Goods: Yagami Light is back! (Death note, Figutto, Griffon Enterprises)

Light Figutto

The many faces of Yagami Light (Raito) 夜神 月

More surprise figure releases! And this time Yagami Light and Ryuk the Shinigami (Death God) from Death Note (デスノート). Definitely brings back nostalgic feelings for those exciting moments when we were chasing after plot developments of the anime/manga :)

Title: figutto! DEATH NOTE Light Yagami Action Figure [Griffon Enterprises]
Price: 4,380 yen (w/tax)
Available: May 2011
Size: about 160 mm (non-scale)
Includes display base and has 16 points of articulation and original jointing. Includes numerous option hands and faces. Sculpted by Piron.

Quite reasonable for the price considering the number of accessories included. I already have the Real Action Heroes version that has a beautiful face sculpt of Light, so I have no excuse to spend extra on this figure :-\ and with my bank account potentially crippled by RAH Hei… sigh… he is out of the question.

I wonder if a cheaper version figma is going to follow? And look at the long-chained hand-cuffs. Can we also expect figutto L to pop up in the coming months? Let’s wait and see. It seems that this is going be really exciting year for bishonen figures! :D

Light Figutto
However, that’s a not so nice joint space on the arm… Does anyone own a figutto? How is the quality of the figure?

Light Figutto

Anyway, Shinigami Ryuk will also be released in late May too at 5,700 yen (w/tax) Even if I buy Ryuk, I don’t think I’ll ever display him because of his scary face. Will definitely get into trouble with folks at home ^^;;

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6 thoughts on “Goods: Yagami Light is back! (Death note, Figutto, Griffon Enterprises)”

    1. @banoni XD glad it helped! Yes, quite a number of surprise announcements this Jan/Feb! Must get if you’re a Light fan… hopes for an L figure!

  1. So this was quite a surprise! I found him so bishie I couldn’t resist, even more after Griffon made that limited cold cast Light that I could not afford, so I must get this to ‘compensate’. And since I won’t get Araragi figma or plush, that’s an opportunity to me. His face looks beautiful, and those accessories are nice, specially potatoes XD … and handcuffs LOL have such ideas with those XDDDDD

    I don’t think there’ll be a figma of him, it’s possible but it’s so rare GSC doing male figmas. I don’t own any figma, the ones I want are sold out and pricey today, Lulu and Suzaku. So this figutto is my chance to have my 1st action figure in that style. I’ve noted the space between the arm joint, but let’s wait real product won’t have problems.

    1. @planck-chan: yeah… they just shipped their Light PVC statue and now came up with this! I’m glad they also considered fans who prefer action figures ^^ He has a few faces included so it’s pretty awesome :D

      Figutto figures are slightly larger than figmas. I’m so tempted by this figure too but I’m holding back due to all the $$$ (T_T) but you know, if they made L, then I’m definitely going to work my ass off to get them both as a couple. If they were priced cheaper like figmas, I would be more forgiving to the joint issue too :-\

  2. when i saw this i was like “whoa! light figma!”
    but just like you when i saw the joint problems it changed my mind. also the fact that i already own a light figure.
    Not to fond of the face sculpt but i love the extras he comes with! Potatoes chips~!!

    1. @sigma: yeah but if you want a figure you can play with, you can definitely consider him. They must make L too, if not it won’t be complete. If it was priced like a figma, I may be more forgiving to that joint issue :-\

      Since you already own such a beautiful Light statue, it’s easy to understand why you won’t like the face sculpt of this action figure as much X3 I think his “acting nice” and “smiling” face looks good but his “evil” face doesn’t look quite right :D but overall still a rather good looking figure.

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