Goods: Touken Ranbu Online PVC 1/8 figures, Nendoroid

Touken Ranbu Nendoroids

They sure work fast at churning out goods and figures when they know there’s a winning title in their hands. Behold! Goods and bishie figurines of the hottest Japanese online game, Touken Ranbu is descending upon us! *o* (Not that I really mind… having to wrestle with my willpower to spend more money on cute guys ^^;;)

Touken Ranbu
What is Touken Ranbu about?
Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞) is an online web browser game by DMM and Nitroplus. Players assume the role of a Saniwa sage (審神者) who travels into the past to defeat evil forces that are trying to change the course of history. As a sage, you have the ability to breathe life into inanimate objects, including famous historical swords. Your duty is to bring these blades to life, create an army, and defeat the enemies! (Source:

Besides the bishie personified swords, rich historical stories, the voice actors are one of the great draws to this game. I first found out about the game when Japanese players started tweeting and sharing about images of these bishie swords. Lots of awesome looking fan art of the sword boys showed up on Pixiv too.

Touken Ranbu

Game link:

As the game is restricted to Japan only, you need to use a VPN to get a Japanese IP in order to play this game. Find out more here: and

I’ve watched the game play videos on youtube and it seems very repetitive and possibly frustrating since a huge part of it is random, from smithing swords, sword drops, using the dice to move ahead and enemy encounters. Although I have already signed up for an account (the music is beautiful by the way) I’ll have to sadly conclude that I just don’t have the luxury of time to spend on it orz;;; You can check out the videos if you’re interested. I think it is highly possible that an anime be made for Touken Ranbu. I’ll watch it when it happens then :P

For more information in English, check out the community on facebook:

For sword recipes:

Various figures and goods of the characters were announced just a few months ago during Wonder Festival Winter 2015 and they’re already available for preorder. This is blazingly fast considering that some figures take more than a year to actually materialise.

Touken Ranbu Nendoroids

Nendoroids of 2 supposedly popular characters are already available for preorder.

Title: Nendoroid – Touken Ranbu Online: Mikazuki Munechika (w/First Edition Bonus: Original Background Serial Code)
ねんどろいど 刀剣乱舞-ONLINE- 三日月宗近 (初回生産封入特典:オリジナル景趣入手シリアルコード 付)
Price: 4200yen (w/tax)
Available: August 2015

Nendoroid of Mikazuki Munechika 三日月宗近(みかづきむねちか)
Voice actor: Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔
Touken Ranbu Nendoroids

Title: Nendoroid – Touken Ranbu Online: Kashuu Kiyomitsu (w/Initial Production Bonus: Original Background Serial Code)
ねんどろいど 刀剣乱舞-ONLINE- 加州清光 (初回生産封入特典:オリジナル景趣入手シリアルコード 付)
Price: 4200yen (w/tax)
Available: September 2015

Nendoroid of Kashuu Kiyomitsu 加州清光(かしゅうきよみつ)
Voice actor: Masuda Toshiki 増田俊樹
Touken Ranbu NendoroidsI’m most excited about the upcoming 1/8 scale figures of Mikazuki Munechika and Kogitsunemaru. They’ll be sculpted by Nanako, who also sculpted Dramatical Murder’s Aoba and Ren 1/8 figures.

Coloured figure prototype of Kogitsunemaru! :D What a beauty!

Voice actor: Kondou Takashi 近藤 隆
Touken Ranbu Nendoroids
Touken Ranbu Nendoroids
Touken Ranbu Nendoroids

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13 thoughts on “Goods: Touken Ranbu Online PVC 1/8 figures, Nendoroid”

  1. I ordered the 1/8 figure, the nendoroid pouch, and the nendoroid of Kogitsunemaru from Goodsmile. I wanted the bonuses ^^. He’s also my favorite character even though I haven’t played the game. I love kitsune in general. I also ordered the nendoroid of Munechika and his pouch. Can’t wait to get them!

  2. Hi ponytale, I am so happy to be here again. Oh this is Touken Ranbu. Among we cosplayers, this is really really hot!! The number of the booths at the comic market are more than 4,000. That is nightmare.
    Having said that, my favorite is Heshikiri Hasebe and Shokudaigiri Mitsutada, haha.^^

  3. Those lots of good-looking bishies and their beautiful design is the main reason I’m attracted to this fandom, but honestly I never play the game before, I just watch some gameplay on youtube. I already ordered the nendoroid of Munechika, Kashuu and Kogitsunemaru, and I know that GSC is planning to make more nendoroid sword bishies on future, looking forward to Yamanbagiri, Nakigitsune and Yoshiyuki. d(>_<)b

    1. @torterra389: yeah that was my intial intention too… but ended up playing the game now. I’m glad they’re making the rest of the boys too :D Ordered all the nendoroid of the boys as well as the 1/8 figure orz;;

    2. More new Touken Ranbu scale figures and nendoroids are officially announce, the two nendoroids are Tsurumaru Kuninaga (prototype already revealed) and Shokudaikiri Mitsutada, and for the scale figures are Kashuu Kiyomitsu and Yamatonokami Yasusada.

      Also, GSC and Max Factory are now made a figure series line dedicated to male character figures, they called it Orange Rouge, its like the Alter’s Altair and Megahouse G.E.M series that focus mainly on male characters we love. Here is the link:

  4. Character designs are what drawn me to the game and I knew instantly I needed that figure XD. I also pre-ordered the nendo’s because they’re so cute and detailed lol. I’m glad more male characters are actually getting nice figure sculpts and nendoroids but its hell on my bank account XD.
    I was also really surprised at Kogitsunemaru’s price I expected him to cost a fortune (probably due to Aoba and Ren’s figures) so it was a nice surprise that he was a lot less than I was expecting. I’m actually still angry about how much Rhyme Ren cost me XD; his price is still ridiculous and he doesn’t look good enough to merit costing that much idk why I ordered him lol cos I was genuinely that mad guess its cos Aoba needs his doggy by his side. I’m Not saying Ren looks crap he looks great but over 20,000 yen I still can’t get my head around it whereas the regular cheaper version was too plain for the price he cost.
    But back to tourabu it is pretty frustrating the maps sometimes drive me crazy cos the random generator keeps sending me the same way. I had to take a break from the game for a few days cos I was literally sent to the same dead end path for a week (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    1. @13: Yeah these sword guys are all so attractive. From the mega-bishies to the cutie shotas orz;;; there is no escape! DX I’ve resolved not to buy any goods besides the figures. But that is still quite a killer. I think they may probably rush out the figures of the most popular characters first then take their time for the rest? Our wallets need time to recover. They’re probably expecting Kogitsunemaru to sell really well, so with economies of scale they can get a better price lol~ As for Dramatical Murder, the boys are definitely in less demand, so maybe that’s why they were way more expensive to make =_=;;
      Which map in tourabu are you at now? I wonder if there is a programming code making sure that players don’t complete the map before entering the map x-number of times to make sure that they won’t clear it too quickly ^^;;

    2. I’m trying not to buy anything but the ones I actually like lol. There’s actually a few sword boys I can skip if they bring out figures and nendo’s of them as I’m not that fond of their designs XD;
      There’s Shokudaikiri Mitsutada and Tsurumaru added to the upcoming nendoroids so I’ll get them but might skip the Kashuu and Yamatonokami scale figures as they cost more than nendo’s and I’d rather buy my favourites in the scale figures (especially cos I’m running out of places to put new figures XD). Tsurumaru is already in the pre-painted stage so yep they’re really rushing them out. I’m so happy they’re doing Mitsutada next he’s my favourite one hoping for a scale of him even if my wallet doesn’t.
      Yeah DMMD is in much less demand and tourabu is basically the male version of kancolle so will probably get the same treatment (god help my bank account if it does). It also didn’t help that Ren’s Rhyme version was a GSC exclusive =_= if they go on to make scales of Koujaku and Noiz I’m dreading how much they’ll cost and it’s a possibility now that the orange rouge brand of good smile exists which is both good and bad news for male figure collectors XD.
      I was stuck on map 5-3 if you’ve seen the map it kept sending me (and regularly still does) to node B and as that’s so small its not even good for grinding and levelling up =_= so my swords also got fatigued easily and lost any sakura fubuki status quicker. It took about 20 tries to actually clear that map cos I was constantly sent to that spot. Now the map is infested with kebiishi too cos that’s the only place you can get Kogitsunemaru as a drop TAT. Some maps I’ve cleared in one run so it really is a case of luck with the random generator.

    1. @Maria: He is such a cutie, isn’t he? He really does yawn during the game when he is bored waiting for you to do something XD (But only the voice, the graphic doesn’t change) I like the yummy looking dango too :3 I ended up PO-ing all 3 nendos and the 1/8 fox guy orz;; bishies with cute animal ears (in this case is actually his hair?) is one of my weaknesses orz;

  5. The chara designs for this game are beautiful. I was amazed at how fast the market overflowed with various goods. Reminds me of the speed that the more male-oriented Kantai Collection browser game goods came up for sale. I made a pass on the nendroids, but that was the first I’ve seen of the 1/8 scale! I think those may be an instant preorder.

    1. @Prettyvillain: The character designs are very beautiful. They know that they have a winner in this game so they churn out goods and figures so FAST. The 1/8 is Instant PO for me too :)

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