Happy 2009 Sweet Pool style…

Sweet Pool New Year

Yet another filler post… I meant to do something better…

Anyway, Love it when the Sweet Pool boys dress in yukata/kimono XD but their Christmas costumes were more hilarious lol~

Here’s to an awesome 2009, filled with Peace, Joy, Love, Happiness, Health, $ and BL!


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10 thoughts on “Happy 2009 Sweet Pool style…”

  1. *nods nods* XD we never know lol~ I like his/her style too. The characters are very manly ^^ Hopefully he’ll also work on the next Nitro+ game when it happens.

  2. *_* A guy! Whoa thats so rare no wonder the style is differnt~ I dont think ive come across any yaoi manga thats by a guy yet either but then again some probebly go under pen names….

  3. XD with pleasure… I was happily clicking sleeping sensei when I saw those lines. So funny.

    Now that Onitsuka-sensei has done a nitro+ work, we can expect more great things from him in the future! Erm… yeah I think he is a guy ^^ I read somewhere that said he is new in the illustration industry if I’m not wrong. That’s why there’s not much information about him.

  4. lol thats so cute! Thank you for transulation/screenshots~!<3
    Also thank you for telling illustrators name~ Its sad that they have no art site though~ ;n;

  5. kekeke… so was I XD and it sounds awesome especially with headphones on. Stereo effect woo~ I’m looking forward to the BLCDs and if they surprise us with a live-action… I hope they don’t disappoint but I’ll prefer an anime tho’ so that we can drool over the lovely artwork. The name of the illustrator is Onitsuka Seiji オニツカセージ

    Makoto (Shinobu keke) is a good guy… I don’t hate him either ^^ He is friendly, sunshine and probably fun to be with XD. But I’ll probably put on weight if I hang out with him. He eats so much! lol~ Pity that Youji is too caught up in his strange physical condition to reciprocate Makoto’s friendship. And then Makoto gets messed up by Youji’s pheromones and the rest is history *sweatdrop* poor thing. But I can’t picture them together as a couple tho’ Only as friends.

    The secret route is also very touching… maybe you can install again and play it ^^ It was the main focus of the video link you shared.

    The webkares sleeping poses are so cute kekeke I captured Sensei’s Romeo and Juliet sleep talk (added the translation at the bottom) and the last screen was “Ya me~” haha I wonder what he was dreaming about XD

  6. Yes the music was great~TTATT
    Most of the bgm’s gave me chills; *was playing late at night*
    (hmm it’d be interesting if this was a live action movie. its be bl horror drama~)

    when i first played i got the bad ending with those two….i was shocked when *that* happened….(So hard to write about it without spoiling;;)

    I was even more shocked when i did Makoto’s route…I felt heartbreak when he said youji’s name.
    (awfhwifnhiw~ He voiced Shinobu!?!? *dies* lol i’m so bad with my seiyuu’s..its no wonder his voice sounded so familiar! The voice is what i liked most about makoto maybe thats why its so hard to hate him.Thank you for telling me~<3)

    I played all the routes except the secret one.*didn’t know about it until after i uninstalled the game*OTL

    Oh! ive been meaning to ask do you know who the artist is of this game? I know its not the same one who did the other Nitro+chiral games. I’ve been searching but i can’t really find anything out.I really love the artwork and its mature style.<3

    lol omg no i havn’t got all kares yet. Only Sensei and Mr Megane
    He was saying romeo and juliet lines~? XD!

  7. Aww <3 Its okay i managed to find it on lj community Ty though~

    Tetsuo x Youji Is my favorite too *Q*
    I-i also like Makoto x Youji too….(its a hate/love thing lol; )

    Did you finish playing? There a really cute MAD video someone posted up on lj i’ll leave the link here for you. ***If you didn’t finish game don’t click***


    The game made me very sad but i didn’t cry TTATT I think if i understood more i would have though the game is my fav out of the other nitros too.~w<

    lol i choose sensei!*shot*
    But in the end it doesn’t matter who you choose becasue you can win all 4 of them.

    Also i never knew he played Sebastians voice!!!!*dies*
    I need to start watching the anime now OTL;
    (Only seen epi 1; )

    1. Mmm okie ^^ maybe I’ll also upload those here just in case.

      Yep! I finally finished the game! The guide you gave me was really helpful. After completing the major routes, the skip button becomes your friend! XD The vid was very well done… the “Youji?” part made me tear a little again ( T-T)

      I think the music playing in the main Tetsuo x Youji instinct ending also contributed a lot to the tears… my heart was wrenching when I was playing through that one. I was like… feeling so emo at the thought that they would have been so happy together but… sighs… and the final unlocked Tetsuo x Youji ending was also… Gaaa so emo >_<

      I like Makoto until he went bonkers. It’s pretty cool how they link Makoto’s personality like how he loves eating and is almost always hungry, to the Makoto x Youji ending. He is probably Youji’s first friend in school but Youji is kinda slow when it comes to things like this. Poor Makoto! Although he is cute but Tetsuo still wins XD Btw Makoto’s seiyuu also voiced Junjou Terrorist Shinobu.

      My order of preference for webkares would be Sensei, Problem kid, followed by Mr Megane kekeke… ooo so you completed all? :D I jumped around the websites and saw the Sensei’s sleeping pose… cute.. he kept talking about Romeo and Juliet lines in his sleep XD

      Kuroshitsuji English subs are coming out quite slowly but it might be more fun to watch everything at one go hehehe

  8. Wallpaper~<3
    I heard that this wallpaper won’t be up there long on site though*saves*
    (I recently changed mine to webkares wallpaper though is cute do you play it?)

    Anyway Sweet Pool was great *__________*
    Its funny that the character dressed as the tree was my favorite XD;;

    1. Did you miss out the X’mas ones? I still have a copy of those if you like :O I also didn’t know it was limited edition until saw that they took it down *sweatdrop*

      Mr X’mas Tree is so manly *doki-doki* I want a boyfriend like that XD Anyway, I love Tetsuo x Youji the most… so made for each other. I think Sweet Pool is my fav of the three Nitro+ games :) Imagine playing a BL game that actually made me cry… I never expected something like this ^^ too awesome.

      Hmm… webkares = web boyfriend? XD I’ve not played that before. Popped by the website. Cute wallpapers indeed ^^ Which character did you choose? Gaah… so hard to pick XD One of the characters is voiced by Sebastian’s seiyuu!!!

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