Goods: Uta no Prince-sama Otoya x Tokiya Dream Cushion (male dakimakura, hugging pillow, utapri, Kotobukiya)

Sweet dreams with Ittoki Otoya x Ichinose Tokiya

Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 1000% うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE1000%
Title: Ichinose Tokiya Dream Cushion Cover 一ノ瀬トキヤ ドリーム☆クッションカバー
Title: Ittoki Otoya Dream Cushion Cover 一十木音也 ドリームクッションカバー

Price: 4,725 Yen each
Available: 31 March 2012
Kotobukiya Rakuten store:
Kotobukiya Direct:
Size: about 750mm x 750mm

Inner stuffing sold separately at 3,500 Yen each.

Following the DURARARA!! boys, next in line for Kotobukiya’s Dream Cushion series are the first two Utapri boys, Ittoki Otoya 一十木音也 and Ichinose Tokiya 一ノ瀬トキヤ. The illustrations look pretty awesome!

Ittoki Otoya! :D Woah… gotta love that belly button and hip bone (*q*)

Ichinose Tokiya looks really sexy too!

Pic of the cushion inner stuffing. (3,500 Yen)

These are Kotobukiya store exclusives, so they won’t be cheap to acquire. I don’t think I’ll be getting these so soon. No money orz;;; I’m looking forward to seeing the Dream Cushion designs for the rest of Utapri boys. Enjoy the eye-candy :D

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20 thoughts on “Goods: Uta no Prince-sama Otoya x Tokiya Dream Cushion (male dakimakura, hugging pillow, utapri, Kotobukiya)”

  1. Hi, how are you?
    I have a question, where may i find a place to buy these pillows? I already tryed the link, but couldn’t figure/get it to work… I can only understand english really, so yeah. I would really appreciate if you could help me somehow.

    Thank you, and have a nice day.

  2. Baww OTOYA ~ the puppy boyfriend <3 I wish he could show more waist/midriff though <3 but otherwise soo adorable! I would've LOVE to purchase this cushion and Shou's ;A; they are my fave Utapri boys!

  3. Cuteee!! I want Ittoki!! But aw! I was sooo hyped up only to find out they are the dream cushions. If they were the normal dakimakura, I would have gotten them. O: too expensive + you have to get their cushionn. (no moneys!) lol

    -__- so…i’ll have to pass T^T; if I’m not too tempted. Hmm, would you have to order through a proxy for either sites =X

  4. *o* I wish the pillows would be like top illustration! Why don’t they do pillows with two instead of one on them? Would be so much cuter~;;;;

  5. Aaaargghhh!!! Which one should I get??? UtaPri or Durarara??!! Otoya or Tokiya??!! Izaya or Shizuo??!!
    OMG My wallet… (;A;)

  6. I love them both! I really like Otoya’s pose. Man, I’ve bought so much merchandise, especially dakimakuras. It’s unbelievable! I do want and may have to breakdown and order.

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