Goods: Wake up to Morikawa Toshiyuki’s manly voice! (Personalised Voice Alarm Clock)

Like… wow.

Update November 2011: Comicomi opened pre-orders for this item again.

Ends 15 November 2011 but you can only choose your name from the name list provided. If you missed the previous pre-order cycle and are one of the lucky ones whose names are in the name list, you can still pre-order if you haven’t done so ^^)/

Just noticed that the updated name list has new generic names probably requested by the customers like あねさん (Older sister – commonly used for yakuza female boss lol~) and マイ・エンジェル (I submitted this :D)

Last update: 26 August 2011

Title: Angel Alarm Clock homme Morikawa Toshiyuki 「天使の目覚し時計 homme」 森川智之
Price: 9,240 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 30 October 2011 Postponed to 20 November 2011
Important: This item is made-to-order only and Comi Comi (ships internationally) is accepting preorders only till 3 September 2011. Search for keywords: 天使の目覚し時計 homme
Official site:

What’s so special about this voice clock besides Morikawa Toshiyuki’s (森川智之) voice? Well, you can choose how you want him to call you by when he wakes you up! The thought of having Morimori read our English names flashed by and it cracked me up lol~ There’s a name list the company provides but if you can’t find your name, you can submit it if you order before 5 September 2011. I think Comi Comi closes order at 3 September to ensure that they have enough time to submit your name :D

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Luvi pointed out that we have to write “___name___でお願いします” at the comments box when we check out, so that Comicomi know the name we want. (^3^)/Thanks sweetie!

What name would you submit if you’re buying this clock? I’m so tempted to send in “Shuuichi-sama” HAHAHAHA XDD me and my Slavers obsession OTL;; But I guess I won’t if I really buy this. ^^;; If only we can send multiple names. I’ll have the Butler say “Shuiichi-sama” and the other two say my name lol~

If sales for this alarm clock is good, which I expect it to be, I’m sure we can get more seiyuu options in the future :) If they ever roped Sakurai Takahiro 櫻井孝宏 in for this, I’ll surely kick myself for not using “Shuuichi-sama” for the name lol ^^;;;

Anyway, in this clock, our king of BL voices 3 characters that you can pick to wake you up. There is one wake up voice for each season and a normal wake up voice pattern, so total of 15 voices to choose from. Pretty sweet deal for the price I would say :D There are also special voices as Luvi mentioned like Oyasumi etc :D

Character bios! \(^0^)/

1) Sports Instructor スポーツインストラクター
Vital stats: 28 years old, 183 cm tall, weighs 71 kg, muscular type (28歳 身長183cm。体重71kg 筋肉質)
Description: Big hearted and someone who doesn’t sweat the details. He is like everybody’s big brother. (おおらかで細かいことは気にしない, みんなの兄貴的存在)

2) Butler 執事
Vital stats: 30 years old, 178 cm tall, weighs 65kg (30歳 身長178cm。体重65kg)
Description: Hmm, I don’t really understand his character description and the online translators confused me. Please enlighten me if you know better. I have a feeling he is a Claude type demon butler who knows that his gentle voice can strike fear ^^;; (すべてにいやみなくらいソツがない, その優しげな声音がかえって怖いことを思い知る)

3) News reporter 新聞記者
Vital stats: 35 years old, 180cm tall, weighs 60kg (35歳 身長180cm。体重60kg)
Description: Someone who is aloof and there are times when you can’t figure how what he is thinking. (飄々としたところがありなにを考えているのかわからないところがある)

List of names you can choose for Morimori to call you by:


Technical details:

1) Alarm 目覚し時計
– Can set up to 3 alarms.
– You can choose the voice you like or own music.
– 5 minute snooze.

2) Player. 2G memory
– Format: mp3・wma
– It can copy audio from your PC with USB cable.
– SD card usable
– Random play, sleep function.
– Sleep function between 10 to 60 minutes

3) Speaker
– Can be used as a speaker for PC and mobile phone with line-in cable.

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2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

59 thoughts on “Goods: Wake up to Morikawa Toshiyuki’s manly voice! (Personalised Voice Alarm Clock)”

  1. I think my heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw “りなちゃん” on the list. (Holy…F–!)
    Then again I shouldn’t be surprised. There are plenty of parents naming their girls Rina in Japan. (When I’m visiting relatives I’ll sometimes overhear parents calling their kids’ names and I’ve heard the name “Rina” at least once.) It’s kind of a classic name I suppose…

    But too bad I can’t get a hold of this clock. Then again…w-why would I need it? It’s not like I’m head over heels the character(s) he voices! (ex. Sephiroth) After all I’m familiar with Morikawa’s voice to the point where I can recognize it in a second and imagine how he sounds in my head.

  2. I thought I should mention that the same company that makes these personalized alarm clocks is now doing personalized drama CDs!! The first release is this month, February 2013, with Morikawa Toshiyuki! Right now you can also order just the download version of the audio and have a specific name (not from the list) used in the drama CD. I thought you may be interested as I am ordering one for myself.

    Here’s the link if you’re interested:

    P.S. It was thanks to this post that I found out about it at all, I just ordered the download version of the alarm clock from Morikawa with my name (it’s on the Japanese list) and was rummaging through the site when I found the new product. So thank you~!

    1. @OtomeInsanity: Thanks for your comment! And glad the post helped you! You’re a big fan of Morimori huh! XDD Yeah I’m aware of the Only You personalised drama CD but don’t have time to update my blog about it when I first saw it orz;; I’ll try to put a post about it soon.

      You’re so lucky to have your name on the list :D I’m kicking myself for missing out the deadline for Hirakawa Daisuke’s alarm clock. I thought I checked the website relatively often but I only saw the announcement after the deadline. Doesn’t make sense :`(

    2. OH YES. I love that voice because it doesn’t come off as super young or old and it’s just that medium level of sweet where I just melt * v *)b

      Not at all, I ordered my Only You version of the special drama CD and should be getting that in the mail soon. I can see about letting you listen to it if you wanna learn more about the story? Depending on how detailed the story gets, I may try to look for someone interested in translating/summarizing the CD… I’m not confident in my Japanese, despite the fact that I live/work in Japan for 2 years now lol;;;

      Yeah, I’m glad my middle name can pass off as a Japanese name too. Solved a lot of problems (specially with the locals having issues with my first name pfft) and it also isn’t a common name in the US so it’s nice to have a stand-out name now. Awwww sorry about missing out on Hirakawa. They don’t really seem to be out their with their news do they? I feel like you have to literally stalk hundreds of things your interested in daily to get the news as it’s released, otherwise you’re stuck without a paddle in a sea of silence.

    3. @Otomeinsanity: I fell in love with Morimori’s voice cos of BLCDs XDD and then expanded to his other works.

      How is the Only You drama CD? I’m sure it is great! <3 Uwa, you're too modest! Your Japanese must be good to be able to work in Japan! Maybe you can write down the parts you're not sure and ask your Japanese friends and colleagues about the translation? I don't think there's anything too yarashii in the Only You drama... is there XDD I wonder how much it costs to hire Morimori for doing voice overs and such :P Maybe can do a doujin CD for us or something lol. It'll be so cool huh :D

      Well, if I really want to push it, I guess I can pass it off with Rin (which sounds like portion of my name). But it just isn't the same (/_\)

      Yeah and it doesn't help that when you're just a tad busy to check the sites and then miss out on the stuff you really want by a day or two orz;;

    4. @ponytale : I was reversed. I’m not into BL CDs myself (BL is cool though fufufu) but I think I’d probably die pretty damn quick if I listened to one… if not giggled myself into choking and dying before I finished the first track.

      They haven’t released the personalized Only You CD yet… I’m still waiting for my order to be confirmed/shipped. I did get my personalized Morikawa alarm clock in the mail today! IT’S GLORIOUS. I have Morikawa calling my name normal, with “sama”, and with “chan”…. MY LIFE HAS BEEN MADE. I’ve also put my audio editing skills to work cutting out my name so I can just have him calling it as my ringer for my cellphone LOL I REGRET NOTHING.

      OH GOD I COULD NEVER MENTION THIS HOBBY LET ALONE HAVE THEM HELP TRANSLATE PARTS FOR ME AHAHAHAHAA~ I’ll have to wait and see how difficult the CD is. I’ll probably get the gist pretty well and just assume the rest ROFL! Wouldn’t it be cool if we could have him do personalized ringers? THAT WOULD BE GLORIOUS~ //don’t mind me, going a little insane should sleep// I hope Capolla comes up with that later on fufu~

      If you’re going to get it pesonalized, it would be best to go the route with something you actually want to be called or are called. To shorten your name to something you don’t use/like doesn’t really make it worth that extra price. But each their own, I’d be “my name or the highway buddy” lol So I lucked out.

      Capolla seems so “under the radar” in terms of stuff… I mean, they only had the alarm clocks until recently. And they’re big names, but if you don’t want an alarm clock you’re kinda stuck outta luck so you pass over the company. The fact they’re branching into personalized DRAMA CDs is nice though. I wonder if I should email them about personalized ringer downloads fufufufufaosefijaspeofij //creepy laughter// The cool part about having the MP3s of the alarm clock and selecting just the name part, is that I can place it in other Morikawa drama CDs and make my own in some strangely creative way… if I wasn’t so lazy.

    5. @OtomeInsanity: XD well don’t be afraid to try. “Tolerance” for BLCDs are built up lolol. But some R18 otome games/CDs definitely rival BLCDs in terms of nosebleed levels too. Have u tried those?

      Ah icic do share your thoughts on the cd when you get yours! When I heard Morimori call my name for the first time I felt soooooo embarrassed orz;;; he was the first seiyuu to voice the clocks so I thought I just wasn’t used to it. But I felt just as embarrassed when I heard other seiyuus say it (^///^) maybe it’s just me. Tho I’ll have to agree with u… I REGRET NOTHING xD

      XDD I guess most of us closet fujo/otaku have a hard time sharing about our hobby. Let’s discuss if u need help hehehe

      Oh yes! Please find out how much morimori’s voice over costs. Who knows, it might be affordable :D

      Yeah, it’s a pity they don’t let us use non-Japanese names for Only You personalized cd :( but if Yusa Kouji’s came along, I might just cave and order the “Rin” version.

      I agree Capolla is doing the right thing with drama cd too. There’s definitely a bigger market for drama cds than alarm clocks. Great idea to alert them to create ringer downloads :D

      Lol just do it. Maybe u can do a remix or something…

    6. @Ponytale : The closest I got to 18+ was LOVERS ONLY with Toriumi;;; And that was sugar covered fluff. My fave seiyuus are Morikawa and Toriumi and I know they do those CDs but it’s like jumping into a sea of slaughtered ovaries and I have no idea where the nearest lifesaver is to keep me afloat;;; Where does one even START!? I’m just… staring blankly at the internet waiting for it to have it’s own consciousness and tell me which is the best or at least point me in the right direction ROFL

      OH GOD I TOOK OUT MY NAME FROM ALL 3 VERSIONS AND LINKED THEM TOGETHER INTO ONE SOUND FILE AND NOW HE CALLS MY NAME WHENEVER I GET A TEXT… Except I set it as my alarm this morning and I woke up instantly because it was a little nerve-wracking when he is butler mode with “sama” all sweetly, then says just your name all normal, and finally with my name and “chan” but kinda loudly… It felt like when someone in my family tries to wake me up all sweetly, then normally, then angrily like “GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS” I feel I have to now answer my phone or hit snooze before he gets to just my plain name;;; I’m afraid Morikawa is yelling at me if I don’t answer/get-up fast enough;;; OTL

      I thought they were taking name suggestions for foreign names if they wanted? Maybe that service is already over with for the pre-order time frame?

      Now that I have Morikawa saying my name in several different ways (but only one “feeling” to each one) I really… REALLY… have the devious urge to mess with the MP3s for some of my Morikawa CDs. Before was part joke, but now that I’ve done the name ringer the otome-demon in my head (not to be confused with the BL-angel counterpart… my conscious is a little backwards ROFL) is running rampant now with devious plans of doom.

      I also just bought Morikawa’s Date CDs 1-3 and that should be entertaining and helpful for my otome-demon’s projects… ;D

  3. @ponytale:

    yeah, maybe they messed up :( I wouldn’t have felt so embarrassed if me called me momo lol! But when he calls me by my name *blush* lol, its…really embarrassing to listen to.

    I probably won’t buy another one of these clocks unless its a seiyuu I really really want :>

    1. @momo: I have to confess tho… I bought 2 clocks. orz one with Morimori calling my real name and one saying “My angel” OTL;;; ~$$$~ In case it sounded awkward/weird to hear my name being called… cos I still wan a Morimori clock no matter what.

      Me too… I told my friend I don’t think I would want to buy such clocks again and then she said Yusa Kouji… and I caved orz;;;

    2. lol! Cute, I like the ‘my angel’ :)

      …Yusa Kouji…omg, I’d want him!

      But I think, the only one I’d caved in and buy is Kamiyan. (…maybe Nakamura Yuichi too) -__-; it’s tough lol.

    3. @momo: (^///^) And its something somebody you’re lovey dovey with might call ya… :D
      And besides the usual gentle types he voices, Kamiyan’s character must also have a Do-S / tsundere / Zetsubou-sensei setting! OMG THAT I’ll definitely get XDD
      Gosh the potential. Nakamura Yuichi would be so hot too *_*

  4. By the way, how long do you think it took Morimori to do this? Do yo know why preorders were opened again? I’m glad it happened because I missed out the first time. I wish I could have heard my name spoken by him though, but “my angel” is really sweet.

    1. @yudashin: Probably in a day? I would think there are not too many customised names. The revised list they provided for the 2nd order is probably the most commonly requested names during the 1st order period and/or are generic enough like “my angel” and “anesan” that can be used for most customers.

      Well, cos after the voice and names are recorded, the sound engineers only have to cut and paste the sound clips together. And maybe they have extra clocks in the shipment so comicomi can take new orders again :D which is great!

  5. Got my clock today with Morimori. Used “my angel” that you submitted. Listened to the 3 characters’ voices. Wow! There are other phrases not related to the characters, right? I don’t understand Japanese to read the instructions. When you are able to submit a translated version, that will be great.

    1. @yudashin: I’m glad I submitted that name too… actually in the end I bought two clocks orz;;; one with my name and one with the “my angel” submission right before the 1st preorder closed orz;;; my money…

      I’ll try to get the translations up soon. Really busy with work cos of the festive period :)

  6. @ponytale

    Yay! I can’t wait! Yeah, after playing with it, I figured out how to set the clock and the different functions from changing to radio to Mp3 and normal clock but that’s pretty much it.

    I did listen to them! LOL, well i know what the majority of the lines say but some I couldn’t quite tell. But I really love morimori’s voice! Aw! The only bad thing is that they didn’t actually put the name in I had requested o.o I requested for Momo instead they used my real name haha XD + ~chan, but it all works out fine. I think the clock is actually quite relatively cute! So I really like the design. I have it right next to my monitor.

    ^^ I’m hoping if they end up making more, they’d at least change the color of the clocks if they keep the design so i know the difference if I do get another hehe ;3 but pink is cute~

    1. @momo: Yeah, the sound quality is so much better than Movic clocks! Value for money indeed! But I’m a little peeved that they don’t have an earphone/line-out jack (- 3-)

      They didn’t follow your instructions… maybe the people at the manufacturer mixed it up? *_* I feel all embarrassed when I hear Morimori call my name orz;;;

      Yeah I would much prefer another colour if I bought another clock. Otherwise we’ll have to paste stickers on them to identify them XD It’s like having twins and triplets lol~

  7. hey! I finally got my clock in~ I was wondering if you received yours too ^^; Haha I haven’t really figured out the mechanics yet…was hoping you could help me out with that XD

    1. @momo: I’ll try to put a post up asap! It took me some time to figure the basic functions out too… after struggling with the Japanese instructions that is OTL;;

      Have you listened to the voice already? :D

  8. So on this order you cannot submit your own name? The choices available are only ones that can be used? If I can’t submit my name which is Pamela, can I randomly choose one of the Japanese names?

    1. @yudashin: Yeah the initial order period where you can submit your own name is over but you can try your luck. There may be other customers who also submitted Pamela?

      If not, you can choose any name from the updated list provided here:

    1. @ponytale Yes, D: because not many people can say Morimori woke they up in the morning XD. Or sephiroth for FF fans.

      D: Not even saving, girl. My parents can’t give money now XD, I can barely get enough for Pokemon Black, and now I have to fix my MP4 D:.

  9. @ponytale: I would like to submit it, but since I don’t plan on buying it I don’t think it’s fair (that and my Japanese ain’t exactly great). Though honestly I really would like to hear him say baka fujoshi once.

  10. I’d submit the name Baka Fujoshi and Asato just because I’m a sucker for some tsundere neko. Though I don’t need an alarm and I’m already saving my cash for Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf yaoi manga, Daylight asa ni hikari no kanmuri wo manga and possibly the game.

    1. @bt_tara: lol~ Baka Fujoshi is cute XDD you gonna order that? I wonder if Morimori will smile at that XDD Ah~ so you love Rai <33 Well, don't miss it if you can afford it :3

  11. @ponytale: Yep! I’m keeping my fingers crossed too. I’m really hoping for one by Kamiyan. Or or…Nakamura Yuichi! Ahh but there’s too many I want.

    True. Figures we can still hunt down, could cost a little more though but a personalized clock is only once! Haha and its special, cause it has your name too :D Which I’m really looking forward to hear. Mhm, I’m realllly looking forward to the morimori clock. I wish they would have released it sooooner! I want to use it! But we won’t be getting it till november >.>! Hmmm, I wonder about it too. But if he did, well…morimori is amazing for thinking up this idea!

    1. @momo: I think customised clock business is a golden goose/cash cow. It’s a wonder they didn’t come up with it earlier. I have a number must-have voices too… hope that they’ll all materialise eventually. This first clock is probably a make or break. Hopefully it’s successful and good quality.

  12. @ponytale

    Haha, I’ll probably need a stock of batteries! Yep! I hope they do well with this sales so they can make more for other seiyuus. lol, I’ll have to hold back on some figures too >__<!

    Yeah, I hope the clock will sound pretty clear. And I like that its digital. Much easier to tell the exact time. I had one of the movic clocks (lelouch) and yeah, those were pretty expensive for a retro clock that didn't have much functions.

    My birthday is Sept 5th :3

    I prob won't get the clock then but still :D

    1. @momo: yes! Keeping my fingers crossed.

      Yeah cos figures we can still try to hunt down later but this personalized clock, if we missed it, then that’s probably it OTL;; unless they reissue? But sucks for people who dun have the JP names on the list.

      Really looking forward to the morimori clock. It’ll be a fabulous belated birthday present! I wonder if he was the one who suggested this venture after he started his own talent agency.

  13. Omg! If Kamiyan did that, I prob wouldn’t even want to wake up!~ Sweet, gentle and tsundere. Totally what Kamiyan is for :D Now you’re making me hope for himmm!

    Hehe, I should put in an order soon for before the deadline. I guess, this can be a bday gift to myself XD

    Hmm…tho, I wish they could have done something better with the clock design haha. But of course, the function + morimori’s voice is what counts :D!

    1. @momo: I think we’ll keep replaying him until the batteries died lololol XD Keeping fingers crossed for more clocks of our fav seiyuus <3 It's a dilemma... on one hand it kills our bank accounts and savings but on the other, they're such wishlist items *cries* I'll have to hold my desire for some figure orders for later because of this Morimori clock now.

      The clock looks quite functional and simple, so I don't mind it at all as long as it is durable. I think the sound quality should be ok since this is a digital player that doubles as a speaker. I'm hopeful that it'll sound much better than the traditional, retro (muffled sounding) voice clocks that Movic has been selling us at a premium price ^^;;

      Definitely a birthday treat! When is your birthday? :D

  14. well they do not have my name but also I do not have the funds at the moment for personal alarm clock. Even though it is a cool idea though.

    on a related note, even where I live my name is unique enough that I have trouble finding it on personalized items.

    @ ponytail I hope your clock comes great!!!

    1. @TasukiHoneyBunny: I used google translate to get my name in its Katakana form lol~ ^^;; I hope they make a clock of Okiayu Ryoutarou-san so that you can get your personal clock too <33

      My name is actually quite common but it is a variation of another name, so I seldom find it on personalised items too. Thanks! I think Morimori will do a great job XDD

  15. @ponytale

    XD Thanks. I registered successfully! Woot, now…I’ll have to see if I can actually check out. Do they charge beforehand? Or when the order comes in stock? lol ^^;

    Yeahh I read the functions and it has quite alot so I’m interested. Plus Morikawa Toshiyuki is <3! But when I hear him, I always think of Conrad hahaha!

    Oh my, if they ever made a Kamiyan one, I'd be sooo happy :D

    1. @momo: They usually only charge at the point of shipping out the items ^^

      Me too… I totally fell in love with Conrad because of Morimori <3

      Yep, and I want Kamiyan to voice both a sweet , gentle character + a tsundere one in that same clock XDD My inner S wants to wake up to a sweetie who babys me while my inner-M wants him to give me a good scolding for slacking off in bed lollolol

  16. Whatt?? I want this!!

    And Comi Comi ships international? Woot ugh…but I can’t read Japanese that well >__>

    lolol…I’ll prob do momo-chan~ since momo is my nickname haha.

    GOSH. When I was thinking of saving money, I see this up and i’m like *palms face*…I freaking need this lol. An alarm clock that will actually wake me up :D

  17. H-hnnnng… they have my name…

    oh god, why must my bank be so empty?! ;__; Why is this coming out at around the same time as DEMS STARRY SKY KISS PILLOWS?


    1. @Puchi: yeah so many wonderful goods! And this one is so epic XD I’m glad I checked Comicomi, esp for those of us whose names are not on the list ^^

      Hopefully the sound quality of the clock is good <3 and my name doesn't sound weird lol

  18. Hahaha I picked this named to use in the Tokimemo GS games so it’s easier to tweak the voices to sound right when the guys pronounce it. It just kinda stuck after that. orz

    I don’t know, I have this feeling that they’ll simply be recording all the names and the lines separately, then adding the names to each line. =/ I mean, I’d expect the clock to cost much more than 8,000 yen (tax excluded) if he had to record the names together with the lines since it’s a lot more work.

    But I’ll keep my hopes up. XD

    1. @Luvi: That’s cool :O I hope mine turns out ok ^^;; I submitted the full version lol~ Gambatte ne Morikawa-san!

      Yeah I think so too. He’ll probably voice all the 15+ lines at one sitting, followed by all our names. But I hope he does a few variations for each name per character, so that it will sound more natural when they staff edit them in after that… tho I think it’s wishful thinking lol

      I think maybe he’s charging them per line of text he reads.

  19. I didn’t ask if it’s a must, but it just felt like it is. You can try requesting for a name without it and see if they object. XD;

    I’m adding a chan behind mine for this though, since the characters do seem like they’re more prone to use chan than just your name by itself.

    1. @Luvi: That’s true… XD I think with chan would be sweeter (^///^) so I’ll do that too.

      Yeah, good suggestion! Considering the fact that my name is relatively long and translates into a bunch of katankana characters if you spell it out LOL~ Your name sounds cute Japaneseque-pronounciation XDD I wonder if I should just use the shorter version :-\

      I hope they aren’t just recording it once and then using a sound editor to edit over everything tho.

  20. Anyway, Comi Comi replied. They said to include this line in the remarks section when you check out. “___name___でお願いします”

    I have no idea if you have to slap on a ‘chan’ behind your name, but it kinda felt like they were insisting that I do in their email. XD;

    1. @Luvi: Thanks for the quick update… I’ll edit my post again XD

      Why must we put -chan XDDD lol~ but maybe it sounds cuter? ^^;; if I had the extra money I’ll order one for me and one for Shuuichi bwahaha~ OTL;;

      Err so you going to put -chan?

  21. Pony, your blog is a serious hazard for my bank account. I’m ordering the clock as soon as Comi Comi responds to my email. OTL

    You seems to have left out a couple of details by the way. According to the product page, there are also special voices for when you’re leaving the house and a ‘oyasumi’ voice.

    I’m guessing the former is either a ‘itterashai’ or simply a voice telling you it’s about time to leave. Or both.

    Also, to use a name that’s not on the list, you’ll have to email them with your request instead of stating it in your cart when you check out.

    1. @Luvi: Sweetie! Missed you lots ok!!! DX

      Thanks for pointing out my error! I’ll update my post. And thanks for the extra info <3 I was supposed to be working but ended up writing this post when no one was looking OTL;;; cos the preorder deadline is too tight, like must post IMMEDIATELY when I saw the news!!l!!

      Okie, please share with us your discoveries *_* I want to get the clock too. Would be nice if we can get each character he voices to say different names lol

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