Goods: Togainu Military Shiki x Akira Plushies + Y-Shirt Akira + Lucky Dog 1 + Sweet Pool (Gift)

Guess what Military Shiki (Togainu no Chi) is thinking?

See the related post about the silly ending… Lol~

These mega Gift cuties were revealed at Wonderfest 2010 Summer! The date of release has not been confirmed yet… But judging from the prices of past plushies, the expected damage will probably be around 2800 Yen to 3500 Yen per plushie.

Too cute for words. I’m definitely getting my hands on them…
when budget allows (T_T) pats coma bank account

And an additional discovery besides figuring out the approximate size of Strap Youji (Sweet Pool) which is about 2/3 of an actual plushie… is that they are going to make Nitro+ mascot Super Sonico’s male counterpart into a plushie too. I’m not sure of his name but he sure looks cute! If I’m not wrong, his character design was first revealed in Nitro+Chiral’s Treasures artbook released in 2009.

Expected release date: Autumn 2010. The same period when Togainu no Chi anime will be broadcast! Are you tempted, Sigma?

Strap Plushie Youji will be available at comiket 78 at the price of 1500 Yen. See related post.

And a clearer pic of upcoming plushies of all five Lucky dog 1 boys revealed too! Check em out! :D

Let’s hope all the international hobby stores carry all these recently revealed gift goodies :3

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18 thoughts on “Goods: Togainu Military Shiki x Akira Plushies + Y-Shirt Akira + Lucky Dog 1 + Sweet Pool (Gift)”

  1. *stares nervously at pictures*
    . . . .
    OTL Stap VS Plushie…. I don’t know~ >.> It’s cute having a small one and taking it every where but it’s also cute to have a plushie to cling on to in bed. ^^;;;

    BTW, any idea where to get the plushie or the straps? I’ve searched play-asia but nothing. :(
    *Shops that would ship within Asia? >.> And hum… Might have other modes of payment aside from paypal ‘coz I’m still 17 and I can’t get a paypal account. :(

  2. I wonder were they will be released? I looked through some online shops an didn’t see them yet. i did see some togainu no chi strap set. Its really cute but very pricey.;

    I’ve reconsidered getting youji i now want him even though he is small. XD
    I can’t wait for sonic boy plush to come out! Gah i’m totally going to go broke….

    1. @sigma: They’ll probably be released after this week… probably next. Cos if I’m not wrong they’re going on sale during the the Animate Girls’ event during this weekend :) As for Youji strap, even though they didn’t mention it was limited, it SEEMS to be limited (T_T) But I’m keeping my hopes up for a general release. Yeah, I’m looking forward to sonic boy too XD

      I saw the straps! Cute but you’re right. Too darn expensive. I’ll save them for much later when I’m feeling rich ^^;;; not a priority. I mean cute straps vs sexy plushies… Gimme that plushie! lol~

    1. @planck-chan: I was just making a post about it! lol~ Don’t worry! I’m fairly certain they won’t be exclusives… there’s no mention of that anywhere in the post :) Let’s just wait patiently for preorders to open in October! XD

    1. @banoni: Thanks lol~ well not necessarily cos you won’t be able to buy the older Togainu no Chi plushies from amiami. Hopefully starting from the Lucky Dog 1 trend, shops like amiami will continue to distribute and sell new BL related plushies.

  3. lol!XD
    They all are so cute!

    Bernardo i don’t think i ever got to finish his route from the game. A lot of people ended up liking him. Yea the other two lucky dog plushes are disappointing. :(

    1. @sigma: Bernardo is very sweet :3 and it’s Yusa Kouji! My No. 1 lol~ I love it when he and Gian go Honey and Darling to each other XDD Pity about his plush tho :(

  4. oh. my. god. I’m so shocked/happy i can’t feel my headache anymore! So want!! XD
    Gah an a super sonic male plush!!!! (they might make a figure too sense they have one of the female!*_*) eofawgoaewgtk~!! gahhh i hope i can keep track of when they appear in online stores. They look like they would sale out major quick especially with more popularity when the togainu tv series. Looks of new comers will want. OTL

    The lucky dog ones are cute but not as well done as the main character an the dog.;;
    Also i think guilio is missing his scarf. :(

    1. @sigma: Yeah as I was saying in the other comment… every time I look at the picture of Y-shirt Akira’s plushie, I can’t help but smile :3 wanna squeeze and pinch and kiss and hug him XD oh and strip(!?) him XDD The military uniforms look very well made and detailed. Love it!

      Popularity can cut both ways. More new variety of goods but limited supply. But hopefully everybody can get the items they want ^^ I’ll definitely be keeping track. No worries!

      Ivan and Gulio’s plushies are very cute but I’m disappointed that other 2 boys are not very nice :( I like Bernardo but his plush looks… =_=;;; Maybe the scarf is included but just not shown?

      @Jes: no probs :D Glad to help!

  5. Nice!! I did like to get my hands on the Lucky Dog and the Shirt Akira one. xD Do you somehow have the link to Gift’s online store? :)

  6. EPIC WIN!!!!!
    No words to say about the story and the plushes…. everything is PERFECT!!!
    Thanks for the comic strip, and let’s just wait for their pre-order time – and pray, don’t be exclusives!!!

    1. @planck-chan: Yep XD They are sOoOOo cute! The way they were placed next to each other gave me inspiration lol~lol~ Must GET!!! Yeah… they better not be exclusives DX *prays*

      In general, I think these Gift plushies (from other series as well) really look cute when placed together, even though some of them may not be very cute by themselves.

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