Goods: Lelouch says Hi!

Lelouch says Hi!My first Code Geass Lelouch figure arrived ^^ He is from the Figma series by Max Factory.

The package comes with:
1) Two other faces, apart from the smiling one shown in the photo. One face has a serious expression and one with Geass “activated”,
2) Two additional hands with items where one is holding a mobile phone and the other holding a gun
3) Two pairs of hands in fist pose and grabbing pose
4) One pointing hand
5) Arthur the cat and
6) Lelouch’s Zero mask

At 2,381 Yen (w/o tax), he is quite a good buy. I got mine from cdjapan (in stock again! One piece only. Grab while you can ^^). It is sold out already. Try your luck with the other online shop links I have on the blog. With shipping he cost me a total of 3,901 Yen… to be honest collecting figures is not a cheap hobby. I’m still quite new at this ^^” but for a very poseable action figure of this quality, I’m rather happy! Another nice thing about it is that Lelouch can stand on his own without the support of a base which is provided for more flashy poses ;)

Figma Lelouch is such a cutie :) and very fun to -play- with *ahem* lol~ xD

Can we have a Figma Suzaku soon? *evil thoughts* And yeah I want C.C., Kallen and other characters too! It’ll be really nice to have them all… I’m a Suzaku x Lelouch supporter btw…

Anyway, I’m really bad at photo-taking o_O so I had to clean up this pic quite a bit. My little camera can’t take very good close-ups either. I think I might want to take up photography seriously to take better pics of Lelouch (and his future pairing with Suzaku) lol~ xD

As a side note, Code Geass season 2 is already showing in Japan. I’m still considering if I should be as crazy as before and collect the DVDs as well… I do have the season 1 R2 DVDs… OMG… ~$~

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6 thoughts on “Goods: Lelouch says Hi!”

  1. Yea, I have an impression of that character. He is from the earlier Gundam series in the 80s-90s right? He is like the supposed “bad guy” with a sympathetic past/ideology? I only remember reading about it in those old and backdated A-Club magazines which were the only manga/anime magazine I could find then. Compared to the abundant information on the internet now, it was like the dark ages at that time…. I don’t think I’ve watched any complete Gundam series before cos there wasn’t any shown on TV… If I remember correctly cos my life then was an angsty blur o_O

    Yun Kouga (mangaka of Loveless, Earthian) designed the characters in Gundam 00 following the trend of Code Geass (characters designed by CLAMP) Both were produced by the same company, Sunrise. I watched one or two episodes of Gundam Seed and I could spot BL potentials right away from the way some of the characters looked at each other ^____^” I am supposed to be a BL fan but it felt strange and I don’t know why I wasn’t amused… It didn’t make me want to continue watching just because there were potential BL among the characters. They’re going after the Yaoi fangirls as a new fan base I guess but… oh well it felt unnatural… and pointless… but then maybe I’m not being fair because I don’t know the full story behind the characters. Gaaah I’m contradictory… and probably confused?!? LOL~ And this is probably the trend that is also turning the boys off. I read comments somewhere that Gundam Seed was the beginning of the end of the franchise… haha well, for the boys at least.

    I only watched Ouran anime. I haven’t found the time to read the manga yet. Hehe bunny mug :D Sweet! I find the story and characters very entertaining and I adore Haruhi! I can’t stand anime with main female characters like Miaka in Fushigi Yuugi who only whines and sits around waiting to be “rescued”. So annoying! (-_-|||) I gave up on the series and pressed the forward button on the remote for most of the episodes. I know there is a huge fan base for Fushigi Yuugi but the abundance of cute men in the anime also cannot salvage this series for me. *end of rant*

  2. Oo~ I’ve found an online pic of the Code Geass i-doll vol1 ^^ Looks cute too! I’ll probably buy it if they did a restock with a complete set. I’ve found some shops selling separate pieces randomly. It is supposed to be fun to collect but I don’t want to waste $

    I’ve seen the Gundam 00 Voice i-doll set… rather cute too but I’m not a fan of Gundam. The first episode of the series put me to sleep 5 minutes after the wonderful opening song by L’arc~en~Ciel *sweat drop*

    I bought the Ouran High School Host Club R2 DVDs from Amazon Japan. ^^ Quite happy about it. Since the series is not BL, so there were no customs/censorship scares lol~ I’ll try to shoot the chibis when I can. They are still in their boxes hehe. It is strange there are not much info about them online..

    Yea~ that’s really encouraging! :D Thanks! I’ll do my best. Gambarimasu~

  3. I’m not a fan of Gundam too, except Char Aznabel and it’s only because the weird bucket helmet on his head.
    From what i heard Gundam 00 characters were drawn Yaoi it or not i must admit Gundam 00 gain popularity among girls than boys.

    Ouran manga is published in SG too by Chuang Yi, right? I bought tht.
    I’m not exactly a fan but OHSHC is not bad at all. I bought OHSHC bunny mug and it’s still in the box. Ha-ha

  4. (=^_^=) I only have a few purely figurine purchases, among my first are the Lamento and Togainu chibis. I like to have the Lamento character figurines by Kotobukiya too but they are not exactly must-haves. However, I’m rather tempted by the recent uniformed Akira. He looks great! I had decided that I won’t buy any of those but I’ll consider it again when I feel rich maybe :P

    I have two others, Sephiroth and Cloud from Final Fantasy Advent Children (US version… they are cheaper than Japan version!) Yesh, I only “buy” handsome men…*sweat drop* I am sukebe =_= Oh yah… Sephiroth is voiced by Morimori :D and Cloud is voiced by Sakurai Takahiro. Apart from the design, that also played a part in me buying these two figures ^^”

    Other figurines I have are first press tokutens from anime DVDs I bought. Those are from Death Note and Ouran High School Host Club. The chibis from OHSHC are very cute!!! Hmm maybe should take photos too?

    I placed a pre-order for Code Geass voice i-doll trading figure vol 2 set coz vol 1 already sold out. New to the scene that’s why I missed out :D but no issue there heh… I’ve not seen pics of vol 1 before tho… Just curious, what does the set consist of?

    My desk is flooded by stuff :P I’ll probably look for something to mount on the wall so that Lelouch can sit or stand on it. So now he is still happily lying inside his box.

    I used a little old HP Photosmart R707 digital cam to shoot Lelouch. Flash was switched on cos the camera wasn’t stable enough to handle natural lighting (all blurred). I don’t have a camera tripod or stand, would be useful if I did. Erm, does that seem like going to extremes a little just for shooting a figurine? :D Its kinda fun tho’ Anyway, then I had to remove the ugly background with Photoshop. It was a badly taken pic, really.

    I think current camera technologies would be able to handle such close-ups better, especially helpful for casual photo takers like us.

  5. We’re girls surely we only go for handsome men…or cute ones at least.

    Geass Voice i-doll vol.1
    5 pieces (Lelouch, Suzaku, CC, Kallen, and Llyod), dun remember what they say except Llyod tht goes with one word “A-ha!” everytime i pressed the button.
    I also bought Gundam 00 Voice i-doll Set recently..they’re not mine and i should give them to my office after they reimburse me.

    Please share a pic from OHSHC chibis, i’m curious. It’s limited, right? you’re very lucky then.

    I don’t think you’ve gone too far with tht taking picture thingy..
    Taking pictures of a product requires lot of skill and practice…never hurt to learn something from taking pictures even if just a simple object of desire.

  6. Yesh, collecting figurines is an expensive hobby.

    I’m not a fan of Code Geass but i have Code Geass voice i-doll trading figure set.
    I prefer Chibi version than the real one. ^^

    For 2,813 Y and Lelouch can stand on his own makes it sound like a really good bargain. You can put it on your desk without taking more space than usual figurine.

    What camera do you use to take Lelouh Figma pic? It’s not a bad pic.
    You seems to understand photography better than me.

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