Goods: Voice Alarm Clock Hijirikawa Masato (Uta no Prince Sama! Maji Love 1000%)

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Serious Hijirikawa Masato will make sure you wake up on time!

Title: Uta no Prince Sama! Maji Love 1000% Voice Alarm Clock Hijirikawa Masato
うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE1000% ボイスアラームクロック 聖川真斗

Price: 7,350 yen (w/tax)
Release date: 28 April 2012

Size: approx. 175 x 125 x 60 mm
Materials: metal (clock), with full color print on paper (face)
Requires three AA batteries (included)


聖川真斗 (Hijirikawa Masato) voiced by Suzumura Kenichi 鈴村健ー

Each voice pattern is about 10 seconds. Three good morning voice patterns (おはようボイス), two sweet voice patterns (スイートボイス) one alarm voice pattern (アラームボイス).

Good morning voice patterns

  • いつまで寝ているのだ?さぁ、起きろ。困った奴だ。
    How much longer are you going to sleep? Wake up. Troubling girl.
  • よく眠れたか?夢でもお前に会えたならいいのにな。
    Slept well? It’ll be nice if we can meet even in dreams.
  • ちゃんと起きられたようだな。褒美をやろう。俺の熱い愛をな。
    You have awakened properly huh. I’ve give you a reward. My passionate love.

Sweet voice patterns

  • 好きだ。ずっと一緒にいたい。そう願わずにいられない。
    I love you. I want to be with you forever.I can’t wish for something other than this.
  • この溢れる思いを受け止めてくれないか?愛している。
    Will you accept my overflowing feelings for you? I love you.

Alarm voice pattern

  • 時間だ。いつも心はお前とともに。それだけは忘れるな。
    It’s time. My heart is always with you. Don’t forget this.

The other voice alarm clock that will be released on the same date is that of Hijirikawa Masato’s childhood friend and roommate, suave Jinguji Ren.

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