Guess what I learnt during Japanese class today? (Diary of a BL Fangirl)

Let’s do BL…

I know I’m supposed to be paying attention in class but when my sensei (Japanese language teacher) took us through the vocabulary sheet, the first thing that popped into my head after reading those words were… that’s so BL, especially when one word comes right after the other ^^;;; But then again, that applies to sex in general but this is a BL fangirl we’re talking about here :D

Makes me wonder if anybody else in class was a fujoushi and had the BL filter firing (^///^) but erm… I’m not going to find out… *shy* OTL;;; lol~

1) いれる (入れる) ireru ~ put in

2) うごく (動く) ugoku – move

Very often during lovey-dovey type of Boys Love/Yaoi drama H-scenes, we get to hear the seme tell his uke that he is going to enter him.

Seme: がまんできない。。。入れるぞ。I can’t stand it anymore. I’m going to put it in (enter you)
Uke: いいよ。。。はやく!きて! Ok… Hurry… Come to me. *moans and gasps*

And after some moaning and gasping from the uke during entry, sometimes the seme will wait till the uke has calmed down or got accustomed to having him inside, then tell him he is going to move. :D

Seme: うごくぞ。。。I’m going to move.
Uke: あ!きもちいい。。。*more moans and gasps* Ah~ it feels so good…

Of course, I already KNEW what those two words meant LONG before this class took place ^^;;; thanks to BL drama exposure lol lol~

Anyway, I recently decided to take up Japanese formally to learn the language properly. And I have to say… listening to BL dramas for the past few years helped quite a lot! BL games are highly recommended too, so the next time somebody gives you funny looks for listening to BL dramas, you can tell ’em straight in the face that you’re learning Japanese that very moment lol~ Watashi wa ima nihongo o benkyou-shimasu! :D

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17 thoughts on “Guess what I learnt during Japanese class today? (Diary of a BL Fangirl)”

  1. lol your excuse is no help at all! XDD uh… if it’s Asami AND Fei Long daki-makura.. I don’t want to think about it (my poor bank account)..) >_<;;
    I live in a country that is not very tolerant with yaoi things too.. :/ do you happen to live in a country starting with "I" ? :D
    YES, Yamane sensei is the best XD I do wonder though would she be this famous if she writes regular shoujo manga? –a Though it is something I am very gladly to never know XD

    1. @pokapi: lol~ XD yeah I knew I dug my own grave when I saw their reactions hahaha XDD Yep… our comatose bank accounts… :P

      Mine starts with “S” XDD Oh my, we would’ve missed out on so many of sensei’s smexy men if she did shoujo!!! But being in the minority (Yaoi) compared to Shoujo manga, I think it definitely helps sensei stand out more :D

  2. lol I’d love to see your cousins’ reaction! XDD oooh… Akhito pillow… *q* if they made an Asami one, I’d probably faint ^^;; Yes, I understand how you feel… It could get rather embarrassing isn’t it -_-;; I got most of my books and other things online too.. it’s rather awkward to make a special order from the local Japanese bookstore –a but recently I noticed their BL manga section is getting bigger, so maybe the yaoi love is spreading XD
    Oh yes, I am very happy she bought the manga! ^O^ She actually wanted to try out a BL manga (after I finally showed her an unwrapped one ^^;; lol ) and asked for a recommendation. I simply told her to go to the bookstore and choose whichever she finds most appealing, and she chose finder XDD

    1. @pokapi: Yeah I had to come up with an excuse like… oh cos such sexy boy cushions are so rare (compared to millions of sexy girl cushions) that I just had to have him! (to more raised eyebrows around) *sweat* XDD Asami dakimakura cover? Instant get! And Fei Long too.

      Yep ^^;;; I feel awkward paying over the counter for books with guys in various compromising positions on the cover OTL;;; But we don’t get a big selection over here tho… since Yaoi content isn’t encouraged. So some magazines and artbooks can only be purchased from online stores.

      XDD power to Yamane-sensei! Her men are appealing indeed!

  3. @pokapi – lol~ yeah :3 my cousins also gave me weird looks when they saw my Akira cushion on my bed ^^;;; They know I like anime bishonens but they don’t know I like BL OTL;;; I can’t imagine their faces the day they see my Akihito pillow XD cos I only buy Yaoi stuff from online stores nowadays. *_* feels too embarrassed.

    She bought the manga? For someone who doesn’t read BL that’s pretty cool XDD you must be really happy too?

  4. She knows.. ^^; I didn’t actually tell her, but we often go to the bookstore together and it’s rather hard to hide it when I keep buying manga with all the pretty men on the cover ;D She’s a bit shocked at first, but recently she bought a copy of “Finder no Shinjitsu” because she can’t resist Asami on the cover XD lol And you’re welcome! ^_^

  5. Yes… I totally can relate to this ^^;; I remembered almost laughed out loud when the word 入れて came in class.. I know it’s a very common word in a very common form.. but I can’t help it XD I also remembered trying to persuade a friend to read manga to help her language learning.. and she gave me a very suspicious look when I told her the words I learnt from them :P
    And I lo~ve ~<3 your site X3

    1. @pokapi: lol~ totally! But I was able to keep a straight face in class tho lol~lol XD does your friend know you like yaoi? And thanks for your compliment! I’m glad you enjoy my posts! ^^

  6. Ah I see.. it’s good that you studied too, as an early preparation!

    actually, i’m also pretty much from a country where BL isn’t encouraged too.. though, i don’t think it’s actually well-known here too!

    1. hiroshichan: yea :3 definitely helps! I see some of my freshie classmates struggle with the writing and they have a harder time learning the language.

      Icic… that’s why I’m really grateful for the web and possibility of online shopping X3

  7. haha! I can relate to that too. When I was in a math class, my teacher told the class a certain mathematical term in our national language and in english, it literally meant ‘d*ck’. i couldn’t help to chortle at the moment.. :P

    Learning the language must be tough, huh? what’s your nationality, btw? :)

    1. @GlaringDream: :D that’s awesome! I also self-studied before taking this course, so it really helped. We haven’t got round to kanji yet since I’m still attending elementary class :D

      @hirochan: yeah lol~ ^^ can’t help it huh… especially when the words are so suggestive haha.

      It wasn’t too bad cos the last 2 years of BLCDs really helped! I also did some self-study and memorised hiragana and katagana before taking this course, so I’m not completely clueless during class. It helps a lot cos we have to take notes in class using the text :) Hope you don’t mind but I’m located where BL isn’t encouraged lol~ so yeah shhh~ ^^;;

  8. LOL at the words. It’s hard not to remember yaoi from them if you hear them often. ;3 It’s great to learn Japanese. ATM, I’m learning on my own and listening to songs, drama CDs, and the like really helps. I only know probably less than 20 kanji though. XD

    1. @Luvi: hehehe XD that’s great! I mean you’ve known her for a couple of years at least? It’ll be sad if you lost contact after she returns to Japan :)

  9. looooool This entry reminded me of the time when I was still attending one of my elementary/intermediate classes. I had a relatively young and naive female sensei who knew nothing about BL. (She was quite the tennen moe. >A<)

    Then one day, I brought a BL novel to class and showed it to her. …And got her hooked. XD;

    It's too bad she has gone back to Japan to get married late last year though. ;3;

    1. @Luvi: hahaha tennen moe XDD lol~ corrupting the innocent one mind at a time OTL;;; but I admire you for doing that hahaha. I don’t think I can do that with my sensei tho… she’s quite the motherly type but then again, you never know hahaha :P Which novel was that? Do you remember? :D

      Aww… it’ll be nice if you can keep in touch with her :3

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