Goods: Yummy bishie x apron Lucky Dog 1 fortune cookies (Tennenouji, Stellaworth)

Bishies so HOT they can’t keep their clothes on lol~

The fortune cookies finally arrived! I can send them out to my Birthday contest winners this week :D While writing this post, I realised that Lucky Dog 1 fortune cookies were available last year too! I even wrote about them (this post) but I didn’t buy any at that time. And the price had gone up from 850 Yen – 945 Yen! *_*

Title: Lucky Dog 1 for adults ~For Gian sake, we bake cookies~
「オトナの ラッキークッキー1 ~ジャンのためならクッキーを焼く~」
Price: 945Yen (w/tax)

Available from Super comic city event: 3-4 May 2012
Remaining boxes sold at the store from 5 May 2012 onwards
Estimated shipment date 6 June 2012

Product page:
(You’ll need a proxy to get them)

Second series of Lucky Dog 1 fortune cookies! 1 box contains 6 cookies, inside each chocolate flavoured fortune cookies will contain a newly written Gian x ALL script and fortune. The cookie might be bitter chocolate for adult tastes but the scripts are intensely sweet.

There are 24 adults-only CR-5 fortune scripts to collect! Written in each Lucky Dog 1 character’s distinct speaking style.

Following the concept of 4 Lucky Dog 1 boys baking cookies for Gian’s sake, they’re illustrated wearing aprons! With lots of love weaved into the written sweet nothings meant for Gian! Besides the boys, scripts of Gian and other characters can be found in the fortunes too! Randomly packed, whose fortune will you get today?

Package illustration by Yura 由良.

Box pack and freebie bromide of the illustration.

Box measures 21cm x 14.5 cm x 4.5 cm

What it says on the box cover.

Oh~ Hello boys~ :D Not naked-apron though.
Back of the box.

Better view :D I wonder if its possible in real life to achieve those abs and have such a slim waist? lol~ Bernardo looks so otome here :D Stellaworth’s Gian no Tame (ジャンのためなら世界を壊す) game set includes 2 mini dakimakuras similar to the illustrations below, minus the aprons. I’ll make a post about them when I have time. Still available or purchase if you’re interested! :D

Gian no Tame Stellaworth game set link:

Box sides (length)

Ingredients list! Flour, sugar, eggs, chocolate powder colouring, etc. Nothing healthy there. There are only 6 cookies per box! So little orz;; Storage instruction: Advised to keep away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Box sides (width)

With excitement~ I open the box… the white package is the drying agent.

Fortune cookies revealed! :D

I can’t remember when was the last time I ate a fortune cookie. About 6 cm long.

Taken out of the individual packaging.

SNAP! Fortune for the day! :D Guess who I got?

Bernado!! <3 My fav chara :D CHO LUCKY~

Wow, a whopping LUCKY 500%! XD

The script is what Bernardo says to Gian while smexing him ^^ The note below says, this paper is inedible lol~ The cookie is very crunchy and sweet. Quite yummy.

Placed next to the box :D

I ate the rest of the cookies the next day. Pic below shows the sequence in which I got them.

Beside the first Bernardo one, I got Lucky 80% and Lucky 90% Gian.

Followed by Lucky 40% (Ragtliffe?) Racliffe Verhoeven, Lucky 70% and Lucky 500% Gulio :D

Well, I got the all different variations in the 6 cookies I have. Not bad lol~ I’ll type/translate them when I have more time :D But please feel free to help me and leave them in the comments if you can! I’m really busy nowadays orz;;; Birthday contest winners, please share them with us when you get yours too :D

Last but not least, bigger pic of Bernardo <3

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21 thoughts on “Goods: Yummy bishie x apron Lucky Dog 1 fortune cookies (Tennenouji, Stellaworth)”

  1. Thank you again for the package!*super hug*<3
    These sweets were so yummy….I ate them all as soon as I got them lol…^////^;;;

    I took pics of the fortunes in case you were curious~ XD
    (I got one bad luck that foreshadowed my health quiz that day. OTL)

    1. @dandycorsets: Thanks for sharing dear and glad you enjoyed them! *hugz back* Hope you’re feeling better too <3 I'll update the post with your fortunes soon XD

  2. I so want this!! But it’s food!! Dx

    Here in Europe they demand a certificate that proves everything’s alright with it, so that means there’s no way I can get it, right?

    1. @Kuru: yeah, its cookies. I wouldn’t know since I don’t live in European countries. Have you ordered other food items before?

  3. ah, such a great idea and gift this makes!<3

    btw have you tried the pudding snacks that where for maji 100%? It's was a first for me and they were so yummy like the real thing of flan! I ended up getting a bromide of the character i wasn't to fond of.;;

    1. I bought the UtaPuri gummy snacks too! Whose bromide did you get? I ended up with Ittoki! Who is actually my favorite. I was pretty lucky. My second set was the group one.

    2. Aw, your so lucky to get a group pic!>w<
      I wish i would have gotten Ittoki, he's also my fav. I ended up getting Ren Jinguji. XD
      I hope they release more of the utapuri gummy's there so good!

    3. @dandycorsets: I didn’t buy the puddng snacks. My budget was tight orz;; if they made them again, I may buy it since it sounds so yummy :3 what other Ittoki goods do you currently have?

    4. The only ittoki item i own is a little notebook lol. The character from Utapuri i own the most of is Cecil. (note book/alarm clock mini/card case.)
      I wanted to get the hand fan they had of him for sale on amiami for cheap but someone beat me to it. ;-;

      Did you see the Utapuri figures Alter plans to make!!? *o* They looks amazing, i’m so excited! Alter is amazing.

      What Utapuri things you own? Who’s your fav?XD

      Hope you have some free time to check out the new season of anime. I like a lot of what is currently out. “K” is really amazing in animation and music, it has caught my attention.

    5. @dandycorsets: So your fav character is Cecil? :D I have things like keychains, notebooks etc.

      Yes, I can’t wait to see those figures coloured. I sure hope they’re not exclusives *o*

      I caught K. The animation quality is awesome. I hope the plot is good too. I think Magi is rather cute and I’m also planning to follow Kamisama Hajimemashita (Really funny XD). I’ll also be continuing Sword Art Online and Shirokuma Cafe from the previous season. And will squeeze Natsuyuki Rhapsody if I can :P So many good anime to watch so little time.

    6. Yea i adore Cecil, i haven’t gotten very far in the anime at all though. Still need to finish.;;
      He appears in it too right?
      I love Ittoki & Tokiya too~<3
      (I'm not familiar with the newer characters…)

      lol i bet the figures are exclusives. ;v;

      I saw Kamisama Hajimemashita and Magi they were very cute!
      Looking forward to more K, hope the story is good too.
      Natsuyuki Rhapsody was a bit disappointing. :(
      I have to wonder if the manga is set up different from the anime.
      I've been curious to see what Shirokuma cafe is all about. Is SwordOnline good?

      I've seen the first epi's to Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!(Funny and moe lol), Zetsuen no Tempest(very weird), JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (always wanted to see a animation of this series, very unique style), Sukitte Iinayo (In love with this one), and Code: Breaker (it's got my interest), their all very interesting story wise and in animation.*-*;; (I was studying while having them play in background;;)

      I saw epi 2 of Shinsekai yori (very interesting story so far) and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun(Super cute) today before class.

    7. @dandycorsets: Ah~ I see :D yeah Cecil appears only during the last few episodes. I’ve not been following the rest of the characters either but they look good too.

      You’ll definitely enjoy Shirokuma Cafe. Watch it XD Sword Art Online is VERY good! Must watch. Very good plot and characterisation. Hmm, I’ll lower my expectations for Natsuyuki Rhapsody then. I was only up till episode 1 :P

      I’m putting those other anime you mentioned on watchlist if I can find the time. The shoujo romance stars Sakuri Takahiro right? The guy he voices is such a bishie *heart-marked eyes* I’ll try to catch it too.

    8. I got a chance to see Cecil in the episode with him in it. It was cute!! I love how they did. XD
      After i went to see how his story from the game went…yea his story is so different from the actual story line but still looked interesting.;;

      I’ll definitely check them out!

      yes~ Sakuri Takahiro ~<3
      He has a lot of roles this season!OoO

      BTW have you ever heard of the manwa "Carnivorous Princess Yegrinna"?
      It's so funny. If you have a chance read it. Dysfunctional bishi's galore lol~XD;

  4. The CR:5 boys are soooo sexy~! I totally want a dakimakura! The art is sooo amazing!

    It’s really cute that the first fortune cookie you open was Bernardo!! He looks so sweet in the apron pic!! <3

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