Goods: Tsundere Karuta B, Karuta B2, Dere Karuta (Sugita Tomokazu)

More Karuta cards to learn Japanese (or nosebleed) with?

Found another interesting set of Karuta cards up for preorder recently, Tsundere Karuta B2 (ツンデレカルタB2) and it comes with a CD read by Sugita Tomokazu too. There was a previous CD released by the maker, DEARS in 2008, also read by Sugita who sounds pretty awesome as Katana Nanami, a mild tsundere in Starry Sky hehe… These tsundere-ish characters usually put on a tough front and don’t admit their feelings for the person they love. And Sugita sound really cute as one :3

Title: Tsundere Karuta!? B ツンデレカルタっ!?B and Tsundere Karuta B2 ツンデレカルタB2
: 2,100 Yen (w/tax) each
Available: 30 December 2008 and 11 February 2011
Get it from Comicomi, Amazon Japan, CDJapan
There are 45 cards per pack + a CD read by Sugita Tomokazu 杉田智和. The new set includes special limited 「特典限定デレ読み手オマケCD」 Dere CD also read by Sugita! ^^

Illustrators include:

Here’s a fan-made cute example of what a tsundere would say lol~ using the first CD and Gintama’s Gintoki! Another character voiced by Sugitaaaa~

What is Karuta? Let me grab the definition from my previous posts again.

Karuta cards are also called 歌留多、加留多、嘉留太、骨牌 according to Japanese Wiki. They’re some sort of a traditional card game with each card representing one hiragana character. Seems like there are around 48 cards included.

The game is often used to help younger children (and Japanese Language students) learn to recognise the Japanese characters. There are many ways you can play this game and most commonly, a person will spread the set of cards on the table and call out for a card (reading the text or the hiragana? not too sure) Players will try to find the card. The first to do so will get to keep the card. When the game ends, the player with the most number of cards win.

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