Goods: Uta no Prince-sama Ren x Masato Dream Cushion (male dakimakura, hugging pillow, utapri, Kotobukiya)

Ren: *licks lips* Damn I’m HOT.
Masa: It kinda bothers me that your nipples disappeared.
Ren: !!!

Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 1000% うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE1000%
Title: Hijirikawa Masato Dream Cushion Cover 聖川真斗 ドリーム☆クッションカバー
Title: Jinguuji Ren Dream Cushion Cover 神宮寺レン ドリームクッションカバー

Price: 4,725 Yen each
Available: 31 April 2012
Kotobukiya Rakuten store:
Kotobukiya Direct:
Size: about 750mm x 750mm

The second couple from Utapri, Jinguuji Ren 神宮寺レン and Hijirikawa Masato 聖川真斗 strutting their smexy stuff in Kotobukiya’s Dream Cushion series. These are Kotobukiya store exclusives. With this two revealed, looking forward to the next two before making a decision on who to buy.

Hijirikawa Masato. Super-moe in his yukata :D

Jinguuji Ren is smokin’ HOT. But where did his nipples go… orz;;; Which reminds me that I overlooked this fact in another topless shot of Ren in the Ani-kuji cushion o_O But I guess it isn’t a biggie. He is still super smexy.

Pic of the cushion inner stuffing. (3,500 Yen)

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27 thoughts on “Goods: Uta no Prince-sama Ren x Masato Dream Cushion (male dakimakura, hugging pillow, utapri, Kotobukiya)”

    1. And erm… like a place which is not in Japanese… I suppose when they come out.. from Ebay..?

  1. :O~
    Ren! I want to rub my face against your chest é_è
    But come on! Even Kotetsu-san had nipples!

    Masato looks too cold for me :c

    1. Mayon: lol yeah but I guess I can still live with that since he is a 2D guy orz;;

      Masato’s character setting is like this lol it’s pretty hot for a cold/cool type chara. Go watch the anime soon!

  2. Haha may be they don’t want to promote any “wrong ideas” in our heads so they purposely dont put any nipples so we can’t even see/ think about them.
    They want us to focus on their skin and muscles not nipples
    Ren is hot but from what I feel he’s the least popular guy.

    1. @Urusaiii yeah nipples are too intimidating for young girls lol

      Is he the least popular? But I guess they are aware that people who can afford these items are older fans. Hmm but I know that Sho is definitely one of the most popular in the group.

  3. I guess Ren’s just so hot his nipples are immune to cool air? Either that or he’s got some hot blood and is immune to the cold!! XD

    In all seriousness… I just wish they’d give guys manly nipples…. it can’t hurt, right?? ;;;OTL

    1. @jiji: yeah… maybe nipples are too intimidating to young girls but I think we’re so used to seeing them censored that most of us also didn’t realise it at first glance XD

    2. We must protect the youth!! :D

      It is true, the lack of them doesn’t really bother me it’s just amusing~! I still like the idea that Ren is too hot to feel the cold, so that’ll be my canon explanation! :3

    3. @jiji: and the question of missing nipples made me google about them on men even though they seem to be of no use to them lololol~ apparently they are there because all embryos kind of follow the female “template” for organs before developing into the different sexes.

      Yeah but your explanation is cool too. He doesn’t feel cold so his nipples weren’t obvious lolol xD

  4. seriously now…
    japan! take anatomy lessons!!!
    drawing a man’s nipples aint porn -.-
    if they don’t want to make him “feminine” because of some stupid nipples, then just draw “manly” nipples… semi circle unpainted nipples -.-
    but do realize japan that no nipples makes him amorphous!!!!!!!! D-l

    1. @Shirokaze: Maybe the target group consists of younger girls, so nipples can’t be shown :P but actually we’re quite used to it, aren’t we. I mean most of us who commented here didn’t even notice it at first glance lol~

  5. I find that Ren’s merchandise is usually the most sexy out of the six (okay I’m biased, but he’s always the one who’s half…dressed…)

    So tempted to get his dakimakura. ;(

    *ignores the fact that there are no nipples* I really didn’t notice it either until you pointed it out! XD

    1. @Miki: Yes, he is the hottest XD No, I’m not biased /o/ I might get this cover even if he doesn’t have nipples too lol~
      I also didn’t notice it until I saw my own updated posts of the Kichiku Megane covers orz;;;

    2. Heh~ XD Too much Utapri merchandise – plus with the second season confirmed, I doubt new items will stop coming anytime soon. -o-;; Goshhh, the cost of fandom!

      Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for the proxy information you gave on the Utapri Anikuji page! Not sure if I could do it (through Tenso) though, since I don’t really know how to register on Animate and stuff… Was thinking of just going through other proxy services who could do the ordering for me. ><;; Will see how nearer the date~

    3. @Miki: Glad that they’re enjoying success. Hopefully other good otome targeted anime are made :D An upcoming is Hiiro no Kakera in April.
      Thank Nagara9 for the info! ^^ but urusaii did have a good point about private proxies, so we have to use them at our own risk. Remember to compare prices too!

      I’m planning to use cos Animate Japan online store accepts international credit cards. I like to see the result of the Anikuji immediately too XD If I don’t have the $$$ for it when April comes, I’ll stalk out auctions I guess.

  6. Ahahaha, your little dialogue cracked me up XD But both cushions are so sexy ;U; I know that I will regrett not buying any as soon as I move out and am all alone.

    1. @Sug: XD It’s kinda like Masa to say something like that lol~ Yeah, I hope stocks last till I have enough $$$ to afford them.

  7. I never noticed the lack of nipples! I find that disturbing now, c’mon Japan. Apparently I am going to have to start working 80 hrs./week to keep up with all the stuff I want. Perhaps I will forgo the sheets and plunk down my $ for one of these instead, but which one!?

    1. @Prettyvillain: Yeah… I didn’t notice it at first too… but Kichiku Megane covers reminded me of them cos I updated them recently. I’m waiting to see the last 2 before making a final decision… so tempted to buy them all… oh money orz;;;

  8. I have to say that the actual lack of NIPPLES makes me terribly sad.
    Even females’ dakimakura have them (& even visible when they are still dressed XD)
    I wonder why they keep removing the nipples to pretty boys…

    Anyway, I have to say that Ren’s one is… UGH.. TEMPTING LIKE HELL ^p^

    1. @natsu: Yeah, I think we’re so used to JP “self-censorship” that we’re kind of immune to it until somebody points it out orz;;; I didn’t notice it when I saw the AniKuji cushions… Maybe because I updated the Kichiku Megane dakimakura covers posts recently and with the glorious nipples there in full view, it made me realise that Ren is missing his ^^;;

      TOTALLY. This artist definitely KNOWS how to draw the type of sexy men that we women like. I wonder who the artist is?

      I feel bad for the stiff poses given to Prince of Tennis boys in similar cushions.

    2. Oh about the artist for these dakimakura and Uta Puri, isn’t it the same one who did Togainu no Chi : Chinatsu Kurahana ? No wonder they have sexy pose :D

      Oh gosh, I never took a look at those Prince of Tennis ones, but they sure look stiff, and uncomfortable, and what with the old looking pajamas ?? They are supposed to be high school student, right ? XD

    3. @natsu: Chinatsu Kurahana is the original character designer but I’m not sure if she did the subsequent illustrations for these goods later on. If I’m not wrong, the various CG and artwork in the games are not created by her after that. However the illustrations of the dream cushions are pretty much spot on sexy even if it wasn’t done by sensei :3

      ^^;; yeah… I think the POT fan are done a disservice with the boys drawn in those awkward poses and ugly PJs… D:

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