Goods: Voice Alarm Clock Kurusu Sho (Uta no Prince Sama! Maji Love 1000%)

Utapri Voice Alarm Clock

Wake up to the sweet and gentle voice of Kurusu Sho!

Title: Uta no Prince Sama! Maji Love 1000% Voice Alarm Clock Kurusu Sho
うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE1000% ボイスアラームクロック 来栖翔

Price: 7,350 yen (w/tax)
Release date: 30 March 2012

Size: approx. 175 x 125 x 60 mm
Materials: metal (clock), with full color print on paper (face)
Requires three AA batteries (included)


来栖翔 (Kurusu Sho) voiced by Shimono Hiro 下野紘

Each voice pattern is about 10 seconds. Three good morning voice patterns (おはようボイス), two sweet voice patterns (スイートボイス) one alarm voice pattern (アラームボイス).

Good morning voice patterns

  • おい、起きてるか? 早くお前の元気な笑顔見せてくれよな!
    Oi, are you awake? Give me your lively and cheerful smile soon, ok!
  • よーっし!今日も気合入れていくぜー!!な、相棒!!
    Yes! Let’s put our spirits together again for today! K, partner!!
  • (たじろぎつつ)ダ、ダメだぞ、そんなカワイイ顔しても。ほら、起きろって!
    (Whine) You can’t do that, even if you look so cute. Come on, get up!

Sweet voice patterns

  • なんで楽しそうかって? ばーか、全部言わせんなよ。お前がいるからだろ?
    Why do I seem so happy? Silly, don’t make me put everything in words. You’re here with me, aren’t you?
  • (尺内でできる限り言いよどむ)あ、あ、あ、あい……愛してるーー!よしっ、言えた!!
    (Pushing himself to his limit to say it) I… lo….lo…lo…love you! Yes! I said it!!

Alarm voice pattern

  • 約束の時間だぜ? もちろん忘れたなんていわないだろうな?(笑顔で)
    It’s time for your appointment! I’m sure you won’t tell me you forgot, right? (Smile)

The other voice alarm clock which is also up for preorder is none other than Kurusu Sho’s unofficial/official pairing Shinomiya Natsuki/Satsuki!

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