Goods: Uke or Seme? BL Pair Mug Cup (Comicomi Studio)

Discovered something pretty neat today while shopping at Comicomi…

Title: Uke or Seme? BL Pair Mug Cup (Comicomi Original Goods) 受or攻?BLペアマグカップ(仮)【コミコミオリジナルグッズ】
Price: 1,891 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 15 November 2013
Order link:

A comic strip about these mugs created a sensation in September 2013 with over 15,000 retweets and over 8000 favourites on twitter. It’s a simple idea but quite a funny fujoshi prank on clients and male colleagues that will further fuel our delusions in the office… lololol~

I’ve ordered a pair XD Will update this post with the pics when i get them hehehe.

Check out the original tweet here:

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12 thoughts on “Goods: Uke or Seme? BL Pair Mug Cup (Comicomi Studio)”

    1. @Senkai: Why can’t you order them? D: I’m ordering partly to support them for bothering to make it \(^o^\) Well, if all else failes, we easily can make our own… just write the uke/seme kanji under our mugs before serving them to the guys XD

    2. e__e Because my credict card won´t be accept in international sites.
      Even if I use paypal. It´s a problem with the bak itself.

      I spent the last few months anoying friends to buy stuff for me, and when they say no, I have to watch the item became sould out.

      But maybe I’ll pick a permanent maker and write this. The idea ia great XD

    3. @Senkai: icic :-\ its frustrating… I get it when I’m on a JP site and they only accept JP credit cards =_= hehe yeah a permanent marker would work XD

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