Goods: Unleash your Kichiku Side with Saeki Katsuya’s Megane (Spray)

Something useful for the visually-challenged fujoshi :P

Spray is celebrating their 10th Anniversary (Spray10周年記念) and they’re going to manufacture the replica of the glasses from their hit boy’s love game series, Kichiku Megane 鬼畜眼鏡!

Worn by Saeki Katsuya 佐伯克哉 in the game, the glasses (megane) brings out the seme in the otherwise timid character.

Title: -KICHIKU MEGANE Saeki Katsuya Model-『鬼畜眼鏡 佐伯克哉モデル』
Preorder type: Made-to-order 受注生産制
Price 15,000 Yen (w/tax)

Description: Completely supervised and scrutinised by Spray, the top-quality glasses are manufactured completely in Japan. It can be worn daily. A must for the top-ranking businessman. The side of the frame is printed with the name “Katsuya Saeki” and a serial number.

Accessories: Special case, special cloth and illustration card by Misasagi Fuuri みささぎ楓李
Material: Titanium alloy

Frame size: 51・17

Manufactured in Japan (日本/鯖江市(株式会社清水工業所)), Limited production and stock, Lens do not have degrees, Cannot choose serial number and…

*** The glasses do not change your ability when you wear it ***

(LOL~ what kind of disclaimer is this? But better be safe than sorry I guess :P)

1) Event only sale: 29~30 April 2011 (during event 『10周年だよ!Spray大文化祭』)

2) First Preorder period: 15 Feb 2011 till 27 Feb 2011
a) Online store. Shipped on 6 May 2011.
b) Preorder first then collect during the event.

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19 thoughts on “Goods: Unleash your Kichiku Side with Saeki Katsuya’s Megane (Spray)”

  1. I want those glasses…

    But well, because 1 yen mean 100 in my country currency. It’s too expensive for me. *tears*

  2. HAHA yeah I saw this from teh subscription I recieve from spray xD;;
    I dun think its expensive at all// I wear glasses.. and since no insurances is paying.
    AND i am a picky person when it comes to glasses looking good on me
    A pairs usually cost about 120~230 USD$ for me.
    so the kichiku glasses is still the same budget range for me.

    Its a good thing though xD;;!

  3. Wow~ BL game company’s really go the extra mile to make there fans happy~We got boxers, wine, and now glasses!XD

    It’s a great idea but really expensive for someone like me who doesn’t wear glasses (but needs too;;).
    I find the disclaimer funny, but I bet it’s there for a good reason. Serisouly i bet there is at least one person who’d serisouly think that glasses would give them powers. That an also people are always looking to sue for silly things (at least here in coughAmericacough).;;

    1. @sigma: Yeah, there are lots of things they can do… the problem is whether we have the $ to buy them or not (T_T) It’s nice to see all these things come out tho.

      Actually Japanese-made branded frames are around that price. I’ve seen some of them at the shop before, so I’m not too surprised. If the quality is good, it can last many many years. Hehe as long as you’re not having trouble with general daily stuff I think it’s fine… for me I definitely need my glasses or my world would be one big blur~ ^^;;

      Yeah, the disclaimer is amusing! Lol~ I didn’t expect to see it. :D

  4. …15000yen for a pair of glasses…

    on another (completely unrelated) note~ my togainu no chi white military chibi figures arrived today~~~~~~ super excited~~! thought i’d share, since the only reason i even knew they existed was because of your post~ :D

    1. @ice_wine: Not just any pair of glasses. It’s made-in-Japan, high quality Saeki Katsuya glasses with serial number (lol)

      XD That’s awesome! I hope you enjoy them! XDD

  5. The price looks really expensive but considering it is made from titanium alloy and also made in japan(not made in china!), it seems reasonable enough if you’re a Spray fan i guess! That disclaimer must’ve been a pun intended haha xD

    I’m looking forward to other merchandise from the event though. Hopefully they’ll release some overdue figurines, posters and plushies from STEAL! :D

    (Don’t disappoint me Spray!!!)

    1. @chibi: Yeah, Japanese made branded frames are about that price. They kept emphasising the quality and how it is meant for daily use in case people think it is only for occasional cosplay ^^;; The disclaimer was rather cute but you never know if there are people deluded enough to think that the glasses might work, then sue Spray for misleading advertising lol~

      :D yep, looking forward to more news from them!

  6. They’re pretty nice but too expensive considering you’ll still have to change the lens.

    It’d be worth it though if they brought the megane along, aha.

    1. @Oru: hahaha :D if that’s the case, this would be snapped up in a flash. But Japanese-made megane frames at 15,000 yen isn’t considered expensive tho. It’s generally about that price.

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