Goods: Trading Card Game Alice X Cross side Joker Togainu no Chi Booster Box

Trading cards have arrived! Look at these delicious bishie cards ^^

I opened up my delivery box in anticipation and felt a little taken aback by the size of the box. The trading box package was a lot smaller than I expected… well, about the size of my hand actually. So images you see on screen can be deceiving. Lol~ but hey, they’re just trading cards… how big can we expect them to be?

A quick recap of what each trading card box contains:

1) Set includes 12 packs
1 pack includes 7 cards randomly selected from 116 kinds of cards.
2) Rule book
3) Play mat
4) Special collectible clear card not for use in the game.
5) Promotion stamp coupon inside each pack

Damage: 3603yen (w/tax)

Is it worth the price?

Well, I’ll have to say it is. The print quality is excellent, like the starter packs I wrote about in this post.

Although there really isn’t much new art in this collection, except for the one used in the trading box clear card and cover (and a game card that is worth 70% love points), the cards are lovely to behold. If I’m not wrong, the artwork comes from both the PC and PS2 games.

I like the special clear card that came with the box very much. (See 1st pic, the 1st card from the left) I wasn’t expecting to get it, so it was a nice surprise.

There’s also a promotion coupon in each pack and if we collect enough stamps (something about accumulating love points) we can send the coupon in to exchange for special goods.)

My box came with 15 duplicate trading cards, so out of the total of 116 designs, I’m still 47 cards designs short… *cries* I was hoping I had better luck. Anyway, I’ll probably get my hands on another box next time and if you happen to do so too, let’s trade…

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7 thoughts on “Goods: Trading Card Game Alice X Cross side Joker Togainu no Chi Booster Box”

  1. No probs~

    Lately some of my shipped goods arrived pretty late. Not sure if it’s related to summer holiday or not, because we have no summer here…
    Last time airmail took more than 15 days..aiyah!

    fixed that issue on lovablepunk. at least i think so…

    1. Hmm… I think my items that are shipped by SAL airmail seems to be slower too. But EMS is still fast as ever. They post on Friday, I get it on Monday ^^

  2. Uwa, you must share the pics after you got yours okie? The ones I shot in the photo are some of my duplicate cards. We can trade! YAY! XD

    kk~ hops over lovablepunk XD (update: eh… the comments box doesn’t load on the latest posts *_* why? Maybe you need to enable the comments within those posts too)

  3. Haven’t got mine. I arranged the shipment to be made on mid July :D
    after reading this post seriously can’t wait to see it..

    PS: comments in lovablepunk no longer disabled. Ha-ha

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