Happy Lunar New Year! (Hetalia)

Tora Hetalia Flying Mint Bunny

Have a “hoppingly” happy Lunar New Year 2011!

I was preparing to get out of the house when I realised that the Hetalia T-shirt I’m wearing has a bunny rabbit! :D How apt… It’s Rabbit Year this Lunar New Year! lol~ :D

Here’s to a prosperous new year with lot of $$$ (兔然发财 to buy many bishi figures and BL stuff!)

Enjoy the festivities!

Off to a 3-day short trip ^^ See ya when I’m back!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year! (Hetalia)”

  1. Where did you buy that shirt!? I want one too!… as soon as I fix my online bank account -__-

    Gong Xi Fa Choi to you too~ happy playing with the fireworks! *haha it’s so noisy here in my town, but I like the amusing drunk teenagers hanging out around rlly*

    1. @hirochan: Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too! :D It’s nice to feel the atmosphere of lunar new year… Well, I lost a bit of red packet money on gambling lol~ but it was good fun with the relatives!

      I got it from Rightstuf The link is to Size M but mine is size S cos I expect US sizes to be larger. However, it seems that Size S have run out of stock. You can try writing in to ask about it.

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