LalaParadise gets a little-boost!

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Woo~ small knick-knacks and new stuff to try-out! XD

Hi lovelies! I made some updates to the blog recently, migrating it from free site to my own host. ^^

For the past few days, you’ve probably experienced some errors here and there as I went kinda crazy but happy, playing with and trying out the awesome plugins that self-hosted wordpress has to offer. I’m really sorry about the down-times and broken-links if you encountered them :3 Please bear with me while I sort them out!

Anyway, a really nice thing about some of these plugins is that they helped me rediscover old posts that I’ve long forgotten about! OTL If you haven’t seen those posts, I hope you’ll enjoy reading them too!

I’ll get back to writing more drama reviews as soon as I can. See ya around and have an awesome week!

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10 thoughts on “LalaParadise gets a little-boost!”

  1. Oh, I get those too! XD The first time I got them, I didn’t know if they were spam or legit, since the comment was kinda related to my entry and the only link out was under the author’s name. ._.;

    That happened to some of my Japanese friends. orz They gave up after awhile and have been poking me over Skype and email. XD;

  2. o: I’m using Akismet too~ The only thing that bugs me about it is that it automatically deletes certain spam as soon as it detects em. And I’m usually curious enough to want to look at what kind of spam my site gets. XDDD *goes through her email’s junk folder regularly* :’D

    1. @Luvi: hmm I wouldn’t know then I guess… I still get comments filtered into the spam folder and they look like pointless entries with funny looking links. Occasionally there are posts with tonnes of spam links per post.

      There was once a legitimate user’s comments which always get filtered into spam but it finally stopped doing that… or so I think… x_x unless it was deleted automatically like you said and I had no idea it even existed OTL.

  3. You were hosted on the free site? D: *didn’t know*

    By the way, are you using any anti-comment spam plugins? :3

    1. @Luvi: yeah, I’ve been using all this while cos I wanted to try out the system. After the first year, I subscribed to their CSS editing and domain mapping services, so that I customise it a bit. If you see my early posts, you’ll notice that my photos are watermarked with :D

      Although the free service is good, it does have a lot of limitations. Since my CSS editing subscription is expiring soon, I thought I’ll try hosting it on my own, so I can do more with it :3

      I’m using Akismet for comment spam control. Quite good. It’s the same plugin they use at free

  4. aww im glad you were able to fix it! ^^

    Nitro calendar!*V* wah thanks for the uploads! I remember the headphones guy pic (*loves it* hes become one of my favorites they should make a figure of him. XD) All the pictures are so artistic i love the one pic of gunzi by kazuki yone and the lamento one by one of my fav artist (name i forgot;;). You know i remember seeing it once are twice on ebay. it was selling for a lot but it came with a extra booklet that contained sketches. ^^

    you might have seen this but here~
    scroll down until you see youji plush! It’s so small an simple but very cute. XD

    1. @sigma: XD Youji is cuute! :3 Must buy!!! Money management fail. OTL;;;

      I would love a figure of that headphones boy too X3 Okie, the calendar is still on sale at Nitro+ online store but it probably doesn’t come with that sketch booklet… I think that’s part of the comiket pack. I love the different styles of mangaka in that calendar ^^ Kazuki Yone’s is always so attractive.

    1. @Sigma: X3 hehe… there are so many plugins, I was kinda overwhelmed at first. But now I’m careful so that I don’t break anything without my knowledge. I didn’t know that the comments form was down until I tested it much later OTL then had to scramble and uninstall plugins one by one to find out which one was the culprit. In the end, it was the “Edit Comments” plugin that did it. I was hoping it works so that you guys can edit your comments when necessary, although the feature is only available for a limited period of time after the comment is posted. It didn’t work out tho cos it was incompatiable with the wordpress version I’m using now.

      That pic comes from Nitro+Chiral’s comiket 77 calendar. I hope it hasn’t sold out yet. Want. I only found the low-res version of the calendar pics. There’s a cute/sexy pic of the headphones boy-version too. I uploaded here:

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