Goods: Yay Sebby re-issue and Ciel Nendoroid preorder! (Kuroshitsuji)

Sebastian and Ciel Nendoroid
I just received the mailer from Goodsmile! XD


I was paranoid about breaking Sebby’s neck-joint cos I heard many stories about it, so he was never taken out of his box after I first got him. But with this upcoming one… I guess I would feel less worried now! XD

planck-chan has already alerted me to the upcoming Nendoroid Ciel preorder. The news about Nendoroid Sebby‘s re-issue is definitely the icing on the cake! And Ciel will come with the tea-set that Sebby can use kekeke.

Both Sebby and Ciel are slated for release in September 2010 at the damage of 3500 Yen each ^^

Yay, Goodsmile for the Sebby reissue! <3

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23 thoughts on “Goods: Yay Sebby re-issue and Ciel Nendoroid preorder! (Kuroshitsuji)”

    1. @sigma: yea, seems like it! Last checked, Sebby’s restock has already sold out. I didn’t even know about it until you told me :P

      Yeah comparing the two faces, I prefer the old Squall figgy but the new version has new improved articulation, so you can pose him better.

  1. I received my Ciel nendo today!
    This is my first actually nedo i brought sense the Light nedo i have was a gift from friend.
    I’m really quite surprised with the quality. I wish it were a little bit bigger…but then it wouldn’t be called a nendoroid.;;;
    All he needs is his butler~;v;

    btw have you seen this?

    I’m really sad i pre-ordered Araragi now. This is a great looking Squall figure!;O;
    I never had a play arts figure though. You? I don’t know what to expect but the detail is really nice….

    1. @sigma: :D that’s sweet! My Ciel and Sebby are still in their boxes :P Are you displaying him? I’m not sure if Sebby is still available for sale :O

      Yeah, I saw it. Don’t be sad :3 I’m sure you’ll enjoy Araragi! Although I don’t have a Squall figure, I think Squall’s face in this Dissidia version doesn’t look as good as the old one. I’ve not put my play arts figures (still in box) next to my figma figures before ^^;; maybe I’ll do that and then compare them.

  2. Well… the value of PVCs tend to rise sharply over time so I’m not particularly concerned about spending too much on them. …Yet. I’ve sold a couple of them for pretty high prices in the past when I was short on cash. :3

  3. I try not to, but my resolve always falter when I see cute and pretty things. And especially tsundere or loli characters. >A<

    1. @Luvi: So far I’m successful against almost all PVCs, except the Nitro+Chiral boys, but I’m still missing Rai and Konoe PVCs. The most recent resistance fail was my ordering of Alter’s Natsume Yuujinchou PVC (amiami exclusive) x_x ;;;

      If there were no money concerns, I would have so many PVC wishlists to fulfill~ sigh.

  4. You and me both. orz I could buy a really well made figurine of Louise (Zero no Tsukaima 8D) with 9k yen. >A<

    1. @Luvi: Yeah we could buy 2 Kaitos and have money to spare with that amount. You collect PVCs too? I try not to cos they’re real expensive even though the quality is beautiful.

    1. @Luvi: Recently I saw Gackpoid T-shirts and tea cup for preorder! Maybe they’ll consider making a Nendo/figma of him… so hopefully if they do that, they’ll also reissue Kaito! Cos I just can’t get past my rational mind to pay 9k Yen for him x_x;;;

  5. Gosh, this is another conspiracy! If the TnC pillows making you buy 2 was not enough, here is servant and master inviting, ordering you to buy them both! I still have my Sebby, I was, NO! No need another, this is irrational! But the nice price… he was so difficult to buy before and so fragile (a neckjoin also broke without force) and it’s nice having another Sebby in the box for caution… he’s so charming, irresistible! Everybody is telling me that bought another Sebby, and why not? Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! *But I’m afraid of can’t afford them both in September…

    1. @Luvi: They’re so unfair DX Even the twins had a reissue once (If I remember correctly)

      @planck-chan: Uwa you also enountered the broken neck-joint? DX Maybe you can order one of them with another item that is released at a later date to push back the delivery? *_*

      @imacatlover: Glad you’re feeling better XD Hehe yeah but being the brat that Ciel is, of course he wouldn’t admit he is the late one lol

      Yeah, amiami’s 20% discount seems like a lot! I wish they didn’t charge the 700 Yen handling fee for SAL tho’ It is almost 21% of the price which made it almost no discount.

      I had a good vacation! Hehe made a small post here.

      Uwa… finally! XD Looking forward to your pillow pics! <3

  6. “Sure took your own sweet time, huh, Sebastian…” No you, did, Ciel! Dx I’ve been waiting almost a year for you, you little brat! Do you know how lonely my Sebbie was, huh? T___T Do you?! Haha, j/k xD

    *___* Yay, you got them too! So have I! Don’t worry, I also have bought a Sebbie extra xD; I was so sad that my old one broke a neckjoint, so since amiami has such nice prices, they both fall nicely in my 60 euro budget, if the SAL is just as nice as the price ;)

    Fourthing on a Kaito re-release! And if Zetsubo can come back again with a normal price also, that would be great… =w=;;

    Sorry I haven’t been replying much, btw. I’ve had a bad cold a few days ago (just in my vacation, nice :T), but I’m ok now :D How was your vacation! Dis you bring nice souvenirs? My pillows might be arriving tommorow, I hope *__* They had been with the customs for ages, but today they finally noted that they had been checked! I can’t wait!!

  7. This is sure to make many fangirls happy ^^
    I’ve never seen Black Butler but there is so much hype around it… Maybe I should order a Sebby on the assumption I will one day be a fan? x3

    1. @littlemonster: lol~ you never know! XD If you have some $$$ to spare and you like Sebby’s design in general, it’s nice to get him now cos he comes with a few cute faces and a black cat you can use for your other Nendoroids.

      Nendoroid Sebby has been fetching 5000 Yen and up prices on auctions since he went out-of-print after his release last year. I’ve been praying for a reissue XD so this time I’m not letting him get away. I must exercise the spirit of otaku-kai and buy one more Sebby for backup! OTL;;;

      Next… please reissue Zetsubo Sensei and Kaito!!! *keeps fingers crossed*

  8. ^ I’m also praying for a Zetsubou-sensei rerelease. Oh please please.T__T

    But why buy another Sebby?XDXD Don’t you want to experience Sebby’s broken neck first? I did, for all of his 3 heads. LOLs.

    I’m gonna wait for local pre-orders for our little Bocchama.XD Weeee~! Finally, after whut, how many months again?

    And neeee, my proxy said that my Junjo Romantica Petit Nendos are already here. O_O

    1. @banoni: *prays together* XD

      All broken??? GAA~ what a shock that must have been!!! DX I’ll probably need to undergo therapy if that happens lol~ nah kidding XDD Yeah, we’ve been waiting for Ciel since last December! I’ll also wait a bit and see if the local store is bringing the boys in ^^

      :O REALLY?? That’s strange, Junjo Petits are supposed to be released in August! That’s awesome news! Do share the pics when you’ve received them ^^)/

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