Goods: World’s first strippable hugging pillow of… GACKT (male dakimakura, official, limited edition)

Probably the worlds’ first? Sasuga Gakuto-sama… XD

Title: Akatsukizukuyo -DAY BREAKERS- Premium Edition 暁月夜 -DAY BREAKERS-
Price: 15,000 Yen (w/o tax)
Date of release (date of delivery): Wednesday, 1st October 2014
Reservation deadline: 23 July 2014, at 6 PM Japanese time.

Japan store:
Global store: (ships international)

CD: Akatsukizukyo – DAY BREAKERS-
DVD: Akatsukizukyo – DAY BREAKERS-
Jacket Specs: The Jacket is an 1800 x 600 mm Body Pillow

Description: Akatsukizukuyo – DAY BREAKERS- Premium Edition (GACKT’s 45th Single)

Featuring the world’s first life-size CD jacket!

And with clothes you can take off!!

You might not be able to sleep at night with this around!?

This is the 2nd single of 2014! In addition to the orchestral and instrumental versions (which are included in the regular disk), this premium edition contains a special limited-version of “Akatsukizukyo – DAY BREAKERS“! Inside you’ll find a rock ballad which follows in the path of “P.S. I LOVE U“…


Nearly spilled my coffee when I saw this on sale and I didn’t notice that it was going to be a “strippable” dakimakura until my friend Akiyama pointed it out hahaha… must-buy? XD The official site had been talking about Gackt’s official nude photos that were to be revealed soon… OMG don’t tell me… XDDD

If I’m not wrong, it is going to be an actual 180cm cushion (with stuffing) and not just the cover. Not a bad deal if this is the case because I don’t know anywhere else in the market that sells a stuffing of that size. Unless you custom make one yourself.

Plus if I don’t want to deal with having to explain a strippable male hugging pillow, I can just cover it with another 180 cm cover with a sexy pose of a 2D character instead (as if that’s goinna help much) XDDD

So, any takers? :D

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4 thoughts on “Goods: World’s first strippable hugging pillow of… GACKT (male dakimakura, official, limited edition)”

    1. Still just 2comments.. O.O
      I think others have the same problem XD
      To be honest I still don`t really know what to write…
      I love the idea but sadly I don`t have money in the moment…
      This year is horrible: so many great items all at the same time (all limited, of course) and I can hardly afford to buy anything..TTnTT
      but enough of my whining I wrote because of something else:

      The pillowcover picture is online.
      So he`s not 100% nacked which I expected but to be true I would not have thought that he would still wear Jeans.
      The body is fine (also I don`t know how much real GACKT is left “^^)…but the face…
      Since for me the most important thing is the facial expression and I really don`t like it on this picture it`s a lot easier for me to say ‘no’ to this product.

    2. @kitsunebi: thanks for the heads up! I just saw the new pics… yeah of all the nicer photos that he took during the recent photoshoot… why did he have to choose this one for the pillow :( I don’t like the face either… nice body :D but to see him in this boring standing post and jeans underneath is kinda disappointing. Too much expectation I guess :P Our 2D BL boys’ dakimakura win hands down… that said, I might still get it… 180cm pillows are rare. I have a few more days to consider.

      I feel ya… this year has been great in terms of bishie anime, goods and figures \(*o*)/ but definitely not great for our wallets… orz;;; I’ve managed to resist many of them fortunately but that’s not to say I’m spending very much less =_=

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