Goods: Togainu no Chi Shiki and Akira 1/8 scale PVC figures (Kotobukiya 5th Anniversary)

Update 23 September 2011: Guess who’s in town?

Title: Akira 1/8 scaled figure ( アキラ )
Price: 7,140 Yen (w/tax) each
Available: March 2012

Title: Shiki 1/8 scaled figure ( シキ )
Price: 7,140 Yen (w/tax)
Available: April 2012

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Info: (Thanks ein!)

Most online figure shops carry them! Thanks for the links everybody! Hurrah~ go grab them at your favourite stores!

The two new figures will be based on design below by current Nitro+Chiral illustrator Yamada Uirou 山田外朗. Previously released figures were 1/10 scale… These boys will be bigger at 1/8 so that they can put in more detail, I think. Woohoo~ more bishonen figures to look forward to!

Teaser close-ups of Shiki and Akira (normal version)

Hotness revealed! Check out Limited edition Akira damage version in this post.

Update 16 September 2011: Look at that fine sexy ass :3

Teaser back shot of Akira’s figure prototype in colour! Kotobukiya will reveal more during Animate Girls’ Festival 2011 ^^ Very excited to see the upcoming pics!

Update 29 July 2011: Our boys look too awesome for words! Thanks iced_wine for sharing the pics!

Last update 16 July 2011: Awesome news for Togainu no Chi figure collectors! New scaled figures of Shiki and Akira announced! XD

Nitro+Chiral had a sneak peak for the fans on their live recorded program broadcasted on 22 July 2011 (before wonderfest! lol) I grabbed some shots from the video for the part on these two PVCs.

If you want to watch the video, the boys appear around 18th minute. At 15th minute, you get to see the new Chiral Gakuen one-coin chibis being worked on and painted :)

Video link:

His head sculpt looks very good!

Notice Akira’s dagger on the right?

Ah~ the sculptor is good <3

Abs can never be too perfect!

His workstation is so neat :D Or maybe cleaned up specially for the video session? Lol~

Join and transform! XD Akira GET!

The base looks amazing :D

Sexy hip bone and oh my… so naked <3

Behold it’s Shiki sans long trench.

So smooth :P *molests at own peril*

Yummy. That slender waist.

Final screen grab. Blurry but the head sculpt looks fab!

I took the liberty to join the screens together ^^;; We are in for a real treat come 2012!

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121 thoughts on “Goods: Togainu no Chi Shiki and Akira 1/8 scale PVC figures (Kotobukiya 5th Anniversary)”

    1. @iced_wine: I’m not that familiar with US based stores. Have you found any other reviews or ratings for them? Cos in the figure business it is possible to get a cheaper price for the distributors since they order in bulk..

      I think there’s Kotobukiya US office, you might like to call or write in to confirm if they have licensed distributors there.

    2. I checked the kotobukiya us website, and confirmed that the store i’m looking at is a licensed US kotobukiya distributor, but i don’t know why their release month is a month later than the japanese sites…the thing is, they require a 10% deposit for preorders, that’s why i’m kinda hesitant…

    3. @iced_wine: It’s usual practice for most licensed local distributors I think. The legit shops here also take a deposit of 10-20% for preorders. If you cancel the order, you usually lose your deposit. Generally the stocks take a longer time to arrive since they have to wait for the goods to arrive before you can collect them. Probably logistics.

    4. hmmm…so you think it’s safe to order from them, since they are an official kotobukiya distributor? Do you usually order stuff from local shops or online?

    5. @iced_wine: I used to order from local stores but now I only buy online cos they deliver right to the doorstep. I found that the price after adding shipping costs doesn’t differ very much. Also local stores don’t always carry the items I want, for example the new Togainu boys.

      They should be ok if they’re licensed distributors :)

  1. @ponytale: yep we’re lonely here *sigh* so in our case I think fandoms wouldn’t help much, because we must use SAL registered or will pay customs almost for sure. Customs can be charged starting 22euros (around 2,200yen) and in most of cases they count the shipping costs, that is: all EMS packages =_= As for now they seem to be stopping EMS and American EMS and some Priorities (in this case is still a lottery) and passing SAL and Air. With SAL limitations there’s no much options to share costs :/

    1. @izas: wow o.O customs taxes are evil! For us, if our packages are less than USD 300 we are usually ok.

      Hopefully you guys don’t get taxed for the upcoming items!

  2. @ponytale: in this week postman came only twice, first time with 5 packets and the last time with another 3 OTL Thank god some of them are magazines but anyway… there’s no week I’m not receiving something U_U (me… or my sister…) 2 fujoshi in 1 house is terrific; we have no space ans still have to come home these 3 cuties plus Lelouch Zero, “Zura”, Shiroyasa, Izaya x 2, Ichigo Last Getsuga version x 2… I wanna cry TAT

    1. @izas: Wow… but you guys share some of the fandoms right? It helps to have someone to share out the cost OTL;;; being the lone fujoshi is quite a bank bleeding affair.

    1. @izas: Lol~ probably so! I hope no other must haves get released during the same period. Yesterday I received 4 big boxes which arrived at the same time OTL;;; I think I’ve seriously overspent.

  3. I can’t get enough of this man, really he’s so damn fine sexy it leaves me speechless and lol Shiki seriously looks like he was naked in those pics XD

  4. Ahahha! Now that is one very sexy pic by pic makings of a hot Akira, I personally MUCH prefer this remake than the old Akira who looked like he had a liver problem with fake blood. So much SEXIER, that half-showing ass, now Kotobukiya’s putting the hawts on their men as well *DROOLS* now I hope they make Shizuo soon!!

  5. I am not a big fan of Togainu no Chi but I will think about this one.

    Do you know if they will be available for over-seas purchases?

    @Ponytail – Grrrrr! my wallet is always seems to get to smaller everytime I read this blog.
    :o) Love ya, ponytail!!!! I just pre-ordered Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Yami-Yuugi & Seto Kaiba – Duel King!!- 2pcs Set[Kotobukiya] from Ami Ami.

    1. @planck-chan: XD well said! It’s incredible but there was a boy in China who really sold his kidney to buy an iPad…

      I don’t understand why they dun want to make a general release since there’s demand and money to be made :-/

  6. Oh wow… O: That Akira is a total must get! His face is so beautifully sculpted and his pose is really artistic! I can’t stop staring at it!

  7. help!
    every time i starecough, i mean look at akira
    i want to buy more and more of him Q.Q
    im seriously considering buying 3 x_x
    (if he is not exclusive that is lol)

    he is just too hot Q.Q
    panties :L

    1. @iced_wine: Not yet. Izaya’s finished prototype was first revealed during the recent. Wonderfest Summer.. Shizuo’s prototype is not out yet. My guess is Izaya will be out for preorder in September and ship in December?

  8. Oh my god! New pictures! *__* They’re looking fabulous lol. I can’t wait to see them painted.

    And wow, I already have so much on my hands right now. Izaya, Shizuo, Emperor Lelouch…Shiki…Akira >__> Katsura! Suzaku too, if he even gets released, Gintoki Shiroyasha ver.

    -___-; looks like I’ll have to watch on my spending now haha.~

    1. @momo: I looked at my credit card bill recently (T_T) seriously overspent. I must try to cut back for the next few months. Thankfully these two boys are scheduled for 2012.

  9. They look so great, love the details! *o*
    Akira and his boxers!<3
    Shame there not available until way next yr. ;_;

  10. @Littlemonster: Y-shirt Akira version … ^^u … let’s start a petition to Kotobukiya for it!!

    I’m starting to thank god the fact that aren’t as many sexy male figures as females…. because I just want them all XD, and after those pics (THANKS iced_wine!!!) these little kitties definetively go to the top of my list… ^////^

    I really hope these babies not to be exclusives for my pocket’s health OTL, or at least Big in Japan stocks them… let’s pray…let’s pray… cause with all my recent purchases plus all the preorders I still have to pay -.- … still are a lot from the upcoming ones I want so badly … @_@ … that Izaya looks sweetie, oh dear, I’m so weak when talking about bad boys in black clothes u/////u

    1. @izas: could we do that? It’ll be awesome xD

      Yeah I’m also thankful in a way. Otherwise would be even more broke than I currently am now lol

      Hope they aren’t exclusives too >_<

  11. /drewl
    These are a dream come true omgggggg xD Can’t wait to see them painted.
    Although I think they should do a no boxers alternate of Akira haha.
    I’ll just keep waiting for a cast-off y-shirt Akira ;3

  12. OOOOH. They’re looking good!^^ It’s a good thing also for my wallet that I never liked the manga/series. LOL.

    1. @banoni: missed you! :D there are so many lovely BL characters that need to be made into figures! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more!

  13. Even with that sexy black boxer, this Akira is the sexiest figure of himself ever. And that sounds weird to say, actually. =D

  14. I want… To… Get… These AWESOME figurines….. D: D:

    I mean, who doesnt want to own a sexy MALE figurine? *w* Akira, you are nose-bleeding material just the way you are. No boxers pls. lmao. (but ehh? I wanna see nipples! /gets bricked)

    Pray for many many more sexy, half-naked and drool-worthy males figurines to be released instead of just (busty or loli) females figurines! lol.

  15. No pants? Really, NO PANTS???? They want to kill us! XD *massive nosebleed*

    We’re all avid about these figures, hope Kotobukiya show more details, it’s a pity they aren’t at WF, at least it seems.

    On other hand, many MegaHouse’s GEMs have interested me, like Emperor Lelouch, Saitou from Rurouni Kenshin and new Gintoki. I was expecting them all to 2012, but Lulu is for december, when I already have POT and Chiral Gakuen one coins, and Yukimura nendo, if no delays with Phat… What a pain! But at least Akira and Shiki is for the next year.

    1. @planck-chan: LOL everybody loves no pants Akira! <33

      But that's only because the figure is not completed yet lol~ after the details are added in, Akira will be wearing his sexy boxers :3

      Kotobukiya was at WF but it seems they were very strict about the no photography policy. I don't blame them tho' cos the prototypes are probably only 65% or less complete from what we can see in the video. Shiki's trench isn't even completed.

      Emperor Lelouch looks fabulous! I think I might just cave in and order him when he is available OYL. As I was saying, I wish they made a RAH Emperor Lelouch...

      I bet Yukimura nendo will be delayed, so not to worry lol~ According to Goodsmile, they'll reissue Masamune again when Yukimura is up for preorder. So if you missed our one-eyed dragon, its time to grab him.

  16. looks good so far. when you put them back to back it kind of looks like they are fighting together~ which is very sweet. can’t wait to see a colored prototyped XD

  17. Oh my oh my … I need these sweeties so badly @_@ can’t wait to see them painted… I had the older versions, but being 1/10 you can’t enjoy completely that hottie faces… ^///^ So these ones are a must have if they don’t spoiled them when painted…

    And let’s cross fingers not to be exclusives and why not, priced the like GEM Series would be just terrific (even more with amiami’s 19% usual discount… ) oohhh dreaming is free XD

    1. @izas: I think they’ll look fab after painting. Hopefully they’re not exclusives but as they’re BL goods, usual online hobby stores may not stock them :-\ Keeping fingers crossed too.

  18. ok, now that iv seen the details of Akira all i can say is

    where am i going to display him is he has no pants! xDDDD
    *displays in a secret location parents wont look at e.e*

    thanks for the pics!

  19. They look so awesome~!! So excited! I love the sculpting process pics! The abs and pants falling down…..*nosebleeds* lol! It’s great to see the figure being a bigger size!

    “Join and transform! XD Akira GET!”

    yes, Akira GET~!!

    1. @sigma: Yeah, the process is very interesting <33 In the video the presenter was asking about Akira's pants and with the details not added in yet, he is actually naked under those trousers XD

  20. whoa! More pics here! I saw the first few of Akira and lol, I’m looooving the no pants thing. I mean…we need more of that on the boys right? ^^!

    And Shiki! <3

    Omg…they look so nice so far! I'm excited to see them PAINTED! Omg…but my poooor wallet this year and next!!

    There was also the Izaya and Shizuo figures by ALTAiR announced as well! And Lelouch too O:!

    LOL. so no.5 was PVCs and no.3 was the secret :D

    Either wayy, I'm sooo pumped!

    1. @momo: Yeah we have so high hopes of seeing some prototypes of the boys during wonderfest but seems that Kotobukiya was very strict and no pics of them surfaced… DX Even fans in Japanese were asking about it on Twitter lol~ Thank goodness NItro+Chiral did a video special or we’ll be irritated to no end from the suspense OTL;;

      Emperor Lelouch’s PVC looks absolutely beautiful. How I wish they made a RAH of him wearing that.

      Izaya is looking good ^^ good bye money~

    1. @Shirokaze: I think that pic floating around was actually a screen grab from NItro+Chiral’s video stream (See update in my post) :P It seems that no pics of the prototypes shown at Wonderfest were taken or uploaded yet OTL;

  21. @ponytale: thanks for clearing up what was mentioned on their website earlier. I’m curious to see what the cards will be like, you mentioned they are taking pre-orders sometime in August? Is it possible to contact buyers in Japan I wonder?

    1. @Jess: I’m sure they will be available for sale at Japanese book stores and/or online hobby stores. I’ll update you guys when I see them :)

    1. @sigma: oh! That’s one of your fav artists isn’t it! Well, they didn’t mention if it is exclusive. Most probably not. I’ll keep a look out for ya!

      It costs 3,150 Yen and preorders will open sometime in August. First press editions will include an additional card.

  22. Yeahh, it is…>3<; but I happen to like OP so yeahh…lol.

    Though of course, I'd love to see other figures of other characters as well that don't have figures :) like…more males ^^!

    but yes! I shall look forward to seeing no.5 :)

    1. @Asamisa they should be based on these designs. Kotobukiya announced on their blog that they’ll be showing the prototypes of the boys during wonderfest which is a few days away xD so excited!

  23. they should re released the military uniform versions ToT

    and yes, one piece is very popular -_-
    i’m sick of all the figures they release of that series -_-

    1. @Shirokaze maybe they’ll do that when they release the new figures ^^

      To one piece fans having lots of figure releases is a good thing lol but bad for their wallets xD

  24. @pontytale

    Akira is super sexy~ and the fifth item shall be epic! XD

    How were the first figures done? lol, I wasn’t too into collecting figures back then ^^;

    Yeahh, they probably would be snatched up pretty quick, but, not as fast as One Piece Portrait of Pirates. Those sell out soooo fast!!

  25. ToT
    i just read it says spring…
    why not in the summer!!!!!
    im afraid i might leave and not get them T____________________T

  26. i hope im still around europe when they are released!
    please be released on january! Q.Q
    its to hard and expensive to get figures back in meh contry x.x
    and do not be exclusive! pl0x! D<
    i would have to pay upfront if they are exclusives and i dont have that kind of money right now x.x

  27. hmm…i checked out kotobukiya’s other 1/8 girl figures from BG animes, they seem to run between 5800 – 6000 yen, with the 6000 one having been released in june this year, so is it reasonable to assume that the akira and shiki figures will be around that price range?

    the display cases look pretty cool, but it’s soooo evil of them to sell the base separately….do you think they will be around for fans to buy from now on, or is it like a limited time kind of thing?

    1. @iced_wine: Hmm that’s reasonable price X3 I guess I’ll be ready to fork out that price for these boys <3

      I think those display cases should be a general release that will be available for order from now on. It's not practical for them to do it as a limited period thing, but that's just my opinion :P

  28. @ponytale

    mhm! I’m excited to see what they’ll look like. I quite like the pictures they’re going to base the figures off. And lol, i see that they just love showing off Akira’s boxers :D

    Ahhh~ It would suck if they’re exclusives but I’m thinking probably not, I mean, they can make more money that way :D Though, I hope the price won’t be extremely expensive >___>; Nonetheless, I’d prob get them either way …D:

    I’d really like to know what their fifth item will be!

    1. @momo: Yep yep, Akira is our sexy babe XD I think they should be general releases like the first figures. But I they’ll probably be snapped up quick. I wish they do it the Goodsmile/Movic’s Junjo Romantica nendoroid petite way and make them to order by the preorder quantities they receive. Then nobody needs to cry and Kotobukiya will still laugh all the way to the bank XD

      I think the 5th item will be epic… considering how awesome the 4th one already is <3

    1. @sigma: It’s Kotobukiya’s 5th anniversary for their es series. So they’re preparing 5 new items to celebrate. So far revealed are the display cases, Keisuke Akira set, Shiki Akira figures and a tarot card set. The 5th one is yet to be announced. I wonder if it’s going to be an epic one XD

  29. Finally some new PVCs, even if… from the same ol’ charas, I ain’t complaining.

    Kotobukiya really wants to suck me dry, pun not intended.

  30. just curious, what are those boxes on the top of the kotobukiya page, under the 5th Anniversary Project I? Are they display boxes?

    1. @iced_wine: yep, they’re releasing display cases specially designed to display our one-coin chibis. If you notice, there’s a round cut-out to put the chibi’s base ^^

  31. omg~!!!!! holy sh@#%$@#^%#%@#$!!!!
    i’m getting these. i don’t care how much they are going to cost. i’m soooo getting these.

  32. Finally!!! If they do them exactly as the pic design we’ll all die happy by fangasm XDDD

    Seriously, just imagine Akira on your shelf showing his abs and boxers! And these looks-that-kill of Shiki together! Fans of TnC deserve such awesomeness!

    Let’s just pray intensely for NO EXCLUSIVES or our bank accounts will be damned! Cos I won’t let them pass anyway.

    1. @planck-chan: Akira has this thing about showing off his boxers lol~ the 1/10 figure is like that too lol~

      I’m very sure they won’t be exclusives. There’s money to be made here! XD *fingers and toes crossed*

  33. Noooo~ ;A; My poor wallet! They release too many figures XD;;; But I see that they are released next year, so maybe I can finance them then.

  34. Oh wow! I’m excited for this! I wasn’t able to get their figures from before, being that they were expensive and…well 1/10 scale is too small for me.

    I’m happy that it’s 1/8 scale this time! And the picture they’ll be based on looks awesome!! ^^ Can’t wait to see it next year! Gives me time to save up!

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