Game: Kichiku Megane x Gackt

GackpoidOkie maybe that’s pushing it a bit but read on and you’ll understand why… and OMG Akiyama, you’ll so love this! xD

Gackpoid Official Site:

Gackt lends his voice to Vocaloid! Does that mean that he’ll join Miku and the rest to be Nendoroid/ figma-ised for our displaying pleasure? Woo~

WAH Can’t wait for the figures to happen! xD

Created by a Gackpoid user, the following video is an example of Gackpoid singing Under the Darkness, the theme song of an awesome (oh the SMEXYNESS!) Spray BL Game Kichiku Megane 鬼畜眼鏡

Gackpoid version (Gakupo version)

I really liked this song when the game was released. The original singer C.G mix(I’ve)was great but Gackt’s voice is just pure sex! Just amazing how natural it sounds! Notice the heavy breathing sounds lol~ *nosebleeds* Erm, okay that was probably from the original demo but can the vocaloid software generate breathing sounds? ^^” Please enlighten me if you know.

Kichiku Megane
Download the full demo video of the Original C.G Mix version at Spray’s website:

Quick Summary about Kichiku Megane: A “dame-dame” (useless) office worker, Saeki Katsuya (yes… the uke is voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke 平川大輔 *slurps*) meets a strange man, Mr R (ルネッサンス山田/前田剛 Maeda Takeshi) in a park one day. He was offered a pair of magical glasses that can grant his wishes (sort of) When Katsuya wears the glasses, his personality undergoes a 180 degree change and he becomes strong, assertive and capable (yes he becomes seme lol~ ALSO voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke) Yummy la~ this game, cos we can be play both uke and seme scenarios XD Other cast include: Yusa Kouji 遊佐浩二 (who has one of the sexiest uke voices) and Yasumoto Hiroki 安元洋貴.

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12 thoughts on “Game: Kichiku Megane x Gackt”

  1. Mr. R was voiced by Maeda Tsuyoshi. His voice just sounds really similar to Tobita Nobuo. He also voiced Koshiro in Beniiro Tenjyo Ayakashi Kitan and Usami in Rinkai.

    1. Thanks for the heads up, BlueRose! x_x *quickly goes to edit the post* I checked Japanese wiki and found that the 剛 in the seiyuu’s name was typed as Takeshi :O Interesting huh…

  2. Hehehe yeah! I think our fandom will probably last longer than we expect… XD

    Did you see the game CG videos edited to look like a continuous movie? Really well done!
    Check it out~

    I didn’t watch the movie hehe tho I wouldn’t mind watching the DVD or on TV. Indeed… if Final Fantasy were to be a live action movie… i think it’ll probably be very “controversial” lol~

    Ooo~ I would love to watch Iron Man too… and know what? The new Iron Man Hot Toys figure costs almost 300 SGD. It looks pretty good but I won’t be getting it cos I’m not a big fan of figures like that. But… I’ll make an exception if it was Brad Pitt hehe

    Honestly… the figures I like seem to not have good resale value in the market. I mean… a Hot Toys Iron Man / Superman / Joker figure would probably rise in value as a collectible over the years compared to the ones I have lol~ oh well, as long as I’m happy I guess *shrug*

  3. Hupply tht happen before i retire as Gackt fan XD XD

    Yep will be cool. see the trailer here:

    This CG movie is like blessing for me because i hate Hollywood’s version of Resident Evil.
    Milla Jovovich and Sienna Miller are Ewwww…
    Sometimes a great game, manga, anime doesn’t look good on live-action. tends to violate the original story and too many factors involving the casts.

    Watch Iron Man two days ago…Better than i expect and i drool over Robert Downey Jr. XD

  4. I think we have too many things to buy nowadays… must prioritise lol~ Like how we got a bargain for our Military Shiki, I’m sure you’ll be able to get his DVD at a much lower price later on ;)

    Wow… I think that’ll be pretty cool huh… I know I LOVED FF Advent Children when I first saw the subs XD

  5. Ha Ha

    He’s been busy with things outside singing and making CD release. I miss his new single release…
    I decided not to buy his 20,000Y DVD (sorry Gackt your loss) i know my limit as a fan.

    Plan to save money for BioHazard:Degeneration DVD which is a CG movie for game series BioHazard/Resident Evil. Dunno when the DVD comes out but definitely gonna buy it.

  6. No worries cos I also have Hirai Ken’s Utabaka CD and it has the song. ^^ I’m not a big fan but I like his voice and find him quite cute too :P

    Whatever Gackt’s management team is doing… I think they’re doing a rather good job in marketing him. It is just like the Gackt we know… he seems quirky enough to do projects like these cos he probably would have considered that people can do all sorts of wierd things with his voice using that software *shudder* XD

  7. Ookina Furudokei appears in his Life Is album (2003) got tht..
    (can upload it if you want to)
    Since his Canvas CD single i’m quite disapointed at Ken Hirai. I quit buying after Utabaka.

    Yea..not likely gonna buy it. My feelings were kinda mixed between thrilled and thinking how aggressive his management team.
    I guess Japanese music are all about marketing and merchandising.

  8. Cool huh! It’s unlikely I’ll buy the vocaloid software but I’m so looking forward to the figures! XD

    Oh… please go see these videos too… Gackpoid sounds lovely! (HILARIOUS Original composed song) (Original composed song too)

    If you visit the Gackpoid site, they also have demos of Gackpoid version of Exile’s Choo Choo Train, which I think is also quite nice and also Hirai Ken’s Ookina Furudokei (Grandfathers Clock)

  9. im getting nosebleed after reading this post. XD

    Gackt sounds so “plain-pop” on the song but still i’m gonna drop it to my wishlist bucket.

    Who said money can buy you happiness?

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