Goods: Uta no Prince-sama Maji SMEXY 1000% Jumbo Cushions (Anikuji, Animate)

Good news! Reissued on 16 August 2012. Still available!

Simply oozing with sex appeal…

Title: Anikuji Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE1000% アニくじ うたのプリンスさまっマジLOVE1000%
Price: 500 Yen per try lucky dip
Available: 26 April 2012 (sold out)
Order page:

Reissued: 16 August 2012
Reissue order page:

As suggested by Nagara9, you can try ordering with this proxy. Or as urusaii pointed out, if you’re not comfortable with a private proxy, try registering for a forwarding address with a service like and buy directly from Animate Japan’s online store. Good luck everybody :D

Are you feeling sick from the whirlwind yet? lol~ They’re flooding the market with so many types and varieties of Utapri goods, its hard not to find something you like orz;;; but since this series of goodies feature new artwork, I shall forgive.

It’s like the otome version of Tiger & Bunny merchandise phenomenon, hot after the heels of another otome game turned anime Hakuouki.

Prizes: Set A~E
Prize A: Jumbo cushion, 3 types A賞 ジャンボクッション(全3種) Size: about 46 x 56cm
Prize B: Pouch, 2 types B賞 ポーチ(全2種) Size: about 20 x 16 x 8cm
Prize C: Key Holder, 3 types C賞 キーホルダー(全3種) Size: about 16cm
Prize D: Mini cushion cleaner strap, 6 types D賞 ミニクッションクリーナーストラップ(全6種) Size:about 8 x 5cm
Prize E: E賞 Scrunchie, 6 types シュシュ(全6種) Size:about 10cm

Official info:

Available at Animate Japan only. It’s possible to try your luck online but you’ll need a proxy :3

The dimensions are slightly different from their previous anikuji cushions. Which boy do you want? :D

I would use these pouches :D

The key holders are quite nice too. At 500 Yen per piece, its still acceptable.

Simple phone cleaners usually cost about 365 Yen each? But since it features new artwork, it is not that bad ^^;;

Pretty scrunchies with chibi designs. Probably also around the range from 200-500 Yen. The quality is usually very good, so I guess it is still acceptable in anime goods standards. But we all know that the real cost to make them is less than 20% of the price ^^;;

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2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

48 thoughts on “Goods: Uta no Prince-sama Maji SMEXY 1000% Jumbo Cushions (Anikuji, Animate)”

  1. The main reason why I don’t watch Uta no Prince: the amount of goodies will bankrupt me. :| And I sometimes still wanna buy the goods despite not watching them yet. haha. (I want the cushions this time. :|)

    It’s been forever queued on my torrent client. haha.

    so… should I watch or not? XD

    1. @banoni: It’s not bad but don’t expect too much in case you be disappointed. Yeah, the bishies are selling the goods. You’ll be tempted to buy even if you haven’t watched the anime or played the game lol.

  2. Oh crap I’m going to Japan like next week and I found out about this. I wanna ask, how much do you think I can get for selling those items? Should I get something I don’t want *aiming for Otoya pillow* I googled Anikuji and read that cushions etc can sell for a lot. Lol if I’m lucky that someone is doing the lottery there at the same time as me I can sell or exchange with that person :D

    Hoping for an estimation from you since you usually buy stuff like dem cushions, pillow, bedsheets etc lol. Oh and I guess it differs depending on the character? Like the more popular guys sell higher :P

    1. @Misaki: Woah enjoy your trip! I can’t say for sure but there should be a higher demand for these cushions for overseas fans :) But I wouldn’t recommend getting a big quantity if you’re not ready for the risk of getting stuck with the stock ^^;;

      These cushions can sell for probably 3000-4000 Yen and lots more, depending on the character. But since this is a reissue, you have to take into consideration that the fans who -MUST HAVE- the cushions could have probably got their hands on them already. So the remaining fans may not be willing to spend that much?

      Good luck getting the cushions you want!

    2. Got the Masato Ren keychain from Ikebukuro, the Masato cell phone cleaner from Shinjuku and a Ren scrunchie from Shibuya -______- Yes in that order. I dare not try my luck again at the Akihabara store since it costs a lot T_T My luck keeps decreasing with every try and crap I couldn’t even get at least a character I like, I don’t need no Masato/Ren! :P
      At least give me an Otoya, Tokiya or Sho T_____T

  3. I got the Ittoki/ Tokiya cushion….Not what I was aiming for. Also one of each Keychain, 3 Screen Cleaners, The S Class Pouch, and 2 Hair Scrunchies. My tickets were the only ones she drew so I guess it worked out ok. :D

    1. @Nagara9: Icic! I guess you’re still lucky cos you got a cushion :D In the end, I ordered it on my own. I didn’t get any cushion out of 10 tries orz;; I might do it again. (*A*)

  4. Thanks for the update and sharing the proxy. But honestly, to all of you, stay away from private proxies. They are well aware of the fact how well these will sell. Yes she’s nice to draw the prices for you, but she might keep the big prizes away from you, duh? Also, so far, all the animate lucky dips were for sale on animate online shop (done online, I think)
    Also, from what I know, the more popular a series is, people tend to abuse them. For example, I got my hetalia lucky dip jumbo cushions at only 2000yen to 3000yen each so it’s not bad.
    It’s up to you all, but do be careful of private proxies.. Also her fee is extremely expensive..!

    1. @Urusaiii: You have a very good point. I’ve updated the post with another alternative for those who are uncomfortable with using a private proxy :)

  5. This is one of the reasons I tend to stay far from UtaPuri, they throw lots of amazing stuff to the market, and I’m already in bankrupty 8’D

    Still, I WANT DIS.

    1. I am buying a total of ten. I have never done a lottery before, so I am not sure how many I should get. I think my sister is going to get a few as well. That’ll put us around 15 or so. So far.

  6. Aww so cute!! I love the designs and ah, those pouches!! <3

    This series is finally reeling me in lol already been wasting moneys on there merchandise….but..but how can you resist the newest mug style ~ OTL;;;

    how you seen this yet? XD i thought it was that guy from mushi series at first;;

    1. @sigma: That GK looks so awesome :O If only we found out earlier orz;;; I would love to have that.

      Yeah, the new mugs are so cute!!! I’m trying to resist (ToT) who do you want to buy?

  7. Gahhh, the images are so tempting… Just wondering, could I use any proxy service for the Anikuji? *first timer with proxy* XDDD

    1. @Miki: you can! I use to get a Japan address then register an account with animate store. Animate accepts foreign credit cards so there are no issues with payment.

      After buying the anikuji, they’ll send the prizes to tenso which will forward them to me for a fee. They only ship by EMS. Accepts paypal.

  8. Oh how I hope the pillow images show up elsewhere, soo sexy. In a small way I’m glad these are Animate only as I just preordered my Ren clock and am awaiting the images for the rest of the sheets $$$.

    1. @Prettyvillain: I’m sure they’ll pop up in auctions… at a price probably 10-20 times more ^^;; trying your luck might yield something better?
      Woah XD please share when you get his clock!! <3

  9. Ahhh, the whole lot is so cuuuute—!! Although I have a history of having terrible luck with AniKuji… If I did this, I’d probably walk home with three scrunchies, a phone cleaner, and a key holder… I don’t even have any keys! ^ q ^;;

    Arghhhh, and those cushions are too sexy! I think it’s worth a shot–!

    1. @Puchi: Reminded me of the time I tried Hakuouki anikuji orz… didn’t get any pillows at all, I got scrunchies etc. Hope I’ll be luckier this time!

    1. @lemur: Yes they’re pretty awesome! The new artwork is win :D Most of the items I don’t feel too bad if I get them, so I’ll probably give it a shot!

  10. i guess people finally figured out that HOT GUYS SELL TOO!!!
    i get so sick of seeing nakid girls here and there, especially in the figure market…
    but we today we are witnesses that the tables are turning!
    and that the industry has finally grown a brain, and saw that we fangirls also have wallets that they can empty!

  11. I WANT ITTOKI BUT WTH, PRIZES? Nuuuuuu!!! T__T; That’s just too freaking hard. Ugh, I’d rather just search the market for one after. I know my luck and I’d never win one lol. -__0 yah, but it’d be expensive.

    lol, should I just invest in their dream pillow instead? -_-!

    1. @momo: Yeah, when they pop up in auctions later the prices are usually 10-20x more. I’ll probably try my luck this time. *fingers crossed*
      Depends on which design you prefer :D Dream pillows artwork are pretty awesome!

    2. Mhm. The dream pillow artworks are pretty!! I like both~ lol, this one is opened shirt, the other has their cute sleeping faces :3

      Is there a deadline limit on the dream pillows?

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