Goods: Why Togainu Military Shiki x Akira one-coin chibi Comiket 78 exclusive set is a must have (Kotobukiya)

Beige/White Military Shiki and Akira… Notice anything special about this pic?

Lots of photos shall follow the answer~

That’s right, Akira’s head is REMOVABLE!!!

That’s why it is possible to have Akira’s head on Shiki’s body without photo manipulation or cutting his head off :D

It’s probably a good enough reason to label this a limited edition one-coin and justify the 2000 Yen cost for just two one-coins. Besides creating a new removable Akira head, there are less figures made, so production cost is probably higher.

Also, now we know why the free postcard (see pic) is an illustration of white military Akira sitting on Shiki’s chair (and looking so darn cute ^^).

A recap.

Titie: One-coin figure series Togainu no Chi Akira & Shiki Chibi Military uniform set.
(ワンコインフィギュアシリーズ 咎狗の血 アキラ&シキ~ちみ軍服せっと~)
Damage: 2,000 Yen (w/tax)
Size: Non-scale 40~50mm
On sale: 13-15 August 2010 at Comiket 78 (Exclusive)

Although the figures are officially labelled by Kotobukiya as military white, the colour of the uniforms of the actual figures is actually closer to light beige. The difference is very obvious when you compare the colour of their pure white gloves with their military uniforms.

This following photo shows the couple taken out of their box packaging and posed with the printed backing image as backdrop. Shiki looks so happy (or leery) and Akira has the “what’s so funny look” lol~

The package, including Kotobukiya catalogue and life-size armband free gift in front and back view.

A pic of our boys with their heads switched :3 I really like Akira’s facial expression :D

A pic comparison of white military Akira with the Secret version from Togainu one-coin original release (2005). Note that the old one-coins do not have removable heads. Oh but both hats are removable :) The two figures are more or less the same. But white military Akira’s hat visor is glossy.

More detailed pic. Old Akira’s face is more saturated (reddish/tanned?) while new Akira’s face is more pale. The material used to make his face looks better/finer. Maybe it’s just me. I think the new Akira looks nicer in this regard. Colour of the swirly eyes is slightly different too. Well, the original is still cute tho’ :)

The armband of white military Akira has two black stripes painted as well as the stripes on his sleeve but the old one didn’t. That’s detailed and crisp painting if you ask me. Probably production techniques have improved over the years.

Now on to Shiki. Not a lot of difference since this white military Shiki is based on Chiral Mori one-coin series that was released in late 2009.

Some close-ups. Hmm… I just noticed that the stripes on Shiki’s armband and sleeves are painted in both figures. I’m convinced it is definitely due to improved production techniques now. Only slight difference in the matte/glossiness of his hair.

White military Shiki’s hair is more matte.

Cute arm chairs that have Shiki’s butt prints on them XD

After seeing the new set and the quality of new Akira, I’m wondering if the re-release of the old Togainu no Chi one-coins (2005) will also show the improvements or even get removable heads? There are no news about updates to the old releases on Kotobukiya’s website. I mean they also didn’t mention anything about white military Akira’s head being removable when the set was first revealed. Either that or I missed out something from their marketing text *_* Ok, I just went to their blog and found that it was mentioned in one of the posts just before the event. OTL They should publicise such important information much earlier right…

I’m really tempted to order another set of the old one-coin re-release but I know I shouldn’t after spending a bomb on this limited set.

If you already own the original one-coins, would you buy the re-release again? And how about this limited white military set?

Omake pic. The catalogue revealed that we can wear Akira’s boxer pants soon lol~ Illustrated by Yu-pon, they will be sold during an event sometime in September 2010. Cute! Will be watching out for them, so stay tuned :)

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20 thoughts on “Goods: Why Togainu Military Shiki x Akira one-coin chibi Comiket 78 exclusive set is a must have (Kotobukiya)”

  1. Too bad i’m still struggling with my Kanjis, i dunno where the booth are. It’s so goddamn huge and i can only find the doujinshi hall. T_T. It seems u’re good with kanjis…

    Maybe if u got info for next winter comiket, can u review it? so i can prepare for hunt.
    Actually i would like to give info too from my small hunting once in a while…like the Sweet pool fan i found (4th post)

    1. @Ri: Icic… mmm I’ve read reports about attending these events… scary… I’m not sure I have the stamina to queue like that for it OTL No wonder my friend said she was bashed after going for an event like that a couple of years back. I’ll try to give more info about the next comiket if I can, I mean I haven’t been there myself ^^;;; but I’ll do my best. From the reviews I read, usually people would buy the event catalog (around 2000 Yen) so that they can plan and locate the booths on the maps before going down to hunt for the items.

      You have a lovely blog with beautiful illustrations! Oh yes, I have that fan too XDD it’s such a cute item for summer! <3

  2. This Yu-Pon person, does shehe has their own website featuring their illustrations? I am very interested in his/her art style!

    The figures are so cute! I recently got a coupling figure (vol1) of Keisuke though, they’re pretty small, not bigger than my thumb, but it’s still adorable. <3

  3. @ponytale: I feel the same *joking* The thing is, I haven’t seen them for around 8 years, and since I’ll be going back to see them at the beginning of September, I thought this would make a perfect visiting gift, considering we share the same interest. Yes, those. ^^ I wanted them the moment they were announced, and was quite disappointed when I found out they were limited (and exclusive). I even considered spending $100+ on them but decided to be patience and wait for Mandarake instead. I saw they sold a set for 8000 yen but it was sold out, so I decided to contact them. One of the representative then sent me an invoice for the set for 6500 yen, sold by a different Mandarake store. Imagine how happy I was. ^^

    I understand what you’re saying completely. Just like the full scale version, I can’t bear to miss these as well. Lol, he is! Me too! A must buy for me as well, wish it’s not exclusive though. :/

    @planck-chan: Unfortunately, I only have 3 extras, the other set is mine, so…maybe next time? (Lol) Oh, you too? I managed to buy all four for a very decent price, was pretty happy. Actually, you don’t have to be online 24/7. Based on my stalking experience, Mandarake usually updates their websites around 8 am in the morning and 9 pm at night-10 pm and sometimes (Nagoya) around 2-3 am (CA, USA time).

    1. @planck-chan: yes! Finally Junjou puchis’s release date is here! 26 August! I’m waiting eagerly for the seller’s contact email XD

      @sigma: yea Akira looks surprisingly good on Shiki’s body huh :D I hope they revamp the old one-coins including the Lamento ones so that everybody have removable heads! XD

      Me wants the boxers too! XDD

      @mai: Lol~ you are! XD ah~ they’ll be perfect gifts indeed, especially cos they are so hard to come by :3 I’m sure your cousins will appreciate it!

      That’s lovely. 6500 yen is almost the same selling price! And it’s for the limited edition too. If I’m not wrong, the right to purchase those oni-versions are by lucky draw only right?

      Yep yep, I got into figure collecting late so I don’t have some of the Nitro+Chiral full-scale figs. I’m slowly but surely collecting them. Mmm, so far they said that the underwear will be available during the September event but hopefully, it’ll also have a general release X3

  4. Akiras just to cute i like him better on shikis body. That’s neat they come with removable heads. As for the question on getting more chibis…nah im happy with the ones i already have removable are not. I love the military set but im okay with the black outfits/non removable heads. ;v;

    I want me some Akira boxers!! *hides in shame* XD

  5. @mai: ok, I’m your distant cousin from Brazil, dontcha know yet? hahahaha Yep, I’m daily seeing Mandarake, I’ve bought the Hetalia special one coins there, Italy Pasta version and Germany Cuckoo version for a nice price… but it’s impossible to be online 24/7, if a thing like a TnC special set appears on Mandarake, surely it’ll sell fast… it’s a matter of luck…

    @ponytale: thanks for your tips, I’m also seeing the Y!JA daily but for now I have to wait a lil… it seems our Junjou puchis are really near… 08/26th (at least seeing Chara-ani site on a translator…)! I just can’t wait for Misaki and Usagi-san!

  6. @planck-chan: Actually, I’m thinking of giving them away as gifts, for some of my cousins and a friend for her birth day in November. But I hope you’ll find them eventually. You might already know this, but you might want to keep a look out for Mandarake as well. At least for me, they’ve yet to disappoint regarding exclusive and limited stuff. I managed to find the limited Hakuouki one coin set from them for a very good price. =D

    @ponytale: Me too T.T and I still have a lot of preorders coming up. But when I first heard about these guys, I knew I just have to have them. I just found out about the Akira boxer from you post. I’m curious as to who came up with that idea. xD

    1. @mai: Your friend and cousins are so lucky! And you mean the oni versions of Hakuouki one-coin? They are rare indeed!!!

      Me too! I know I would regret if I let them slip ( T3T) so even though I’m kinda tight now, I tried to get them OTL;; Akira is the sexy one XD I’m surprised they didn’t come out with that idea earlier! And such cute illustrations. Must-buy (if possible :P)

  7. @ponytale Now seeing your pics it’s almost impossible resist… I’m doing such arithmetics to know if I really can afford them, but I have 2 Hakuouki plushes in the end of this month, then it’ll be practically the price I’d pay for this TnC set… and the shipping of Junjou Romantica puchis, it’ll be in the same cc bill… Only if I could wait for the next month but I’m afraid of them disappearing from Y!JA or becoming even more expensive. Dunno what to do…

    @mai ooh, if you have 4 sets, could you mind selling at least one of them? For a fair price…

    1. @planck-chan: Hmm it’s hard to say… keep monitoring and bid when you think the time is ripe? It’s just one more week till next month :)

  8. So cute!!! Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to get mine. I ended up buying four sets, since it turned out cheaper (34.25 for each) ^^

    1. @ri: yeah I bought it online at Y!Auctions :-\ They would have been at Kotobukiya’s booth. Did you manage to go to that booth? Which day did you go? Maybe they were sold out on the first day OTL How about Gift/Nitro+Chiral’s booth? Did you see those cute Togainu lunchboxes, ice cream, drinks and stuff? What did you buy there? Gaaa… Urayamashii~

  9. So they can change their heads!!! It’s really cool, since normal Military Akira one coin has his head fixed… But in the end have you managed to buy one set? I want so much, I’m always watching the Y!JA but where’s the money? At least you spend 4000 on them, and you still have to pay commissions, shipping… Why exclusives are so evil? T__T

    1. @planck-chan: yes I did… ~$~ flew away OTL I spent more than 4000 Yen on it and after you add the commissions and shipping, I just don’t want to think about it already :P And I just found out that entrance to comiket is free. It sucks to be an overseas fan.

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