Happy Father’s Day!

We celebrated it last weekend (it happened to be my dad’s birthday too) cos the parents have gone for a week-long holiday starting from yesterday~ ^^ but today is the official Father’s Day in my country, along with 52 other countries who celebrate this special day on the 3rd Sunday of June.

I had a few ideas circling in my head for a pic starring some of my figures… *_* but they’re not executed in time. I’ll probably add it on later… ^^;;;

Happy Daddy’s Day! :D

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14 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!”

  1. its long but Ai no kusabi is coming up soon~ I’m looking so foward to it.*-*

    the time loop thing is crazy i remember watching epi two an then after i come home from work epi three an i’m like having deja vu myself until i realise whats going on with the anime XD;
    I feel so bad for Yuki reliving the same thing for days/months/years/ X-x i wouldn’t last.;

    1. Yea… looking forward to AnK too XD September?

      Watched episode 5… and they’re still looping ^^;;; I think we’ll have a wrap in episode 6 tho’ Unbelievably scary thing to happen… reliving the same thing for over 15000 times and unable (or not allowed to change anything) *_* I’ll go crazy too.

    1. I’ve decided to watch it ^^;;; the pull of BL fanservice is too strong… (Such a long BL anime drought we’re having ~sigh)

      Episode 3 was so full of Itsuki x Kyon XD You can really see the difference between a fan service episode vs a non-fan service one if we compare it side by side with Episode 4. YUMMY~ Feel like making a post about it lol~

      It’s very interesting. I can’t wait to see how they get out of the time loop kekeke. ^^

  2. Really i havnt heard that album yet. I Must listen too when i get a chance. ^v^

    lol! omg serisouly!? Wow this is new side to midorikawa. 0/v//0

    btw Ouran host club finale was great. I guess i have to read the manga to get the offical ending though. I still have high hope for haruhi an tamaki.^^
    Speaking of haruhi, the new season of Suzumiya Haruhi is getting really intersting! I didnt want to get into watching another series but i had time to kill before work an watched some of it.*never finished the first season;*

    1. Please do! Almost every song is enjoyable.

      Yeah, interesting tidbit about Midorikawa huh hehehe… but I also remember reading about him saying it feels more challenging to do uke roles as he gets older cos of the mentality but he’ll still [quote] Do his best… gambarimasu![/unquote] XD

      I was sad when Ouran ended… cos I wanted more ^^ As for Haruhi Second season, I’ve also been resisting. Tho I think they’re stepping up on more Itsuki x Kyon fanservice right? Please point me to those episodes XD lol~ I think I’ll probably marathon it when everything is released.

  3. Sigh someone needs to send him over here! TTwTT

    OTL *turned into a complete mamo-fangirl*

    I searched for his music an…omg…he can…sing! *n*

    I tried to watch the prince of tennie live action drama….*couldnt get into it*; so i dont know if he can act either XD; no but seriously have you seen that one clip were you can see them voice a character? Omg he gets so into it….kawaii~~!;w;

    this one XD
    They had more seiyuus in it but its cut. Its intersting to see behind the scenes….i bet bl seiyuus…become very shy….i feel so bad for them when i think about that.;;;
    but then there are naturals like shikis seiyuu…omg from the radio talk show…it didnt seem to bother him. What killed me an i’ll always remember=

    Shiki: Akira…Shall we go to toliet together? (Are something like that;)


    1. Hehe yea! That’s be awesome huh! Yeah Mamo-chan CAN sing! His latest (and first?) full-length album BREAK is very good! A must-get for all his fans. I’ve not watched POT live action. You mean Mamo-chan acted in it? :O I’ve seen that voice acting clip before! He looks so cool doing his Raito evil laugh kekeke XD

      I read on other forums that say that Shiki’s seiyuu, Midorikawa Hikaru loves to do BL! And cos he gets cast as uke very often, he becomes very excited when he gets to voice the seme kekeke. Hahaha… so cute… I can imagine Akira’s face if Shiki said that XD

  4. lol yes! It was death note that caught my attention….the laugh…the crazyness was just a grammy moment for me.XD
    They should of had him play the role of him in the movie.;;

    Do seiyuus usually go to cons and expos?

    1. Hehehe… grammy moment! Agrees!!! XD Well, I think he can definitely voice-act but we don’t know if he can act kekeke. Seiyuus do attend cons and expos in Japan. ^^ I think they also attend overseas cons if they’re invited by the organisers too.

  5. (day offs went by to fast ;_;)
    How was your fathers day?
    Mine…i ended up getting over heated an tanned by sun other than that He got the things he wanted. Fathers are so hard to buy gifts for…X_X

    I’m on epi 20 with ouran, its so sad about tamakis past. I’m hoping to see him an haru get together there just to cute. Kyoyas day off epi was funny *squee* (KxT!)
    Also tamakis seiyuu is killing me why must he be so good at funny/uke(tamaki) characters as well as serious(kiba) and insane(kira) ones.
    Gah I want to meet him hes so talented.OTL;;*Shot*

    1. Yeah! It’s almost weekend again! XD
      My parents went off for a short trip, so they’ll only be back this weekend hehe. We celebrated Father’s Day the week before last. Yea, it is more difficult to buy gifts for men in general… daddys included keke.

      Mamo-chan is such a charmer in Ouran. XD He first caught my attention there. He sings really well too. I would love to meet these talented seiyuus some day too.

  6. Happy fathers day! I’ll be spending all day with my father today *dads girl* XD
    Work was nice to give me two extra days off too!*_* Definitely happy~ (still have volunteer work to do though;)

    In regardes to the mothers day post i started watching ouran host club yesterday. Omg i’m loving! XD

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