Goods: Togainu no Chi (Akira x Akira) Finale!

Hehehe… kinda lame lol~

Anyway, Akira on the left is from Kotobukiya one-coin series, while Akira on the right is from Nitro+ store, featuring a different pose. He was first available as one of the items inside Nitro+ Chiral Limited Edition Box at Comiket 2006 ^^

The one-coin Akira actually has more minor details which is a nice touch. However, the Nitro+ store Akira looks sharper and the colour is brighter. Both are just as cute :D Revisit the other two related posts for a good look hehe.

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4 thoughts on “Goods: Togainu no Chi (Akira x Akira) Finale!”

  1. :O Hmm… keep me updated okie… Hopefully your hubby gets you a copy! ^^)b

    Ah~ I have no idea… but Togainu is probably the only BL game that has reached cult status. ^^ As for long hours of gameplay… if you don’t have a capture guide, it is probably quite long lol~ The story for each pairing is also quite engaging. Coupled with good OST and seiyuu performance, I guess most people would enjoy it. I don’t know… I don’t think I’ll be bored with Togainu or Lamento anytime soon cos the character designs are really appealing :) With the PS2 release, they can ride on the current fan-base and capitalise on the franchise to release lot of merchandise *sweatdrop* Everytime I see something new, I have to exercise willpower and pray for wisdom *dies* For some items, I know in my head that it is not worth the $ but the heart still wants it, so I’ll keep chanting to myself, “I don’t want it… I don’t want it… I don’t want it… I don’t want it… ” until I feel the compulsive spending urge go away. IT IS HORRIBLE!!! sigh.

  2. Oopss sorry, i meant the limited book will be relased onece again but unlike the previous version, this time there will be no box.

    This info is actually not yet verified becoz i only heard it from “the lovely whisper of my husband”, and seriously i dunno why he’s able to find out that kinda news unless he plan to buy me one. (Gah~wishful thinking)

    Is it common for BL game like Togainu to gain such fame in a long period?
    I mean, don’t they get bored? (i’m not) the stationery/merchandises keeps popping out.
    I dun even know if game like Togainu have long hours of gameplay or not.

  3. kekeke~ they were already giving ‘the look’ to each other and suddenly everything drop off.

    Nitro+Chrial limited box will be re-released, nee…but no box just the book only.

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