Goods: Uta no Prince-sama Natsuki x Sho Dream Cushion (male dakimakura, hugging pillow, utapri, Kotobukiya)

Sho: ZzzZzz… jdhhhaewusnda *mumble mumble* ZzzZzz…
Natsuki/Satsuki: Sho…chan…

Sho looks like he is just seconds from being seme-ed :D~

Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 1000% うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE1000%
Title: Kurusu Sho Dream Cushion Cover 来栖翔 ドリーム☆クッションカバー
Title: Shinomiya Natsuki/Satsuki Dream Cushion Cover 四ノ宮那月 ドリームクッションカバー

Price: 4,725 Yen each
Available: 31 May 2012
Kotobukiya Rakuten store:
Kotobukiya Direct:
Size: about 750mm x 750mm

Finally! The last Utapri couple from Kotobukiya’s Dream Cushion series! Shinomiya Natsuki/Satsuki 四ノ宮那月 and Kurusu Sho 来栖翔. They look awesome! I love the poses of both. These are Kotobukiya store exclusives in case you’re unaware.

The sexy side sure is so yummy!!! The derpy side is derpy lol~

Isn’t Sho the cutest thing… (;A;) I usually don’t go for shotaish characters but he is the next one I loved after Rin from Togainu… Come to think of it, I can see the resemblance between the two. Similar colour scheme orz;;;

I think if I only have money for one cushion, it’ll be Sho’s design *_*

Pic of the cushion inner stuffing. (3,500 Yen)

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49 thoughts on “Goods: Uta no Prince-sama Natsuki x Sho Dream Cushion (male dakimakura, hugging pillow, utapri, Kotobukiya)”

  1. As a HUGE SHOU fan, I honestly don’t see Shou as a typical ‘shota’ character, he seems just like a ‘short-heighted’ 16-17 year old teenager. I think Otome games have slided away from making ‘kiddish boys’ characters cuz they are just undateable, and it’s hurtful if they are always rejected for their age.

    That’s just what I want to say, I know many short guys who would be label as ‘shota’ but doesn’t have any actions that shows he’s some whiny 10-year old. :p I’m just peeved when Shou’s just called ‘Shota’ cuz he’s just afew inches shorter.

    1. @Joichi: Yeah, I think that’s probably why I find him appealing cos he is like you said, not the typical ‘shota’ type. It can’t be helped tho cos these otome character settings always fit a certain template, like prince-type, genki-type, cool-type, suave-type, shota-type and now the yandere-type. So if we follow that template, Shou-chan is the shota ^^;;

  2. Awww Sho looks so cute without those darn pins ;A; and I just can’t stop staring at his arms or neck jfdfjadf They look so nice ;A; Oh And Natsuki looks oh so ravishing. Lol. I think they had the best poses out of all the other boys ;A;


    …is all I could think about when I saw this pictures. I’m thinking of getting Sho-chan too (Shimanotaaaan~ <3) but if I ever gotten this it would be soaked with my bloody nose the next morning anyway so why bother.

    Thanks for sharing the pics <3

  4. the pillow itself is not included right?
    okay, i’m torn between otoya and sho since they are both my bias..
    i love the teasing open shirt on otoya with his belly button showing and then sho’s sleeping face is better.. uggghhh, what do i dooooo~ *A*

    1. this is effin hard.. XD
      both of them are at my top1 in utapri bias list (*ノωノ)

  5. @ponytale
    I wasn’t paying attention before but it’s only a cover :-( and with thr cushion on top is too much.. And the shape is just too weird. I hope They Would make more kichiku satsuki items..

    1. @Mayon: Don’t have too high expectations but it’ll be good to catch up with the first season before they start showing the second :)

  6. See I didn’t like satsuki in the anime coz he’s just made to be super violent and vulgar,
    But damn this is so sexy! >_< he's so kichiku.. But sexy kichiku.. A different kind of kichikuness than megane katsuya..
    I never considered buying these weirdly shaped cushions but I'm seriously thinking of satsuki.. Megane K needs a comparable company other than the wimpy other-self lol.

  7. These pillows are so cute and sexy~! Satsuki is one of my fav characters in Utapri! He looks so ready to do u know what~! And Sho sleeping is soooo omega adorable! I was like super doki doki!

  8. Aww~ I was planning to Ittoki but after seeing Sho’s I just want to REALLY buy it now *_* Natsuki’s is also cute too, I agree that he’s derpy lol Made me laugh when I read that ^_^

    1. @Tina-nana: My order list in terms of priority for the cushions are Sho, Ittoki and Natsuki *_*
      Natsuki’s derpy design is made super awesome cos of Satsuki side. He has the best smexy seme expression in this series along with Jinguuji’s (well, if we overlook Jinguuji’s nipple-less chest lol~)

  9. PFFFT, okay, I’m not the biggest N/Satsuki fan, but HOT DAMN that “sexy side”!! *_*
    And oh my goodness, Sho’s just the cutest thing ever. ;u;

  10. Definitely like the Satsuki side. Now I am torn between Otoya and Sho’s design, better make up my mind while I still have a choice and is offering a shipping discount.

    1. @Prettyvillian: I’m so torn too!!! Hmmm how does the tenso shipping discount work? After we order from Rakuten, we write to tenso for the coupon? Or will they send it to us automatically?

    2. They sent me an email with info. on the discount, but I think it was on their main page too. Only good for sales through 9 AM Japan time on 3/26!, seems they send you an email code, must investigate further

    1. S-so true ;A; Oh god, that stuffing and the pillow case together and shipping ad handling and asdfghjkl NO MONEY ;A;

      Still, Satsuki, I love you *A*

  11. *_* I love those editing skills for the top picture. Why it fits so perfectly!?<3

    "The derpy side is derpy lol~"
    lol agrees~

    Rin is so cute in those pics!
    As for Sho-Give me the sexy side~XD

    1. @dandycorsets: Thanks dear! XD It’s a conspiracy for them to fit so well lol~
      Love Sho’s sexy side too. He is so cute *HUGS*

  12. I’ll definitely lost all my blood after sleep. Or rather I will go sleep like a sleeping beauty and never wake again! ORZ! (≧∇≦)/ OMG the design is just trololololol! I wish I can afford to buy it… Just one is okay~ and maybe I choose SHO-CHAN! (≧ヘ≦)/ OMG… /CREY

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