much too but haven’t got round to reviewing it :P

  2. I’m curious have you read all the volumes to Doukyuusei yet? i love this series so much but the end of volume three left me puzzled.

  3. Ah! You got the art book of chiral!*v*
    Does it have any new artworks besides the ones on books an magazines?

    I love the hoshi star!! I honestly thought it was a air freshener for the car! I wish it was, it’d be cute to hang on mirror.XD
    (season two of the anime is good so far! The openings are always cute an flashy~)

    omg yes Kazuaki’s art book pawns all other art book in size~

    Gian plushie is cute! I never did get a chance to get him *waiting for other plushies to be released*

    1. @Ri: I’ll do that soon, probably over the weekend ^^ no worries. Life’s being hectic over here too! lol~ Thanks for your efforts! :D

      @sigma: Yep, I ordered it together with Kazuaki’s artbook :D I haven’t had the time to go through them in detail yet (Kazuaki’s book is still in its shrink-wrap) Well, if you wanna hang Hoshi on the car, it’s possible too! There’s a little buttoned clip that you can fasten it with. I’ll put pix of it when I review it ^^

      YES! I can’t wait for Togainu boys XDD

  4. Oh gosh *gasp…please review the chayamachi chiral ones…i wanna grab it on stores but wanna sure what it’s like :).

    I still haven’t managed to copy the photos from last animate girl fes (or should i say…yaoi fes XD )…will do it asap. been hectic…sorry

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