Goods: Kotobukiya es series one coin figure Lamento and Togainu no Chi box sets

Lamento One Coin FiguresThese chibi Lamento (Boy’s Love game created by Nitro-Chiral) figures are very well-made and detailed. Definitely worth the money!

They’re so cute and seriously diabetes-inducing things to have on display…

All neko-mimi fangirls and boys should not miss them.

I also got my hands on the Togainu no Chi chibi figures recently. They’re currently decorating my wall and I love them! I bought a few plastic clear square containers, stuck some 3M hooks on them and hung the boxes on the wall. Lovely!

The secret figures from each set are also inside the boxes shown below. Can you spot them? :D

My Lamento and Togainu no Chi ChibisI’ll probably get an additional figure box set of both games for the sake of keeping an unsealed copy … well, once I save enough money, that is… ^^”

Lamento Box Set

Remember to buy the whole set of 10 so that you won’t miss out any figures. Comes with 2 secret figures, a postcard (featuring Rai) and a little character card for each figure.

The damage? Around USD79.95 (shipping cost varies.)

Togainu no Chi Box Set

Similarly, buy the whole set of 10 and you’ll get 9 different figures + 1 secret figure (super-cute!). Includes a little character card for each figure.

The damage? Around USD79.95 (shipping cost varies)

I got mine from here XD

Both sets are sold out at most places but you can still get the Togainu Chibis from JPQueen who stocks it occasionally.

Update *14 Feb 2008* Togainu no Chi chibis are currently on sale per piece at USD3.90 (shipping cost varies) ! Don’t miss the offer :P I already placed an order for my 2nd set xD What a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. Perfect!

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31 thoughts on “Goods: Kotobukiya es series one coin figure Lamento and Togainu no Chi box sets”

  1. I’m not sure if Gackt will understand our ‘Lah’ XD
    Hmm…i have a subway map (a totally japanese subway map).

    Yea..have to deal with security. XD oh No, as for Kermit you have to pay for another seat.

    1. Most people don’t hahaha XD Wow… I think I’ll just freeze and look like an idiot if I saw him. ^^;;;
      We can pick up the tourist info maps when we arrive at the airport, so no worries!

      Yep, or they might think I’m trying to smuggle a frog in kekeke… bio-terror? XP

  2. Woo Hoo..we probably need a tourist map. LOL~

    Who knows we might got lucky and stumbled upon Gackt or Takeshi Kaneshiro :D

    Ha Ha Ha..thankfully your cellphone plan supports international service. If you brought Kermit and wear that Afro wig i’ll recognize you faster~

    1. We definitely need one lol~ and a transport bus/train guide ^^;;; and maybe also a tourist guide.
      Hmm~ Let’s hope we stumble upon these stars. At least there won’t be language issues lol~
      Hahaha XD why didn’t we think of that huh… but then again, I risk being arrested if I look so wierd at the airport XD

  3. Hehehe… that’s true. He is one of the better ukes out there :D

    And Hello Kitty land XD and Square Enix building for the life-sized Sephiroth statue XD

    Great idea ^^ Yep, it’s good to plan! Cos like how we planned for Jakarta event, that’s why it really happened! XD

  4. Helpless situation yes, but he’s not like other uke. You know how many rich seme supporting poor uke…LOL~

    yea, let’s see how it goes. Don’t forget to include studio Ghibli museum in our plan.
    Probably easier if i fly to SG then leave together heh rather than find each other at Narita.

  5. Plan to watch it. But always busy during weekend ha ha ha
    I like Cate Blanchett too..

    You mean something like Pilgrimage to the east? LOL~ summer’s too hot anyway.

    Yep, i notice this is a factor which makes difference between viewfinder and other BL. Akihito isn’t helpless, which make it interesting. At least Aki could give his supp card for our own usage. XD

    1. Yep, me too! The movie and actors were very good.

      Mmm, that’s true. I don’t want to pass out in the heat while queuing outside the anime convention site with the other 40,000 otakus. But it seems that Winter Wonderfest won’t be held this year either. I could be wrong… I don’t know. Let’s see how it goes? XD

      Akihito is a feisty uke but forced into one helpless situation after another… Thanks to Yamane sensei, he keeps getting kidnapped. Asami did it to him then raped him, Feilong did the same thing and then that Mikhal guy (tho he wasn’t raped). As what me and my cousins would say… Akihito is so suay… (bad luck in Hokkien) lol~ I definitely don’t want to be him ^^;;;

  6. Interesting movie!

    Hahaha…my 18 year old cousin call me by name. But your niece and nephew call you ‘auntie’, right?
    Do they call you auntie as in english or in chinese?

    Yea late 2010 probably a good idea, meanwhile let’s just save as much as we could.
    Or perhaps we should aim for summer 2010? That’s peak season is it?
    Oooh…i think going out with Akihito will be more fun (if he have the CC). Perhaps Asami oredi give him a supplementary card XD

    Wow nice. i’m jealous…

    1. The movie is very touching… go watch it if you haven’t done so ^^
      O~ my younger cousins call me Obasan (in Japanese) or big sis (in Chinese). Niece and nephew <3 call me auntie in Chinese.

      Summer 2010 (Wonderfest? *_* Otaku pilgrimage)
      I think Akihito would be more fun to hang out with. Hot as he is, Asami is a bit too overwhelming for me. Come to think of it, Akihito may be too proud to accept a supp card from Asami tho’. ^^ He did reject Asami’s offer to “keep” him as his “mistress” so that he doesn’t have to work so hard. lol~

  7. Yeah..time flies and i’m getting older *sobs*

    Ah yesterday i took Chrisan to a gelato cafe, the waitress (which is around 20s with a badly dyed hair) addressed me as ‘auntie’ *faints*
    Gosh, am i really look that old. LOL~

    We haven’t kidnap Asami and force him to pay our expenses in Tokyo XD

    If we want to do it seriously perhaps we should make some plan. But we’re probably do it somewhat after 2010..not wise to travel to Japan at this time..our money will not be worth much.

    1. Hehehe everybody’s getting older! Unless you’re Benjamin Button XD

      Welcome to the club! *evil grin* xD LOL~ But seriously, you definitely don’t look like one! So don’t worry about that okie ^^;;; My idea of “auntie/uncle” when I was a teen was anybody more than 25 years old, so when I got there myself, I began to sweatdrop when -MY- younger cousins call me one lol~

      Yes babe, let’s schedule for 2010. I have a good feeling about it somehow. We’ll earn the $ this year and have fun the next ^^ huhuhu~ Asami… I don’t mind Akihito’s company if he has Asami’s credit cards too since they’re officially together now. lol~

      Fei Long x Akihito Doll Yaoi (kekeke)

    1. *nods nods* really flies… *looks afar* I’m glad we’re still here ^^ we haven’t raided Tokyo for BL stuff and visited butler/host cafes together yet!

  8. Oooh~ They are not released yet. If there are no manufacturer delays, Vol 1 should be available end of Aug and Vol 2 end of Sep ^^ I hope they are cuter than what I’m expecting o_O

  9. I just realize, my first comment in this blog is up there -_-v

    I think we both finally got our Shiki in Jackboot figure XD hee hee
    In the end, we both cannot stand the SALE temptation.

  10. Kotobukiya will release Togainu no Chi (Shiki and Akira) figurines…
    it’s an answer to our prayer…(yep) Shiki wearing pair of jackboot.

  11. Yeah, them cute and very neat. Totally worth the money….

    Although i must say the 2 secret characters (Lamento) are somewhat not very attractive.

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