Happiness is…

Be happy!

A friend once texted these 2 simple words to me and it lifted my spirits. I can’t remember why I was feeling down then, so I can’t exactly share the experience. Just remember that no matter what happens, happiness is just around the corner! ( ^_^)/

Shot with: Fujifilm Finepix S2000 HD
Camera settings:
ISO100, White balance – auto, Shutterspeed 500, F3.5, flash -2/3, bracketing +/- 1 EV (white envelope to diffuse/block the flash)

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28 thoughts on “Happiness is…”

  1. Ah~ the next time my mum cooks her curry I’ll try to catch her in action and see how she does it. I usually just take it for granted and eat when she’s done the cooking XD

  2. Wah it looks familer i think i saw this before at the local market but i could be wrong. Must try it it looks spicy! thank you~*Q*

  3. @ Both: Yes the vegetables in curry are the best they like melt in your mouth almost XD

    Hmm those extra ingredients sound like a nice addition, I’ll give it a try when i make it next time. Thank you~^v^

  4. @ponytale: i like pork buns more than mochi…i’m willing to work hard to make pork buns instead of mochi. Ha-ha

    @both: as i read your replies, i’m enjoying original pringles…..(snatched it away from my bro’ XD)

    Same here, using curry blocks too. Japanese brand S&B or something. I’m not using coconut-milk coz that would be different style of curry.
    As for me i use additional chili powder+black sesame seeds.

  5. @Akiyama/Ponytale mmmm i miss pringles i havnt had that in so long. I liked the original and the sour cream. The jalapeno was okay but after while it gets sicking to my taste buds.There not really hot. Pizza/cheese was okay but the same case with the jalapenos. XD

    As for lays ive never been a big fan of the original. They are really salty! 0_0
    I used to love there BBQ chips. They came out with jalapeno brand awhile back now those are great XD *loves hot and spicy food*

    Wah peanut butter and cheese flavored hello pandas! I don’t know if i would like them. XD
    Also with the peanut butter salmonella going around over here i cant have any peanut related things anymore…TT_TT

    Eh yellow pepsi it could have been that…X_X

    Ah all this talk about food XD
    Okay i have one question.
    do either of you make curry? If so how do you usually prepare yours? I do mine the traditional way using the golden curry block things. I find its not hot enough though mostly sweet. Im trying to look for another good taste and way of preparing it.

  6. @ponytale: Hahaha i’m having hard time in making mochi in using the mallet. Thanks but no thanks, will not try to make my own cheese mochi. LOL~ Can’t bear the risk :p
    i think the pic available on kohaku gallery page.

    I like red Pringles, the original one. But Jalapeno is also good. As for sour cream shamefully i never tried it. They’re not available in every supermarket anyway, considered as luxury snack.

    1. @akiyama: OoOOo~ I wasn’t think about making mochi from scratch XD I think pounding rice into mochi is very hard work! (Saw it on a travel program on TV before kekeke) Maybe I’ll buy the ready-made plain mochi and then bake it?

      @Fuuga: Agrees… I feel so hungry now XD I can’t remember if I ate jalapeno flavoured chips before… I probably did but my all time fav is still sour cream Pringles.
      I like peanut butter but they’re supposed to be fattening *_* so I guess it’s okie if I don’t eat it…

      As for curry, my mum makes it from those red curry block things too. Those are ready made curry paste, right? Then she’ll add additional chilli powder to make it more spicy. She has replaced coconut milk with soy bean powder and the result is quite good too. But coconut milk is still the best tasting XD I also like it when the potato has softened and “melted” into the curry too.

  7. I tried original mochi before. (Mochitsuki)
    But never cheese mochi…hmm what a mouth-watering snack.

    Fuuga, those panda bisc still around in my country. My daughter likes’em :D
    They also have cheese and peanut other than choc, strawberry, and milk (vanilla?)
    Red? Do you mean pepsi red? i don’t know that. Wow
    I’m glad i didn’t miss a lot by not tasting pepsi blue XD

    Other than japanese snack, DOes anybody like Pringles or Lays?

  8. @Akiyama hmm the almound crush sounds nice~
    I dont think ive ever tried dark chocolate before, maybe i give it a try when i go to the market next time.

    i think ive tried the pepsi blue. Thats when it was voting time and they relesed them right? Ive tried both the red and blue…..i wasn’t pleased.XD;;

    Mochi crakers they look interesting, i don’t think ive ever tried mochi before…

    @both wahh when i think japanese snakes i think of hello panda biscute thingys~
    does anyone remember them?XD

    1. @Fuuga: o_O Red pepsi… if memory serves me correctly… I saw “clear-yellow/reddish” coloured ones on sale here for a while… So was that it? The mochi crackers are delicious. It is similar to Cheezels but has a different texture when you bite into it. Hello Panda biscuits are popular here too ^^ I still like the chocolate version best.

      @akiyama: Maybe you can try making your own mochi crackers XD I think they bake or fry it then coat with cheese power? kekeke… I cast my vote for Pringles, especially the Sour cream flavour. I love Honey mustard Kettle Chips too. Lays is a bit too salty for me.

  9. @fuuga: Pocky Men, the chocs is bit bitter unlike the usual red pocky. It’s great for those who loves dark chocolatey taste. (i think the biscuit also taste bit different)
    As for pumpkin pocky i never heard of it but they could be seasonal huh? As far as i know Japanese are famous for able to make a seasonal food/beverages product.
    My fave is Pocky Almond Crush and Green tea Pocky. The latter one is a killer! XD

    @ponytale: yea, my girl will definitely love it. It’s really tempting huh?

    @both: Some Pocky flavors already licensed in my country but still taste different.
    I agree with Fuuga, not knowing the taste makes me refrain from buying it (especially when it’s not cheap) but i safely assume Pocky has never come out with something horrible.
    Another question, Does anybody here ever drink Pepsi Blue? For some weird reason i’m not too comfortable with something edible in blue color. XD

    1. Yea! I’ll buy the device one day XD to star gaze at home…

      Hmm I’ve never seen pumpkin pocky before lol~ but I think it should be sweet, creamy and has a nice aroma. Sort of like pumpkin soup? :D
      My occasional Japanese snack indulgence would be the cheese mochi crackers. Found the pic online hehe. YUM! It is crunchy and yet melts in your mouth! It’s quite expensive *_* but I can’t remember the exact price. Maybe I didn’t want to lol~ -escapist- And it is often sold out!
      I’ve tried Pepsi Blue. It doesn’t taste good. Sweet but bland. No character! The original is waaaay better ^^

  10. Wah I like chocos but i can only have so many until i start to feel sick! XD

    Fran?(Flan?) Mmm i love flan! I’ve hadn’t have it in long time though.

    As for pocky flavors Ive only ever had strawberry and chocolate. I’m curious about the others. I’ve seen the pumpkin flavor ones and they look good but i don’t know. Not knowing how they taste scares me into not buying them lol. I did hear the mens pocky is good. Ever tried it? Whats your favorites?

    1. @akiyama: That’s definitely on the wishlist!!! Gaah~ but over 200 bucks (T_T) It’ll be so cool huh… I can just imagine wowing myself, my nephew and niece with that XD I like chocolate Pocky. Fran is good too! Others I’ve tried strawberry and plain before hehe.

      @Fuuga: Go go~ Choco-play! lol~ XD
      If I’m not wrong, Men’s pocky is dark chocolate… but I’ve not tried it before.

  11. March. :D yes he remember, if not i’ll be wailing and wailing for the rest of the day. Joking la~
    I always assume black/blue rose is more expensive (because unusual?)

    I do have a set (with double Mutt and Mola Ram) but inspiration didn’t strike me tht fast :P and my camera if being used for making ‘dummy’ for a certain media project.

    Yea, kohai is angry! LOL~

    1. Hahaha XD guys must always be reminded.
      Mmm I’m not sure about the prices of blue/red roses cos I’ve not bought any but I suppose they should be more expensive.
      Lol~ I’ve given a classmate a pair of red undies as Valentine’s present joke. We were supposed to give something to the classmate we picked in random. And funniest thing, it was the wrong size. Too big XD HAHAHAHAHA…. as for me, I can’t remember who gave me my present and what it was :P

      Speaking of romancing… I just finished watching the latest episode of Genji Monogatari. It gets better with each episode. The drama unfolds very well. The visuals are colourful and lovely but there’s a very sombre mood. Kinda emo/angsty. It is a tragedy indeed. And there are love scenes in every episode as we predicted lol~ Anyway I’ve given up on the English subs for now cos I didn’t manage to find subs for episode 2 and onwards. Chinese subs are already up till the 5th episode. Some parts are difficult to understand *_* especially the poetry bits… btw, I’ve reinstalled the Bokura no Renai Shinrigaku desktop calendar to have Sakupyon scold me for being a workaholic ^^;;; Good to have a new pc system that can take the additional load. Ah~ I’m in love… again.

  12. Wow…and hopefully Y value will also drops. XD

    Nope, he doesn’t remember. :P but that’s okay la, wedding anniversary is more important.
    Our first date was watching horror movie (The Eye). Nice choice huh?

    Ah i dunno, the article only talks about red-white. Pink probably in between so you’ll get more balanced relationship LOL~
    Haha the apple means i should have some apple instead of chips becoz it makes me fat. :D

    Well, you can make a mix between your figma/RAh and one coin figure..story of a giant stranded in chibi island. kekeke~

    1. Yeah… things will get better! ^^
      Eeek horror movie! XD Yep wedding anniversary is definitely more important! Does he remember your birthday? It’s in April right?
      I kinda like blood/wine-red roses. But blue/black coloured rose is cool too!
      Hahaha… if your sempai meant it that way, he is waaay too unromantic lol~
      How about you try an Indy chibi story? You have a set right? XD

    1. @akiyama: Am back! The meeting was loOoooOong *_* 11~1pm, break for lunch then 2~4pm. Brain dead… almost. I’m expecting a lot of work in the coming months. May also mean more $ *yay* Pray for good health and better time management skills.

      Anyway~ to continue the reply… That’s so sweet! ^^ Does your hubby remember? Do you celebrate it? Red rose is romantic love, white I’m not sure… purity? this site has info Oo~ but what if you like pink rose? You’re in-between? XD Ah~ apple means “You’re the apple of my eye, I adore you!” But that’s just my guess kekeke… tho I think if that was meant to be a hint, it is a bit too subtle for most people to catch *_* Oh my, you forgot again! Now have to remember to send for his birthday lol~

      Mmm… Indy Jones manga? Gaah~ I need inspiration!

      @fuuga: *hugs* Take care! :O
      I’m a little stressed over work sometimes but coping ok. I want a vacation xD

  13. Ooo.. so that’s your blog anniv. heh?
    My first date with hubby is January 15th.
    How bout celebrating it with mini manga? Indiana Jones and friends haven’t got their chance to show their comedy skills XD

    Interesting! I didn’t know yellow rose signify that, what about red or white?
    I read on an article that if you prefer white rose, you are more demanding person in a relationship, while red rose is the opposite.

    During high school i got an apple from a senior, Dunno what’s that suppose to mean. LOL~ I would return his “gesture” if he sent me orange instead of apple :P

    Ooops! Forgot to send chocolate for Kazuhiro Fukui….

  14. this post came at perfect time for me.

    Thou i didn’t celebrate valentine’s day i’m feeling in love lately. Feeling light and happy…

    I also wanna say Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day. Love is universal so is friendship…
    Just wanna remind you it’s been a year (and couple of days) since i stumbled upon this blog.
    And that’s just the beginning of our friendship…Yay! *throws confetti*

    1. @dagger & akiyama: kekeke glad to hear that! Yes! Be happy! :D

      @akiyama: *pops champagne* (and pours Sake? hehehe) Yesh, my dear, its wonderful to be here with you! wow I even forgot my blog’s 1st anniversary that was in January 13th. And your first comment came one month later on February 12th. You can’t imagine how excited I was when I saw it kekeke
      Yea, while still in school, my friends and I used to celebrate Valentine’s Day as Friendship Day and gave one another yellow roses ^^ If I remember correctly, yellow roses signify friendship.
      *lights fireworks* Yay to our friendship! XD

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