Goods: Voice Alarm Clock Shinomiya Natsuki Satsuki (Uta no Prince Sama! Maji Love 1000%)

Utapri Voice Alarm Clock

Whispering sweet nothings every morning. Maji exciting 1000%

Title: Uta no Prince Sama! Maji Love 1000% Voice Alarm Clock Shinomiya Natsuki
うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE1000% ボイスアラームクロック 四ノ宮那月

Price: 7,350 yen
Release date: 30 March 2012

Size: approx. 175 x 125 x 60 mm
Materials: metal (clock), with full color print on paper (face)
Requires three AA batteries (included)

There really just isn’t enough money to buy them all orz;;;


四ノ宮那月 (Shinomiya Natsuki) voiced by Taniyama Kishio 谷山紀章
What’s fun about this clock is that we also get Shinomiya Satsuki for that special d0-S/kichiku/yandere touch lol~

Each voice pattern is about 10 seconds. Three good morning voice patterns (おはようボイス), two sweet voice patterns (スイートボイス) one alarm voice pattern (アラームボイス).

Good morning voice patterns

  • おはようございま~~す!あなたに笑顔をプレゼント!ねっ!
    Good moooorning~~g! Here’s my smiling face as a present for you! Ne!
  • おいしいご飯、たくさん作りました。さぁ、起きて!
    I’ve prepared a lot of delicious food! Come on, wake up! (If I have to eat that, I rather keep zzzing lol~)
  • (砂月) 起きろよ。いい加減にしねぇとイタズラするぞ? (少し優しく)
    (Satsuki) Wake up. If you don’t (slightly gently) I’ll play a prank on you.

Sweet voice patterns

  • ふふふっ、僕はあなたがいてくれるだけで幸せですよ。
    Fufufu, just by having you, I feel happiness.
  • (砂月) 強がるなよ。俺が……いるだろ?ちゃんと頼れ。
    (Satsuki) Don’t try to act tough. I’m… here, aren’t I? Rely on me, properly.

Alarm voice pattern

  • 時間でーす! さぁ、いきますよ~~~!スマイル、スマイル!
    It’s time! Come on, let’s go~~~! Smile, smile!

They’re also going to produce the rest of the princes. The other voice alarm clock which is also up for preorder is none other than Natsuki/Satsuki’s unofficial/official pairing Kurusu Sho!

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Voice Alarm Clock Shinomiya Natsuki Satsuki (Uta no Prince Sama! Maji Love 1000%)”

  1. Ponytale, hello again^^
    Hope you are doing ok ;)
    What is it with UtaPri goodies lately, ever since the anime was released???
    There is a torrent of goods released every day!
    They are even releasing cute teddy bears wearing each character’s costume T^T
    But I pre-ordered the UtaPri Debut LE of the game from animate already, my wallet can’t handle expensive fan goodies like the teddy bear >.>
    And I am a fan of the games, originally, so I prefer to spend my dollars on the games.
    I am glad I got over my “have to get everything Utapri related” consumer obsession, because after playing the games and loving the anime, I wanted almost every good they released >..>
    I adore Natsuki, but I melt with Satsuki’s voice, so I would love to own this…but if the sound quality is not good, then it’s not worth it.
    What will really test my resistance will be Miyano Mamoru’s clock T^T So sexy >.<

    1. @Gwendolen: Hi dear! :D Sorry for the late replies! Busy busy!
      Well, its economics, striking while the iron is hot and make $$$ out of the title. The DVDs are doing very well on the sales ranking and the anime gave the games a boost in sales too. I think anime otaku in Japan are generally known to be be big consumers of anime goods, so these goods are just a reaction to the phenomenon?
      The sound quality cannot compare with digital players but for the fans I guess its still nice to have. They’re very clear who the goods are targeted for and wrote some seriously sweet lines for the clocks *q*

    2. @Ponytale: no worries, I understand fully that you’re busy ;)
      Yep, you are right, and the Japanese market sure knows how to take advantage of the fans’ wallets and consumerism, be it inside or outside Japan lol But if the sound quality will be nothing like the Yucchi alarm clock I’m getting, I can definitely resist the Natsuki clock ;) I might reconsider and succumb when Suwabe’s and Miyano’s clocks are released…OMG, Terashima Takuma’s clock will also be so cute to have *o* But what if they release an Angel Alarm Clock homme with one of these actors later? I would definitely regret buying the regular UtaPri alarm clock…so I think I will most likely wait :3

    3. @Gwendolen: You made such a good point!!! Now I’m wondering if I made the right decision ordering the clock. The lines they say are rather awesome. Gaa… let’s see if the next Homme clock is Taniyama Kisho *o*

    4. @Ponytale: Ahaha, since you already pre-ordered the clock, I suppose it is worth it for the lines Natsuki/Satsuki says ;) And I suppose if the next Homme clock is Taniyama Kisho, which would be awesome, you will also be buying that one too… xD
      As for me, I really am particular about the sound quality of the clock, so despite the great lines Kisho says in the UtaPri clock, I have to resist. The UtaPri clock is almost the same price as the Homme clock, and yet there is such a huge difference of what you are getting with each clock, so for me, the regular clock is not worth it^^
      As for the Homme clocks, I wonder whose clock they’ll be releasing next….I would love Taniyama Kisho, Kamiya Hiroshi, Miyano Mamoru, Toriumi Kousuke, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Hatano Wataru, Terashima Takuma, to name a few of my favorites *q*

    5. @Gwendolen: I’m very tempted by Sho’s clock too cos he says really cute things. But then again… I’m also tempted to cancel the preorder. :-\

      We’ll find out the next Homme clock seiyuu mid to late Feb I believe :D Would love to have almost everyone you mentioned too :D~

    6. @Ponytale: The next Homme clock seiyuu has been announced at the Capolla site!!!
      It is 森久保 祥太郎/Morikubo Shotaro!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
      I am so buying the next clock as well ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
      If I’m not mistaken, they plan to sell the Morikubo clock in March ~
      And I think pre-orders for the next clock have already started at the Capolla site?!
      There’s even the list of names for Morikubo’s version, wow O.o
      And this is what written under the list of names:
      “森久保祥太郎ver. お名前リスト


      Still nothing about the Morikubo clock at ComiComi though >.>
      Where are we supposed to place our custom name pre-order until Feb 12th? T^T
      Because unless I’m mistaken, what they say is that up until 12th Feb. they’ll be accepting pre-order requests for custom names not included in the list…
      If you find out anything new about this, please let me/us readers know ;)

      About the Natsuki clock pre-order, I guess you should give it a thought,
      consider what you want, and decide whether to cancel the pre-order or not ^^
      I’m definitely saving to buy the next Morikubo Homme clock, hehe (^ω^)

    7. @Gwendolen: Holy~ I think we’ll all be bankrupted by Capolla orz;;; Thanks for the headsup dear *hugz* I’ll try to put an update when I can.
      Also, there’s an alternative to ordering the full clock from comicomi. My friend told me that if you want, you can ask your proxy to place the order for you at Capolla site and choose the download version, which costs much less than the full clock. Yep, 12 Feb is the cut-off for customised name :)
      Yeah I think I’m going to cancel my Natsuki clock… (T_T)

    8. @Ponytale: We are so getting bankrupt by Capolla, too true ^^;
      You are welcome sweetie, happy to share the news with you *hugs back*
      Thank you for telling me about the alternative download version of the clock.
      But I think I prefer buying the actual clock even if it costs more.
      I really don’t want to have a proxy buy the Morikubo version for me…
      it will be too costly, especially compared to buying it myself from ComiComi.
      I want to avoid proxies whenever I can *sigh*
      So I’ll wait until Comi *hopefully* puts it up for pre-order later,
      even if I miss the 12th Feb custom name deadline.
      You think there’s a chance they might not put it for pre-order at Comi?
      I’ll choose one of the names they’ll put later, like the Honey/Ojou-san names they put for Yusa’s version. Those are fun too xD
      Yep, I think it might be better to cancel the Natsuki clock and get the Morikubo one instead, especially if you can’t buy both…these are quite costly, darn it T^T

    9. @Gwendolen: I see… don’t worry! I’m sure Comicomi will put it up for sale. From what I notice about past clocks preorders, Comicomi usually put it up about at least one week before the cut-off date for customised names. I may just get it from Comicomi too. Still considering cos using a proxy may save me about 1,500-2,000 Yen overall by buying the download files/SD card.

      Yeah I’ve asked CDJapan to cancel it ( ToT) sigh… sad… but since its the weekend now in Japan, I’ll probably receive the confirmation next week.

    10. @Ponytale: Sorry to hear about the Natsuki cancellation *hugs*
      I also wanted some other extra stuff, but now I’m giving priority to Morikubo’s clock *sigh*

      Thank you for the info, it’s nice to know Comi will most probably sell Morikubo’s clock!
      So what you buy with download versions of the clock is an SD card containing the mp3 files! Naruhodo ne!
      In that case, I think I might buy the download version for Morikubo’s clock.
      Unless they come up for Morikubo’s version with an upgraded version of the actual clock itself with better technical capabilities etc., which I really doubt, there’s no meaning in buying the same clock machine twice.
      But still, it sucks that I’ll have to pay now for the Morikubo clock if I buy it through a proxy T^T That’s why ComiComi comes in handy in such cases. We’ll see…in the end, I might just buy it through Comi as usual ^^

    11. @Gwendolen: I have to curb all these impulse buys orz;;; There’ll never be enough money to get them all.
      An update: I was told they don’t sell download versions anymore, maybe some customers were abusing the download links :( So I have to add extra 420 Yen for the SD card. Yep, the issue with proxy is immediate payment D: I feel the pain too.

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