Goods: Who is that (naked) girl?

What’s a naked girl doing in a predominantly BL blog?

I’m not doing a reverse BL and coming up with a yuri or hentai-related post lol~ so don’t worry about that.

This girl is special. She is my first female figure from Medicom Toy, Real Action Heroes Street Fighter Chun-Li!

I was impressed by Chun-Li’s head sculpt when I came across her photos online. When I laid eyes on the actual prototype figures on display during Anime Festival Asia 2008, I knew I didn’t make a mistake in placing a pre-order for her. When she finally arrived last month, I was excited and happy to see the final product. But I was really busy and didn’t have the mood to take her out of her box *shrug* so this review came late ^^;

So anyway, RAH Chun-Li warrants a damage of 16,800 Yen (w/o tax) to own.

She is 30cm tall and dressed immaculately in a blue Chinese traditional dress Qipao (Cheongsam) and her trademark buns on her head (lol) She has a pair of spiky bracelets and wears her white boots. Her costume pieces include a pair of blue “outer-panty”, brown tights and white belt. All are removable, except her head pieces. Her costumes and frills of her head-dress are wired, so you can pose them to achieve a more dynamic feel.

She has huge, muscular legs too that are specially customised for this figure. Also included are 2 pairs of hands, in martial arts pose and clenched fist pose, and a figure stand. She can stand on her own but if you want more challenging poses, like her “helicopter kick”, you’ll need the stand.

What I like most about her figure? Her head sculpt and paint job is very beautiful. She looks lovely in any angle! 100% babe. No doubt about it.

As Chun-Li is my first Medicom Toy girl figure, I was quite pleasantly surprised to find out that her torso/upper body is made of soft material. All my other Medicom boys, Lulu, Naoto, Light, etc were hard plastic. Darn. I want to pinch their butts like how I can poke Chun-Li’s breasts! XD

Is that the norm for Medicom RAH girl figures? If you know, please enlighten me!

What I found most amusing about her is that in order to achieve her ample bosom using the original Medicom female figure (I’m assuming this since I don’t have other Medicom girl figures), they gave her a NuBra type of stick-on to enhance her cup size. I believe those who own Medicom’s Death Note Misa Amane probably won’t have this extra “accessory” lol~

I also find that we can easily remove the arms and legs from the figure. Just pull at the shoulder and pelvic joints and they just come off. I think the design makes the figure very much easier to dress and undress without any fear of breaking anything. Compared to the boys whose arms and legs are all screwed-up (literally) onto the torso, Chun-Li’s arms and legs have a wider range of poses too. I’ve since broken my RAH Yagami Light’s arm in an attempt to pose him. (T_T) Unforgivable I know *points at self* but… sigh it was just waiting to happen.

However, Chun Li’s torso comes in one piece, so getting to pose her at the waist joint is not possible. Can’t have everything I guess…

Another small issue I have with this figure is that her boots are part of her calves/feet. They can be removed but we don’t have a pair of non-booted legs to replace them. So if you decide to strip her like I did, there’s a shoe-fetish feel to her since she can’t take off her boots. Hentai-poi~ xD

In conclusion, I think this is an awesome figure worth splurging on. I love my RAH Chun Li… even though I’m not a fan of her in the Street Fighter series… oops! ^^

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5 thoughts on “Goods: Who is that (naked) girl?”

  1. @imbeleh: Your comment was filtered as spam by wordpress and I missed it ^^;; sorry about that!

    Yep… fancy seeing a naked gal on a BL blog! XD That’s right, her torso is soft, Nice! *thumbs up*

  2. I got a shock but this figurine is pretty!!! And wow, those thighs are huuuuuuge! Thunder thighs!!

    Her upper body is actually soft? Heehee… pardon me. =P

  3. Uwaaa now i see the famous thigh of Chun Li. :P
    she is lovely indeed. Wish her fringe was one of those synthetic hair instead of hard plastic

    I clicked on Nu BRa link and practically begged my husband for an item XD LOL~

    I’m not sure with Misa DN but i think Chun Li’s face is lovelier than hers. let’s face it, Misa is an annoying brat. kekeke~

    Just a question, do you allow her to borrow Naoto’s jacket? or lulu leopard shawl?

    1. These are the flattering shots of her figure. Her naked muscled legs are really quite huge. Think Jennifer Lopez kekeke.
      I think her head sculpt is perfect XD I’m quite happy as it is. Definitely lovelier than Misa! If her hair was synthetic, it’ll be fun but we may not be able to maintain her hair style after some time, especially if we play with it. I’ve yet to dress her up in other doll clothes I have hehe… but I hope she can fit. Her figure is different from the boys. Tops shouldn’t be a problem but she probably can’t wear their trousers or pants cos of the size of her thighs o_O

      I also didn’t know that NuBra has so many pretty styles! I always thought it came only in Nude colour.

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