Goods: You can now wrap your arms and legs around Shi-zaya (Durarara!! Izaya + Shizuo Dakimakura)

♥ ♥ ♥ Wanna see more of the smexy duo? uu fufufufu~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Update 18 November 2010: We can look forward to OFFICIAL dakimakura (hugging pillow cases) of Izaya and Shizuo in 2011 April! Thanks to Jima for the heads up! See this post for updated information!

Last update 27 August 2010:

Title: デ〇ラララ!!臨也と静雄の24時間戦争コンビ抱き枕カバー
Durarara!! Izaya and Shizuo’s 24 hour war combination hugging pillow case cover

Doujin circle: 華山香(やすろう)
Size: 170 cm x 50 cm (Fastener included)
Material: Smooth knit (スムースニット)
Price: 10,500 yen (w/tax)
Release date: November 2010
IMPORTANT *** Preorder date ends on 26 September 2010 ***
Note: As per Comi-comi’s instructions, your order should only contain the dakimakura cover. Other items should not be submitted together in the same order.

This is not an official item but the price sure is OTL;;; Click the pic for a bigger image. The poses are quite mild although they’ll still raise an eyebrow or two if your folks at home see it hehehe XD But I’m sure there are lots more provocative poses out there illustrated by talented Shizaya fans.

Anyway if you wanna lay your hands on those two, pop over to Comi-comi right now since they ship internationally and accept credit card.

I didn’t link to the product page directly cos it doesn’t work. So do a search for the item by keying 臨也と静雄の24時間戦争コンビ抱き枕カバー into their search box.

I know it’s a challenge for some of you since the website is only in Japanese, try my tutorials here and sign up for a comi-comi account. That way you can save middleman fees since the cover isn’t cheap *_*

Have fun! XD Perfect complementary item to the DRRR!! Voice alarm clock if you ask me.

By the way, as you probably already know, there are officially released full-sized tapestries of Shizuo and Izaya (200 cm x 70 cm) but the poses don’t come close to this dakimakura. And they also cost a bomb too at 9500 Yen each. Release date: 28 August 2010.

With this doujin Shizaya dakimakura cover, you get both guys on each side plus a smexy pose. XD

two-metre tall official tapestries woo~ (9500 Yen each)

Durarara!! Life-size Tapestry Izaya Orihara / Character GoodsDurarara!! Life-size Tapestry Shizuo Heiwajima / Character Goods

Update: I found an additional option! But only available from stores that don’t ship international and if you like the design, sorry to say that the preorder date has ended but you can still try your luck since the order button seems to be still working :-\ It’s more expensive though.


Also named as:
デュ○ララ!「24時間戦争コンビ」臨也&静雄 抱き枕カバ
Durarara!! Izaya and Shizuo’s 24 hour war combination hugging pillow case cover

Doujin Circle: 夜伽領域。 (灰雷兎)
Size: 170 cm x 50 cm
Material: ロイカ (2WAYトリコット生地)
Price: 12,600 Yen
Release date: August 2010
Info: Double-sided full colour, fastener included

Click pic for a bigger image.

Which design do you prefer? :D

The second one looks more badass sexy but I like the other one better hehe.

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12 thoughts on “Goods: You can now wrap your arms and legs around Shi-zaya (Durarara!! Izaya + Shizuo Dakimakura)”

  1. Wow, i find it hard to believe they actually sell these sort of stuff. I mean, does the artist even approve of letting her/his characters in such a pose on pillowcases soon to be bought by die-hard fans? :P

    1. @hirochan: It’s similar to doujinshi (manga) that is so common in Japan, so it’s like tolerated as long as the doujin circle does not profit too much from it. But I think if they really wanted to take action, they probably would. I remember reading that in the past there was a circle who mass produced sexy anime girls dakimakura with the intention to sell for a high profit. I think they were sued by the copyright holders in the end. Not sure of the outcome cos I didn’t follow up with the story.

    1. @Luvi: Hmm… true. Maybe she didn’t get big enough volume/orders to get more manufacturing discounts. But hopefully the experience can help her in her next venture :3 and release a full-length version.

  2. Yeah. : I don’t see a point in getting a mini dakimakura so I didn’t buy it. I did send a message to the artist asking if she’d release a full-sized one, but she didn’t reply. ;3;

    1. @Luvi: That’s such a pity! I wonder why she didn’t reply :-\ maybe she didn’t receive the mail? OR maybe she’s wants to sell the current one first before working on the next…

  3. I agree with you, the 1st one is better although the 2nd is damn hot!
    It seems like finally companies has discovered girls also like dakimakuras, but they just didn’t have options before… a lot of hot guys are coming now, it’s really nice (not for our wallets, though…).
    I’ve seen this: I didn’t like the anime, I feel a bit disappointed cos I’ve waited for Miracle Train and it was so boring, but the guys are really handsome, and Roppongi is my fav… but I’m not gonna buy him, for now my only pillow is Akira / Shiki 2 =D

    1. @pyoko: I find the pose of the second version hot too… but somehow I like the 1st one nicer to look at when I imagine them on my bed kekeke XD I’m planning to get those voice mascots :3 and the hetalia ones but sheesh… kinda broke right now :(

      @Luvi: That’s a sweet looking one! I like the blush on their cheeks :D Pity it isn’t full-length huh. Do you have it? It was also on sale right?

      @bangin-san: Low possibility to have official DRRR!! goods with sexy poses of the men right? ^^;;; The female characters get more love in this department ^^

      @planck-chan: Yeah I think I’ll enjoy hugging the first one more for a much longer time XD The 2nd one is hot but I just prefer the expressions of the characters in the first one.

      Wow… this Miracle Train Dakimakura is official right? Nice poses there! I think he looks rather cute! :D I also looked forward to the anime but I was so bored by it too. I tried to watch more episodes hoping it’ll get better but it didn’t =_= I dropped it after episode 3. Yeah, I’ll not buy this either. The Doujin Shizaya one is darn tempting tho :3 Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Shiki x Akira dakimakura. If they did that, it’s instant GET for us, right? XDD

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